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5 PC Game Deals Under 5 Dollars

  • Dink 
5 pc games under 5 dollars

Today we are focusing on budget gaming with games under $5.  This weekend’s game deals include Arkham Knight, Silence, Far: Lone Sails, and more.

PC Games Deals Under 5 Dollars

Metacritic 75% / Steam Very Positive

Silence is a spin-off of The Whispered World.  It is an excellent example of storytelling without dialog.  In the world of silence, you control Noah on a quest to save his young sister Renie.

Silence is a beautiful place located between life and death.  Silence is one of those games that helps redefine what point and click is supposed to be.  It is well worth $1 to play this touching story.  

far lone sails
Metacritic 80% / Steam Very Positive

In Far: Lone Sails you must take your hybrid wind powered vechile through a lifeless world.  You must navigate this large vehicle using either your distraught sales or your large engine.

While the story isn’t well explained, by the end of your three-hour journey you’ll be good at navigating this metal beast and have a good idea of why.

On your path you will have to find ways to navigate through obstacles and hazards.  Far: Lone Sails is very comparable to games such as Limbo.  Your three hours of playtime is a true three hours adventure.


arkham knight
Metacritic 87% / Steam Very Positive

Arkham Knight isn’t the best Arkham Game, but it an interesting one.  Arkham Knight was the last game released in the series, and the graphics updates are highly noticeable.  The dark graphics really bring Gotham to life.

In Arkham Knight, Batman faces his hardest enemy, his own mental psyche.  While the gameplay is very similar to prior Arkham games, they added the Batmobile as a mechanic.  Unfortunately, this mechanic was overused which subtracts from the game a bit.

Although it may not be the best Arkham game, it is still a great game.  I’ve enjoyed all over the Arkham games.  Arkham Knight probably has the most interesting story out of all of them.

Metacritic 71% / Steam Very Positive

I am not a huge Metrovania fan, but I have highly enjoyed my time with foregone.  As far as other Metrovania titles go, I find Foregone closest to Dead Cells.

In Foregone you take on the role of a genetically modified super soldier.  You are an arbiter, tasked with bringing peace to the war-torn land of Calagon.  

Foregone is a linear game with short cuts and secret passages thrown into the mix.  The fights with Project Hera (A Phoenix like boss) are some of the best I’ve experienced in platforming.  

Foregone is a good time you don’t want to miss out on.

total war warhammer
Metacritic 86% / Steam Mostly Positive

It’s wonderful when Epic gives away $60 games for free.  Total War: Warhammer is the first Warhammer game to really capitalize on the mystical elements of the Warhammer universe.

Even if you’ve never been a Warhammer fan (which I was not), Warhammer is an excellent Real Time Strategy game.  Each faction has a different advantage, so even your faction selection is strategic to your gameplay.

There is more to Total War: Warhammer and the different strategic elements than I can cover in this short summary.  All I can say is, get it while it’s free, because Epic has truly given us a gift this time.



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