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6 Best PC Games Under 10 Dollars This Weekend

  • Dink 
6 best pc games under 10 dollars

We have done lists of games under $5, so today we are going to up the ante a little bit.  Today we have the 6 best PC Games under $10 including Fall Guys, Dragons Dogma, Wizard of Legend, and more!

PC Games Under 10 Dollars

wizard of legend
Metacritic 79% / Steam Very Positive

Wizard of Legend says it’s a dungeon crawler with roguelike elements that focuses on magical combat.  In reality it is an extremely fast paced beat’em up.

Despite being pixel graphics, they be just detailed enough.  The combat is fluid and the spells have beautiful animation.  While Wizard of Legend has a little bit of a learning curve, it’s worth it.

Wizard of Legend is worth it’s full price, but it’s even better when you can get it 70% off.

dragons dogma
Metacritic 81% / Steam Very Positive

Dragons Dogma is the perfect blend of Oblivion, Dark Souls, and Shadow of the Colossus.  It has the open world environments of Oblivion, the hack and slash of Dark Souls, and the monster style combat is reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus.

Dragons Dogma is a horrible under-appreciated RPG.  Dragons Dogma was originally released in 2012.  It was rereleased as Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen which included 10-15 hours of additional content and some minor game tweaks.

I personally find Dragons Dogma to be a better game than Skyrim despite the fact it didn’t have the same popularity.  While the graphics are a little bit dated, they can be greatly improved with just a little bit of simple modding.

Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen is one of the best RPG’s you can get, especially for under $10.


fall guys
Metacritic 80% / Steam Very Positive

As far as party games go, you don’t get much better than Fall Guys.  While most party games allow 4-8 players, Fall Guys offers a massive 60 player limit.

While it has lost some popularity since its release, there are still plenty of people playing Fall Guys and it is still receiving regular updates.  The bright pastel color scheme makes the game feel fun before you even start playing.

In fall guys you must run, dive, jump, and grab your way through up to 5 rounds of inflatable chaos.  Each match takes less than 15 minutes.  It is framed as a gameshow and feels like one too.

Get Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout while it is at this historic low!

dragon age inquisition
Metacritic 85% / Steam Mostly Positive

I’ve had mixed feelings about the Dragon Age series.  I didn’t like the first two games, so I put off playing Inquisition.  That was a mistake, because I loved it.  

Dragon Age Inquisition has a lot of positives.  To start with, the character creation process is highly detailed.  If you are a player who likes to customize your character as much as possible, Dragon Age Inquisition is great for this.

Dragon Age Inquisition has also added a multiplayer element that is very similar to Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer.  Players can fight together in random maps to destroy wave after wave of enemies.  While it doesn’t have a co-op campaign mode, this still allows you to have some fun with friends.

The maps are huge and loaded with loot.  If you are a completionist it could take you up to 200 hours to experience every aspect of the game.

I also have found the story much more engaging than prior Dragon Age games.  This is one game I recommend owning on Origin and not on Steam.  If you own it on Steam, it will still require using the Origin launcher and sometimes has issues loading.