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5 Game Deals to Play With Friends

  • Dink 
game deals to play with friends

Playing games is always fun, but what is more fun, playing with friends.  Today we have 5 game deals to play with friends including Prop Night, Gang Beasts, Risk of Rain 2, and more!

Game Deals to Play With Friends

In Fall Guys 60 up to 60 people race jelly bean like creatures through a challenging obstacle course to compete to see who is number one.  Each game consists of 3-8 rounds and eliminates a certain amount of players until you are left with only one, because there can be only one.

There rounds are chosen from 60 options so each game is unique.  There are also other game modes such as team and survival.  

Fall Guys is a load of fun.  One of my favorite part is a total game only lasts about 6-10 minutes so it is something I can play if I just want a quick relaxer after work.  


prop night
Metacritic 69% / Steam Mostly Positive

Prop Night uses the Dead By Daylight formula and adds additional mechanicals to it.  In Prop Night there are 4 survivors and one killer.  The survivors have to fix 5 out of 7 prop machines and get to the exit to win the round.  The killer has to kill all four survivors to win the round.

This sounds almost exactly like the plot of Dead by Daylight with prop machines instead of generators.  The difference?  The survivors can also become props to hide from the killer.  Survivors can regularly turn themselves into books, skateboards, chairs, and more giving the game a stealth mechanic that doesn’t exist in Dead By Daylight.

If I have to choose between Dead by Daylight and Prop Night I would rather play Prop Night.  The additional stealth mechanic adds a whole new layer of fun for both the killer and survivors. 




risk of rain 2
MC 85% / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

Risk of Rain 2 is a unique take on the Survive as Long as you can formula.  You are released in a zone and fight hordes of monsters until you find a teleporter.  Once you find the teleporter you defeat a boss and then teleport to the next zone.  Repeat until you eventually die.

As you go through you loot various chests and get items to add various offensive and defensive capabilities.  

While this sounds all too familiar, Risk of Rain 2 feels fresh.  Risk of Rain 2 has managed to make me rage quit like none other has in the past.  That is how I know how good it is.

You can play either solo, or for more fun, with three other friends.  


dead by daylight
Metacritic 71% / Steam Very Positive

In Dead by Daylight there is one killer and four survivors.  The survivors must repair four generators and escape either through the exit gates or the hatch.  There is a wide variety of killers and maps to add some diversity to the game.

I haven’t played Dead By Daylight for a few years.  Watching some twitch streams on it the game has massively evolved since I played it.  Because of this, I can’t give Dead by Daylight a fair review other than to say it looks like a lot of fun.  So many mechanics have been added since launch that it is no longer the same game I had played a few years ago.

One good thing about Dead By Daylight is that it has a huge player base so matchmaking for a game tends to be rather quick.  

gang beasts
Metacritic 68% / Steam Very Positive

Gang Beasts is a multiplayer brawl between gumby like characters and ragdoll physics.  Brawl your friends and throw them off a train, in a well, or into a meat grinder.  

Gang Beasts is the most unique brawler I’ve ever played and it is a hell of a lot of fun.  Whether playing with friends or rando’s you are guaranteed to have a great time.  


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