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5 Games You Have Not Heard Of But Want To Play

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5 games you want to play

There are several great video games that doesn’t get the recognition they deserve.  Here are 5 games you have not heard of but want to play.

5 Games You Want To Play

Metacritic 90% / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

NPlusPlus (N++) is Simplistic yet brilliant.  There isn’t much of a narrative.  Your a ninja and you like gold.  In N++ you run, jump, evade obstacles, and occasionally hit a switch to complete your levels.

There is nothing complex.  There are no puzzles.  There are no plot twists.  There are no long cut scenes.  There is just 1000+ levels of platforming fun that you can play alone.

You can also use the level designer to make your own levels to challenge your friends with.  Using remote play together you can create the level and your friend can try to get through it, even if they don’t own the game.

N++ is a great deal for one a dollar and will give you hours of frustrating playtime with hundreds of deaths.

the longest journey
Metacritic 91% / Steam Very Positive

The Longest Journey is the first game in the Dreamfall series (before it was the Dreamfall series).  Released in 1999, The Longest Journey’s graphics are a bit dated but don’t let that hold you back.  The Longest Journey has a wonderful story and voice acting good enough to draw you into that story.

You play as April Ryan.  Gameplay consists solving complex puzzles, meeting other characters, and switching back and forth between two distinct worlds that were split ages ago.  

The game has a grand magical atmosphere and the writing will keep you intrigued throughout the adventure.

I am not typically one for point and click style games but I really enjoyed The Longest Journey (as well as the rest of the Dreamfall series).


rez infinite
Metacritic 89% / Steam Very Positive

Rez Infinite is a hypnotic rhythm based rail shooter that you can play in VR or on desktop.  As geometric landscapes and electronic beats surround you, you’ll instantly feel fully immersed in the game.

Playing mouse and keyboard is fun, but if you play in VR you will feel like you are magically floating through space.  

When playing for survival you try and take enemies out as quickly as possible.  When playing for score you can let things flip around and focus on taking them out in a mechanical fashion.  

Rez Infinite is takes an original approach to rhythm based games.  It knows exactly knows exactly what it wants to be and does it well.



owl boy
MC 88% / Steam Very Positive

You may not be able to tell from the screenshot, but Owl Boy is an absolute masterpiece.  Its retro graphics mask the how good the game is if you’ve never experienced it for yourself.

When playing Owl Boy you can see the influence of older games such as Zelda and Metroid (Zeltroid Style).  The story very much remind me of Zelda, but still manages to remain original and even fall into darker territory at times.

While it has an amazing story, the gameplay manages to keep up and adapt to the story at every turn.  

Owl Boy is an experience every gamer should have.

the talos principle
Metacritic 85% / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

The Talos Principle is a unique puzzler with over 120 puzzles in a world based on real places in history.  Each world is unique and based on a different historical place.  The game is very detailed in its design.  Even the statues in World A have numbers on them because they are based on actual statues.

The Talos Principle is the only puzzle based game that I can say comes close to the genius of Portal.  While gameplay style is different, the way that the two games require you to think is very similar.  

In addition to some great puzzling you have unique worlds and a very philosophical story.  



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