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8 Great PC Games to Buy On Sale While You Still Can

  • Dink 
8 Pc Games On Sale

While you are waiting for Epic’s Holiday Game Giveaway, here are 8 great deals on PC Games you won’t want to pass up.  December keeps bring more sales and the cheapest games of the year.  

Gauntlet Slayer Edition - Gog - $2.99

gauntlet slayer edition
Metacritic 71% / Steam Very Positive

Gauntlet Slayer Edition is an excellent remake of the 1985 original game.  I remember playing Gauntlet on the original Playstation One.  Gauntlet is one of the original dungeon crawlers.  I enjoyed it in 1985, and I still enjoy it today.


It supports 4 player multi-player, both online, and on couch.  It’s even easy to get a multiplayer game going through Parsec so you and your friends can play on one copy.  This is one of the few PC Games I waited for it to come out.  On sale for $2.99, it’s a no brainer.

Outriders - Humble Store - $19.89

Metacritic 73% / Steam Mixed

If you had asked me a week ago, this would not have been one of the PC Games I would recommend.  In the past week I decided to give it a chance on Game pass and was overly surprised how much fun I was having.

I think a big reason for negative reviews of this game are because the trailers don’t do a good job of depicting what the game is.  Outriders is a 3rd person looter shooter.  Depending on your character, you have different special skills you can use in addition to the guns you collect.

The game starts out pretty slow.  I almost stopped playing, but after I got past 45 minutes it becomes a lot more fun.  If you are looking for a good story, look elsewhere.  If you are looking for a fun fast paced looter shooter with good graphics, this could be it.

If you’re interested but still want more information, I will be writing an article next week “Why You Need to Give Outriders A Chance”

Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen - $6.99 Gamesplanet

dragons dogma
Metacritic 75% / Steam Very Positive

Dragon’s Dogma, in my opinion, is one of the most under rated PC Games of all time.  It is an excellent mix of Shadow of the Colossus, the Witcher, and Dark Souls.

If you are a big fan of open world fantasy RPG dungeon crawlers, you need to play this.  You won’t regret it.

Resident Evil 3 Remake - $13.99 - Games Planet

resident evil 3 remake
Metacritic 77% / Steam Mostly Positive

Resident Evil 3 Remake is not a game I would recommend anybody purchase at full price.  As far as remakes go, it’s one of the worst.  It is sad because Resident Evil 2 remake is one of the best.

That being said, it is not a bad game.  If you are a fan of the Resident Evil games, I recommend picking this up while it is on a good sale.  It is worth its sale price, but nowhere near worth its original price.  It feels more like a DLC for Resident Evil 2 than it does a full game.

The Sinking City Deluxe Edition - $9.99 - Gamesplanet

the sinking city
Metacritic 71% / Steam Mostly Postive

This is one of those PC Games that the reviews don’t represent the quality of the game.  If you read the Steam reviews for instance, many of the negative ones are about a dispute between the developer and the publisher.  (MORE ON THAT HERE)

The game is a noir mystery adventure set in a Lovecraftian open world.  There is an open investigation system, so the same investigation can end in different outcomes.  It all depends on how you investigate.  This adds a decent amount of replay value to the game.

If you like to solve mysteries, and like PC games with unique and strange elements, you should give this a go.  My understanding from researching is the publisher is now properly getting compensated for their work.

The deluxe edition includes the base game and two DLC’s.  You can also get just the base game from Gamesplanet for $6.99.

Disco Elysium The Final Cut - $17.99 - Gog

disco elysium
Metacritic 91% / Steam Very Positive

Disco Elysium has intriguing characters, a story that will tear your heart out, and a depth that most pc games will never be able to hit.  

Disco Elysium the final cut has all characters fully voiced.  The decision make system has a freedom that is unprecedented, and the amount of skills you can use is overwhelming, and over 60 hours of gameplay is included.

Play a RPG like you’ve never been able to before.  Pick up Disco Elysium while it is still in Gog’s Christmas sale.

Othercide - Steam - $9.89

Metacritic 78% / Steam Very Positive

Othercide is a turn based tactical combat RPG set in a Lovecraftian universe.  It’s what would happen if Xcom and Hades had a baby.

Failure is a huge part of this game.  Similar to Into the Breach if you die, you come back using what you’ve gained to complete the original task.  

If you like turn based combat, and roguelites, you’ll love Othercide.

Throne Breaker - The Witcher Tales - $5.99 - Gog

throne breaker a witcher story
Metacritic 85% / Steam Mostly Positive

There are three things you must love Throne Breaker.  You must love The Witcher Story, Puzzles, and Gwent.  

Throne Breaker is a very different take on the Witcher series.  Gwent is much more advanced than in the Witcher 3 with deck building, and a ton of strategy involved.

If you are a huge fan of the Witcher stories (including the books) I would highly recommend this game.  While not as action based as the main Witcher games, it provides a lot of story and expands on some of the characters that aren’t in the main stream.  


Summary of our 8 PC Games on Sale Today

There are some amazing PC Game sales this week.  We expect even more to come as we get closer to Christmas and the New Year.  In addition to these 8 games, if you haven’t checked out the bundles we recently recommended, you should.  They are both ending soon.

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