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5 Historically Low Pc Game Deals

  • Dink 
historically low pc game deals

Today we are looking at game deals that are at a historic low this week.  Historically low game deals this week include Little Nightmares II, Darkwood, Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition, and more!

Historically Low PC Game Deals

Metacritic 80% / Steam Very Positive

Darkwood could easily be the best PC game that you’ve never heard of.  In a gameplay style of Don’t Starve, Darkwood still manages to stand out on it’s own with some unique gameplay systems and mechanics.

In Darkwood, you scavenge in the daytime, while at night things become incredibly scary and it is best to stay near your base.  Even though you scavenge in the daytime, it is not free from the dreadful feeling that overhangs this entire game.

The graphics, music, story, characters, and lore all add to the environment of fear in Darkwood.  Darkwood has a huge influence from Polish culture and includes polish folklore and historic events.  

Playing Darkwood to me is almost as satisfying as playing Disco Elysium.  The game is played from a similar top down viewpoint, and while different types of dread, both games do a great job of incorporating a feeling of dread and hopelessness throughout.

I highly recommend Darkwood at any price.  Being able to get it for such a low price is just icing on the cake.



lamplight city
Metacritic 72% / Steam Very Positive

Anyone who has read this blog long enough probably realizes that I enjoy a good noir mystery, and Lamplight City delivers just that.

Lamplight City is a linear point and click style game, which isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but I enjoyed it.

Lamplight City is pitched as the detective game where it’s okay to fail.  We are all used to games that have choices with consequences.  Lamplight City felt a little light in that department to me.  While there were choices at times, often times you only had one choice.

Despite this glaring flaw in the game, I still enjoyed the story.  It offered a decent amount of twists and turns to keep you guessing what would happen next.   

I probably would not recommend Lamplight City at full price, but it is a great game at a discount.  


little nightmares ii
Metacritic 83% / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

Little Nightmares absolutely surprised me with how much I enjoyed it.  When I heard Little Nightmares 2 was coming out, I was extremely excited.  I wasn’t sure if they were going to be able to add to the successful formula they already had, but they managed to.  

Little Nightmares II added a new mechanic to the game that completely enhanced the gameplay.  You are now playing as Mono with Six as an AI companion. This changes the way to solve puzzles and makes the game feel more unique.

In addition, Mono can carry different objects which can be used as weapons.  While combat is not a large element in the game, it does exist.

Little Nightmares II is significantly scarier than the first game as well.  I was actually shocked at how much the fear factor was increased in the sequel.

Little Nightmares II is a relatively short game at approximately 6 hours in length.  Very rarely would I say a 6 hour game is worth it’s full asking price of $30, but Little Nightmares II is an exception.  Being able to get it at half price is just a bonus.


sleeping dogs
Metacritic 80% / Steam Very Positive

Sleeping Dogs may be an older title, but it is still worth playing in 2022.  

Originally when I bought this game on Xbox 360 I thought it maybe similar to a GTA title.  There are parts that have similarities to GTA, but Sleeping Dogs offers a lot more depth.

Sleeping Dogs takes it’s time in introducing it’s line up of cast and characters.  As it does, it also introduces themes such as PTSD and loyalty.  

I wouldn’t call the story amazing, but it is decent.  What really stands out on Sleeping Dogs to me is the Combat.  The only thing I can use to describe the combat is hella fun.  

Even though the game is 10 years old, the combat is what stands out as the strongest point in the game.  

Sleeping Dogs is well worth it, especially since it can be had at such a low price tag.


Metacritic 70% / Steam Very Positive

I’ve never understood why Thief didn’t received higher reviews.  I’ve always highly enjoyed the stealth and parkour environment in Thief.  It very much reminds me of the same feeling I had playing the first few Assassins Creed games.

I’ve seen some reviews criticizing the combat because it uses a parry system.  This system is common in games today, such as the entire Arkham series.  I personally enjoy the combat in Thief.

More-so, I enjoy trying to play a complete stealth play-through.  There is a lot of waiting for the perfect moment to move but the feeling of accomplishment you get makes it feel worth it in the end.

Certain abilities, like swoop which allows you to dash 15 feet ahead without you being spotted, make you feel like a real ninja.

One nice thing about playing Thief on PC, PC is the only system that will play Thief at over 30 frames per second.  It is a better experience playing on PC than console.




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