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86 December Free Paid Games You Can Download Today

  • Dink 
December free paid games

Here is a list of December Free Paid Games you can download today. Everybody loves getting new games. They are even better when you don’t have to pay for them. With each game we will be listing the Steam rating or the Metacritic rating if available.

Amazon Prime Gaming December Free Paid Games

One great benefit of Amazon Prime many users don’t know about are the free games they give away monthly. Some of the games are available on the Amazon Prime Gaming app and some are available at In addition to free games they also provide free game content and loot. If you have a Prime account you can download these games now with new games coming out monthly.

  1. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered
Metacritic Score 75% / Steam: Mostly Postitive

2. Football Manager 2021

Metacritic Score 85% / Steam Very Postitive

3. Frostpunk

Metacritic 84% / Steam: Very Positive

4. Journey to the Savage Planet

Metacritic 75% / Steam: Very Positive

5. Morkredd

Metacritic 75% / Steam: Positive

6. Spellcaster University

Metacritic 71% / Steam: Very Positive

7. Youtubers Life

Metacritic 63% / Steam: Mostly Positive

8. Tales of Monkey Island

Metacritic 79% / Steam: Very Positive

9. Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

Metacritic 72% / Steam: Very Positive

Overall Amazon Primes gaming service has an excellent selection of free paid games in December.

Epic Games Store December Free Paid Games

Available until December 9th

1. Dead By Daylight

Metacritic 71% / Steam: Very Positive

2. While True Learn ()

Metacritic 73% / Steam: Very Positive

Available December 9th-Demcember 16th

1. Godfall Challenger Edition

No reviews. Release date for PC and Console is December 7th. It is a Godfall game though, so you probably can’t go wrong.

2. Prison Architect

Metacritic 83% / Steam: Very Positive

Epic this month has a great collection of December free paid game giveaways including brand new releases.

Indie Gala December Free Paid Games

1. Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon

Metacritic 63% / Steam: Mostly Negative

2. Die Young: Prologue

No rating information

3. Potatoman Seeks The Troof

Metacritic N/A / Steam Very Positive

Humble Bundle Humble Trove December Free Paid Games

The Humble Trove is available for members of Humble Choice. It has over 70 games with new games added monthly. These are in addition to the 10 free games you get monthly. If you are interested in Humble Choice you can find the details by clicking here. You can also see our Humble Choice November overview by clicking here. We are a Humble Partner and choose to support them based on their low prices and charitable giving.

With the amount of games Humble Choice puts out in Trove we will not be able to list all the ratings, but we will list the 50 most popular games available.

  1. Getting Over it
  2. Naiad
  3. Groundz
  4. Sluggish Morss Pattern Circus
  5. A Short Hike
  6. Summertime Madness
  7. Ruin Raiders
  8. The Corridor
  9. CreatorCrate
  10. Kind Words (Lofi Chill Beats to Write too)
  11. Roombo
  12. Retired Men’s Nude Beach Volleyball League
  13. Macdows 95
  14. Fistful of Nothing
  15. Rogue Mansion
  16. Tiny Echo
  17. Snake Pass
  18. Card Quest
  19. Hitch Hiker
  20. Co-Open
  21. Zodiac XX
  22. Race The Sun Challenge Edition
  23. The Lamb in the Flood
  24. Volantia
  25. Grotto
  26. Shady Knight
  27. Torii
  28. Rainy Season
  29. When Ski Lifts Go Wrong
  30. Operator
  31. Booth
  32. Keyboard Spirits
  33. Arawkanoid
  34. Fate of Kai
  35. Bomber Crew
  36. Dear Esther
  37. Alt254
  38. Before I Forget
  39. Crescent Bay
  40. Heeey! Park-boy
  41. Divinoids
  42. Once Upon a Crime in the West
  43. Jawns
  44. Gunmetal Arcadia Zero
  45. Tales From the Off-Peak City
  46. Etherborn
  47. Yojimbrawl!
  48. Subserial Network
  49. Roman Sands
  50. Wilmot’s Warehouse


December has some great free paid games available. While we do the best job we can to find all of the free paid games available, we do sometimes miss some. If you know of any other December Free Paid Games please leave in the comments below.