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5 Weird Gaming News Stories From January 2022

  • Dink 
5 weird gaming news stories of january 2022

Every month it entertains me to go through the news and find the weirdest gaming news stories I can find.  Here are 5 weird gaming news stories from January 2022 I found incredibly entertaining.  

1. A Lickable Screen That Imitates Flavors Is Being Developed

First in our weird gaming news stories from January 2022, A Lickable screen that imitates flavors is being developed by Meiji University professor Homei Miyashita.  And you thought scratch and sniff would never evolve.  

“The goal is to make it possible for people to have the experience of something like eating at a restaurant on the other side of the world, even while staying at home,” Miyashita told Reuters.

While this is being designed so you can taste things from across the world, the application to video games could be amazing.  Can you imagine tasting what you kill?  You could actually eat that dog salad from Undertale!

2. Final Case in CSGO Gambling Lawsuit Dismissed

Second in our weird gaming news from January 2022 we have the final case in CSGO Gambling Lawsuit Dismiss.  What is the CSGO gambling lawsuit you ask?

Multiple parents sued CSGO for their kids who had been participating in “skin gambling”.  

It would be much cooler if it was actual skin gambling, but in this case the kids bought and sold high value game skins through 3rd party websites.  The purpose of this was to gain high value items that could be bought and sold for real money.

The parents were suing Valve and the case was dismissed as these were 3rd party websites that Valve had no control over.

The dismissal of the lawsuit is not the weird part.  The lawsuit itself is the weird part. 

3. Valve and Geiko Team Up For a Portal Based Insurance Ad

I read this and said, "What?". Video game companies and Geiko teaming up doesn't seem like a horrible idea.
My question is why did the choose Portal? Don't get me wrong, Portal is a great game, and I love it, but why not choose a game from this decade?
By using Portal, as opposed to something newer, like Rocket League, they seem to be missing half their demographic.

4. Libre Office adds Klingon Support

Fourth on our list of weird gaming news stories from January 2022 is Libre Office adds Klingon support.

I am not sure if this is gaming news, tech news, nerd news, or just weird.  

The details are vague, but if you can actually type in, and spellcheck in Klingon, it seems like the development time may have been able to been spent on something a little more… functional.

5. Doom Can Be Controlled By a Rotary Telephone

And our final weird games news story of January, Doom can be controlled by a rotary telephone.  

This is the original Doom from 1993 and not the newer one that newer gamers are more familiar with.  

Last Month they made a device to allow a mouse to play doom.  This month they ported Doom to be controlled by a rotary telephone.  What’s next?  Is my toaster going to be able to control Doom?

Weird Gaming News From January Summary

That is our weird gaming news stories from January 2022.  Hopefully you found them as entertaining as I did.  If you like weird gaming news and missed our December 2021 article, make sure to check it out!

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