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6 Fantastic Games Under Five Dollars

  • Dink 
ikaruga 2

There are numerous game deals this week.  I decided to focus on games under $5 for my more budget orientated readers.  This week’s game deals include Pyre, Ikaruga, and Toyko Xanadu Ex+.

Fantastic Game Deals Under $5

Metacritic 84% / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

In FTL the graphics aren’t gorgeous, but the gameplay is amazing.  The game describes itself as a “spaceship simulation rogue-like”.  In reality, it’s more like a choose your own adventure set in space.

Every game is completely different and every decision you make helps shape the narrative.  I’ve truly never saw anything like FTL before it, or since.  

At first you make think the game is all luck, but after your figure out the strategy, it’s just like playing poker.  There is tons of strategy to learn to give you a higher chance of succeeding in your mission.

FTL is a great game and has quickly become a classic among its fans.

MC 82% / Steam Very Positive

The steam description on Pyre is “Pyre is a party-based RPG in which you lead a band of exiles to freedom through ancient competitions spread across a vast, mystical purgatory.”  In reality it is a visual novel concentrated heavily on lore, characters, and story.  

Everything in Pyre has a meaning from the way the story unfolds to the characters your meet along the way.  The action parts of the game are like a mini sports game.  There are three players on each side and the goal is to take a ball and throw it into your enemy’s fire.

There are so many complex parts of this game it’s hard to describe.  What I can say is they have created a masterpiece that is highly under-rated.  


ape out
MC 83% / Steam Very Positive

Ape Out is a Smashem up game with rhythm elements.  The jazz soundtrack adds that extra amount of flare.

Ape Out doesn’t consist of a strong story, or character development.  Similar to old arcade games, it is just fun.  You can use your captors as shields, break them against walls, or throw them into each other.

Ape Out is not a long game.  It can be beaten in a bit over an hour.  That being said it’s worth $5 for that hour of absolute fun.


Metacritic 84% / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

Ikaruga is a vertical arcade style shoot-em up.  The game looks nice for the type of game it is.  While most games I’ve played like this I have no trouble getting through levels, Ikaruga has proven itself to be a little bit more difficult, and that is a good thing.

A unique element of that game is that all enemies are either black or white in color.  You have to switch your ship to match, or not match, to provide offensive or defensive bonuses.  This adds a whole level of difficulty to the game.