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5 Highly Rated Games on Sale Under 5 Dollars

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5 highly rated games on sale now

Only a handful of games are rated Overwhelmingly Positive on Stream.  We found 5 games under $5 all with Overwhelmingly Positive Ratings.  Today’s games include Dishonored, Trine Enchanted Edition, Fallout New Vegas, and More!

Highly Rated Games Under 5 Dollars

Metacritic 91% / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

As someone who has a history of not completing games, Dishonored is one of the few games I’ve completed without taking breaks from it.  That is a testament to how good it is.

You play as Corvo, protector of the Emperess.  When the Emperess is murdered in cold blood, you set out to avenge her death.  

The great thing about Dishonored, especially when it was released, is you could choose multiple paths to complete your mission.  You could play as stealth, full on combat, or use magic to assist you.  At the time, there weren’t many if any games that gave you options like this.

Even though it was released in 2012 that graphics and gameplay still hold up pretty well for a decade old game.  Definitely worth the price if you haven’t had a chance to play it yet.

Metacritic 71% / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

Trine Enchanted Edition is a 2.5d puzzle platformer that was released in 2009.  There are three characters- a sorcerer, a thief, and a knight.  You must use skill along with your characters special abilities to solve the puzzles.

You can switch through the characters at will and use the one that is necessary to complete your objective.  

Trine was absolutely beautiful at release and its graphics still look good to this day.  It was just rereleased on Nintendo Switch in 2019 and looks almost identical to the original.

Trine Enchanted Edition inspired many of the puzzle platformers we see today.  Take, for instance, Unruly Heroes which has a very similar concept.

Trine is still worth playing today, and definitely worth this sale price.

fallout new vegas
Metacritic 84% / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

Fallout New Vegas was the second game released in Fallout’s new format after Fallout 3.  New Vegas is often considered the best Fallout game in the series to date.

Fallout New Vegas takes place in a post-apocalyptic 2281.  The game takes place in an area that encompasses a region which consists of Arizona, California, and Nevada.  

You play as Courier (No, this is not Death Stranding).   While transporting a package you are ambushed, robbed, and buried alive.  You are eventually dug out and recover from your wounds.  You then start the long journey to find your killer and recover the package.

Fallout New Vegas is an absolute classic with an amazing story!  While the graphics come across a bit more dated than some games on this list, don’t let that stop you from playing it.  You’ll be the one missing out if you don’t play it!

Metacritic 63% / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

Obscure brings me great memories of the past.  Released in 2005, I originally played this game on Playstation 2 in 2007.  I can say, with certainty, the critics got it wrong.  

Obscure is a survival horror game in which 5 students try to figure out why disappearances are happening at Leafmore High School. 

You can play alone, or with a friend.  One nice thing about it being on Steam is you can use Remote Play Together to play with your friends via web which wasn’t possible at the games release.

While Obscure may contain a decent amount of horror cliche and tropes, it is still a good time.  While the graphics don’t hold up to todays standards, it still looks good for being released in 2005.

Metacritic NA / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

Mindustry is a Tower Defense game with a secondary focus on building supply chains.  You have to build a supply line to supply ammo to your turrets, create building materials, and more.

While it sounds complicated, the learning curve is not that large.  The game is extremely fast paced and will keep your brain running circles at all times.  

Mindustry isn’t going to win any awards for graphics, but graphics don’t always dictate the quality of a game.  Look at Undertale.  It’s one of the best RPG’s around and uses pixel graphics.

Mindustry has cross platform co-op and you can play with your friends or challenge them in 3v3 team matches.



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