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5 Weird Gaming News Stories April 2022

  • Dink 
weird gaming news april 2022

Every Month there while browsing the gaming news you run into articles that just make you scratch your head.  Some of these articles are funny, some are interesting, and some are just unbelievable.  Here are the top 5 weird gaming news stories in April so far.

Top 5 Weird Gaming News Stories in April

Coke Makes Metaverse Flavored Coke

metaverse coke

Last week Coke announced it’s new limited time metaverse flavored soda.   Coke has said that this flavor is inspired by “the playfulness of pixels.”

I’ve seen a ton of announcements regarding the metaverse, but didn’t expect a beverage to be a part of it.  This has led me to several questions.  What does metaverse taste like?  What do Pixels taste like?  Does this have anything to do with the flavor producing monitor we reported on months ago?

The metaverse talk felt over the top before.  Now it’s just ridiculous.

Streamer Eats 17 Disgusting Meals a Day To Get Gaming System

gross food

A streamer named Savannah was disappointed when they found out that their computer wasn’t powerful enough to stream Elden Ring.  Her Solution?

Eat her way to a gaming PC.  Savannah had a plan.  Make and eat some of the most disgusting food possible.   According to Savannah, the plan was to “eating food in a cursed manner until someone buys me parts to build a gaming PC”.

One example of these fantastically disgusting meals involved blending a fried steak to make a sauce.  The sauce was then put on a molded steak made from steak sauce, mayo, and gelatin.  

After 17 days of eating these disgusting creations, Savannah now has her gaming PC.  Now, that is dedication.  

Cyberpunk 2077 at 72p is Fantastically Awful

72p cyberpunk

It would be easy to assume there is a typo in the heading.  There is not.  Kryzzp of zWORMz Gaming set this up for April Fools Day.

Running at 720p he set the downscaling to a factor of 10x while leaving all of the graphics settings on high with ray tracing on.

The result?  A blurry mess.  You would think at 72p the it would run high frame  rates.  Due to the amount of work FSR had to do, the frame rate was surprisingly low.

Why is all of this important?  Because now you know if you want to play a modern game and make it look like it is from the 80’s, you can!

You May Be Able To Eat Your Computer Chips Soon

honey computer chips

Feng Zhao and Brandon Sueoka, researchers at the WSU’s School of Engineering and Computer Science, may have come up with a sweet solution to the silicon shortage.

The Duo took honey, made it solid, and jammed it between two electrodes with a design similar to the human synapse.  This  type of architecture maybe able to replace the architecture used in computers today.

If they are able to create chips out of honey they will run cooler, be more efficient, be biodegradable, and possibly edible.  

Can you imagine a peanut butter and CPU sandwich?

After reconstructing Skyrim's Skeleton Face, It Looks Like Iggy Pop

iggy pop

Ancestral Whispers is an organization that specializes in facial reconstructions of prehistoric humans.  The software they use can put soft tissue over a cranial structure to reproduce what that human looked like.

For no particular reason one of their scientists ran a skeleton from Skyrim through the software.   The result.  An almost exact replica of rocker Iggy Pop.  

Skyrim has always been a rock star in the world of RPG’s.


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