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5 Great PC Game Deals Available Today!

  • Dink 
5 great pc game deals available today

We once again scoured the internet to find 5 great PC game deals for our viewers.  Today we have some nice gems.  So let’s get into the great pc games we selected today.

carx drift racing online
MC NA / Overwhelmingly Positive

Our first great PC game deal today is Carx Drift Racing Online.  This is a 24 hour deal and ends 1-18-2022 at 12:00pm CT.  Make sure to get it while it lasts.

Carx Drift Racing by far is the best drifting game I’ve ever played.  Race game lovers drift in almost racing every game, whether you are intended to drift or not.  In Carx Drift racing drifting is not only expected but it’s also encouraged.

Starting off is challenging, but gets easier the more runs you do.  As you learn how to control your car more, and get the most out of each drift, the game starts to feel achievable.  Then as you start to get money, and learn how you to tune your vehicle, the game starts to get phenomenal.  

At the initial learning curve this game seems almost impossible, but an hour or two in you will absolutely love it.  

This is one of the best racing sims I have ever played and I didn’t expect it.  

If you buy it, maybe I’ll see you online.


MC 81% / Steam Very Posiive

Ghostrunner was a mixed bag for me.  Not because it isn’t a great pc game, but because I managed to die an uncountable amount of times in my first hour of playing it.

Ghostrunner is one of the only games that actually makes you that super fast ninja you see on TV.  Other games have tried, and some are fun, but Ghostrunner has succeeded in every way that they failed.

Everything in this game is fast.  You run, jump, and kill fast.  Everything requires split second decision and a top reaction speed or it will result in your death.  

Luckily there are a lot of check points and the respawn system doesn’t spit you out too far back from where you died.

Ghostrunner was almost made to appease speedrunners.  With phenomenal parkour and action Ghostrunner is one I highly recommend.  I’ve seen many games try to accomplish what Ghostrunner has done, but all of them have failed, until now.


blackbay asylum
MC 77% / Steam Mostly Positive

For those who care about the most up to date graphics, Blackbay Asylum is not for you, but you are missing out on a great adventure game.

Blackbay Asylum is a great Lovecraftian tale of a serial killer (Doug) whos asylum door was left unlocked.  You explore the asylum, and solve puzzles along the way.

Doug is entertaining, and has something to say about absolutely everything.  His only real friend his Teddy bear because he manages to kill anyone else around him.

While it looks like Doug could smash and kill his way though every problem, he has to solve multiple puzzles and use his brain to get through the Asylum.

The Asylum is filled with disturbing images, both the images they are trying to present, and the horrible graphics they try to present them with.  None the less the game manages to leave you with a disturbed feeling as you walk through the asylum.

The puzzles ranges from incredibly challenging to wow my three year old could solve this one.

Overall, despite weak graphics, Blackbay Asylum is a great pc game.  With it on sale for less that $2, it’s well worth picking up today.



orcs must die 3
MC 87% / Steam Very Postive

I’ve always loved the Orcs Must Die franchise and Orcs Must Die 3 is no different.  Orcs Must Die 3 feels like a natural continuation of Orcs Must Die 2.  It has a few elements to make it bigger and better than it’s predecessors, but over all it is the same game continued.

While single player is okay, I highly recommend playing this one in Co-op.  It is one of the best co-op tower defense games I have played.  As a single player tower defense game, it is good, but not near as good as the co-op experience.

The story is kind of shallow, and superficial.  Then again, it’s a tower defense game, is the story really that important?

Gamplay wise it is a ton of fun.  Set your traps, abuse your enemy, and defend your tower.  The more you abuse and kill your enemies, the higher your score will be. Now that I think about it, this  game may be a little sadistic. 

Pick up Orcs Must Die, grab a friend, and see what a great PC game Orcs Must Die 3 is.


night of the dead
MC NA% / Steam Very Positive

Night of the Dead is an open world zombie survival game, with a touch of tower defense built in.

While in the daytime, it functions like almost any other zombie survival game, at night it becomes a tower defense game where you set traps and defend your base against hordes of Zombies.

The combination of game types makes Night of the Dead feel original in a world overcrowded with Zombie Survival Games.   

Night of the Dead is an early access title with regular development and updates.  Game development may seem like it is taking a while because the game is developed by only two developers (great job guys!).  

Even in Night of the Dead’s current state, it is already a great pc game.  Get it while it’s on sale.  You won’t be sorry.  I can’t wait to see what the developers to add to and improve an already great title.


Summary of Today's Great PC Game Deals

The PC game deals today are great, as are the games.  I can’t wait to race on of my readers in Carx Drift Racing or face off with you in Night of The Dead.  A couple of our games today are real hidden gems like Blackwater Asylum, or Night of The Dead.  

If you are wondering how we select the games we are going to list, we wrote an article yesterday that goes over our criteria.

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