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6 Unbelievable Weekend PC Game Deals

  • Dink 
6 unbelievable weekend pc game deals

There are some wonder pc game sales happening this weekend.  Here our top 6 picks for unbelievable weekend pc game deals.  These include Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Arkham Knight, Creaks, and More!

Unbelievable Weekend PC Game Deals

Take on the role of Lo Wang, battle alongside allies, and wield a combination of blades, guns, and magic to destroy demonic legions taking over the world.  

Shadow Warrior 2 is a wonderful sequel to 2013’s Shadow Warrior.  While it is a sequel, it feels like a very different game.  Shadow Warrior 2 is closer to a looter shooter, while the original Shadow Warrior was an off the rails FPS.

A new 4-player coop mode is a nice addition to Shadow Warrior 2.  Shadow Warrior 2 has much improved graphics over the first game.  I find the weapons and weapon selection in the second game to be a huge improvement over the first as well.

With it’s off the wall story, Shadow Warrior 2 is a blast to play.  Throughout my whole playthrough I was always wondering to myself, what kind of off the wall crazy stuff can happen next?   I ended up loving every moment.

project cars 2
Metacritic 84% / Steam Very Positive

There are a few great racing games in the world.  Forza, Assetto Corsa, and Project cars 2 are three of them.  One really nice thing about Project Cars 2 is the VR version of the game is included with the base game.

Project Cars 2 has absolutely beautiful and realistic graphics.  As far as race sims, go some parts are simpler than other race sims, while others are more complex.  For instance, the amount of customizations you can do on your cars blows other sims out of the water.  The actual racing itself, however, tends to be a little less complex with less buttons used.

The only flaw I can find in Project Cars 2 is the AI could use some improvement.  It is not awful, but can be notable at times.  None the less, it is an amazing race sim.  


Metacritic 82% / Steam Very Positive

Creaks is very surreal, and one of the best puzzler experiences I have had.  Behind every piece of wallpaper there may be a door that leads to a fantastical world full of monsters.

Creaks is brought to us by the same creators that brought us Machinarium and the world is just as unique.  The game is filled with various, yet well thought out puzzles.  

The games main focus is discovery as you send downward into an abyss.  It has even structured amazing story telling that can easily reel you in.  The world and music are both well thought out.  

Adding to the experience everything is hand drawn pencil style.  Creaks is a game I think everyone should experience.  The developers have done a wonderful job.  Creaks is what I would consider an adventure puzzle masterpiece.  


shadow of war
Metacritic 75% / Steam Very Positive

Shadow of War is an impressive offering from WB games.  Go behind enemy lines, conquer fortresses, and dominate Mordor.  This game uses the Nemesis system which helps to personalize the story to your actions.  Each enemy or follower made will change the story.

While there are scripted things that happen in Shadow Of War, my real love for the game comes from the unscripted moments.  You can beat the main campaign in about 20 hours.  While the main campaign is good, the real magic happens in what is not in the campaign.

The way your character interacts with his enemies, how they interact with you, and how they interact with each other is all fascinating.  

I’ve heard Shadow of War is great for Lord Of The Rings fans.  I am not a Lord of The Rings Fan and absolutely love Shadow of War.  If you are someone who loves to see how characters react, Shadow of War is the game for you.  


state of decay
Metacritic 79% / Steam Very Positive

There are a million Zombie games out there.  Some of the more notable ones are Left For Dead, Zombie Army, Back For Blood, and Dying Light.  State of Decay is a zombie survival game that manages to easily stand on it’s own.

State of Decay has a lot of positives.  Capturing bases is relatively simple compared to many other similar games.  The crafting system is easy to understand.  Being able to switch between multiple characters allows you to always be active, even when sleeping.  Difficulty increases with each playthrough to help replayability.

The only con I can find is that after 20-25 hours of gameplay, things did start to feel a bit repetitive.  That being said, $5 for 20 hours of gameplay is an amazing deal.  If you’ve never played the State of Decay games, I highly recommend picking this up.

arkham knight
Metacritic 70% / Very Positive

Arkham Knight is the conclusion of the Arkham games that started with Arkham asylum.  It is an action RPG focusing on investigation and combat. 

Arkham Knight revolves around Batman facing his hardest enemy, his own mentality.  The story is interesting, and the gameplay is fun.

Arkham Knight added the Batmobile as a major mechanic in the game.  This is fun at first, but it is overutilized at times.  Still, it adds puzzles that require a combination of Batman and the Batmobile to solve.   

While I did enjoy Arkham City and Arkham Origins a little bit better than Arkham Knight, it is still a great game.  No better time to play Arkham Knight than while The Batman is circulating theaters.

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