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5 Games To Play If You Can’t Afford Elden Ring

  • Dink 
5 game to play if you can't afford elden ring

Although I haven’t played Elden Ring yet, I’ve watched a lot of game play.  It looks fantastic!  Unfortunately, not everyone, including me, has $60 to shell out on a video game right now.  Here are 5 games you can play to scratch that itch if you can’t afford Elden Ring.

Games To Play If You Can't Afford Elden Ring

Metacritic 83% / Steam Very Positive

While Darksiders looks similar to the Souls games, it is actually very different.  Combat is much faster and more arcade like than the Souls series of games.  

Still, Darksiders can help fill the urge of giant battles and going through mystical worlds.  While the Darksiders games get worse the more sequels that come out, the first one is still worth a playthrough.

It can help quash that Elden Ring urge until you have enough money to get Elden Ring.

master of orion
Metacritic 83% / Steam Very Positive

Remnant from the Ashes is one of my favorite games.  I’ve often heard it referred to as Dark Souls with guns.  It is made by the same creators of Darksiders III and from what I’ve heard has a similar world layout. 

Remnant will give you the dark worlds, huge bosses that sometimes feel impossible, and a creepy vibe throughout.  Single player is fun, but multiplayer is Fantastic.  It even has some replay value due to the fact that each playthrough you’ll get different bosses and be able to find different items.

Remnant is a great game to hold you over if you can’t afford Elden Ring.  While there are some major differences, there is still a lot of fun and discovery to be had.

MC 81% / Steam Mostly Positive

Ashen is often considered an arthouse version of Dark Souls.  While still hard, the difficulty still feels like a breather from the oppression of the Dark Souls games.  You can easily tell that Ashen is Dark Souls inspired and it wears that flag proudly.

While Dark Souls inspired, Ashen has enough of its own original elements to feel like it adds to the formula.  It also has a nice two player co-op and playing with a friend just makes it that much more fun.

Ashen is a wonderful game to hold you over until you can afford Elden Ring.


Metacritic 72% / Steam Very Positive

While Ashen is considered the arthouse Dark Souls, Code Vein is often considered the Anime Dark Souls.  There are some big differences between the two though.

Code Vein has longer cut scenes, and while at first they are enjoyable, they start to become grating after away.  

The character creator in Code Vein is much more in depth than in Dark Souls.  You even get to admire your character in the cutscenes.

Code Vein uses a system called blood codes that you can switch at any time.  This makes it so you are not locked into one class throughout the game.

Code Vein is not as difficult as a Souls game.  It still has a decent level of difficulty.

Code Vein is a good option for some to fill that urge while waiting to buy Elden Ring.  I couldn’t get into the anime style myself, so it didn’t work for me, but has for many others.

dark souls 3
Metacritic 89% / Steam Very Positive

Dark Souls III is about the closest you can get to Elden Ring.  It takes everything it learned from Dark Souls I and II and combines the best parts while also expanding on the formula.  

While it still doesn’t have all the quality-of-life improvements or the same ginormous world Elden Ring has, it is about the closest you will get to Elden Ring (on PC anyway).  

Dark Souls III is a great game to hold you over until you can afford the Elden Ring upgrade.  While Elden Ring is far superior, Dark Souls III can still hold its own. 


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