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94 Free Paid Games You Can Get In March 2022 – Updated

  • Dink 

Every month there are free games to download from multiple sources.  March has the most free paid games available since we have started tracking monthly free games.  Some of these games are free outright, while others come free with  subscriptions to other services.

Let’s take a look at the free paid games available in March.

94 free games march 2022

Many Prime members don’t realize that they also get monthly free games with their Amazon Prime membership.  To claim these you can either download the Prime Gaming app or go to  I recommend claiming games on the website over the app as some of the free paid games do not show up in the app.

Let’s dive in and see what free paid games Amazon Prime is giving us in March.

Madden NFL 2022

madden 22

Madden is one of the most known Football games of all time, and it is currently free for Prime Members.  Madden NFL 22 has some major gameplay and graphical improvements over Madden NFL 21.

If your a prime member, pick up one of the best football video game franchises of all time for free today.

Surviving Mars

surviving mars

Surviving Mars is a combination of a city builder and a survival game.  You are tasked with building the first colony and Mars and keeping them alive.

You have the threats of domes cracking, dust, meteors, tornados, famine, and dehydration.  Even the dust can be deadly.  

One of the more complicated city builders I’ve played, Surviving Mars is great for those that like to strategize.

Steamworld Quest: Hand Of Gilgamech

steamworld quest hand of gilgamech

In Steamworld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech you must lead your party through a hand draw world using only a handful of cards.  It is a fun deck building RPG and it is absolutely loaded with personality.  

I am not a huge fan of deck builders, but I have had a ton of fun with Steamworld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech.  It’s not many games that have a charming frog mech or a college drop out robot for characters.  Steamworld’s environment and aesthetics manage to make this deck building RPG feel fresh and unique.  

The mechanics of combat are really what makes this game sing.  Your combat moves are decided by punch cards with an associate gear cost.  You choose your moves and watch as your opponent does their moves.  Building the right deck of punch cards is like an addictive puzzle.

Get this free paid deck building RPG today if you have Amazon Prime.


Look Inside

look inside

Look Inside sits right in the middle of point and click and narrative adventure.  It’s beautiful when a game can touch you with real warmth and sensuality.  Look Inside is one of those games.

In this game you research and witness family history.  The background music is relaxing and helps add to the games atmosphere and emotion.

Some of the puzzles can be a  bit complicated, but are fulfilling when you figure them out.  This was a great inclusion in Amazon Primes free games and I hope it will allow more people to experience the emotions Look Inside brings out.


The Stillness of The Wind

the stillness of the wind

In The Stillness of the Wind all of the villagers leave and move on, except for your character, Talma.  You must take care of your goats and make cheese with their milk.  You must collect eggs, grow vegetables, and cook meals.  There is also the traveling merchant who brings increasingly disturbing letters from your family.

In The Stillness of the Wind is beautifully written.  It truly makes you feel like an elderly woman who’s is not strong enough to take care of her farm.  The game only takes 3-5 hours to complete but it is a quality 3-5 hours.

Crypto Against All Odds

crypto against all odds

Crypto Against All Odds is a tower defense game.  You are a cybersecurity expert fighting against hackers and other block chain threats.

While the formula for this game is quite different than most tower defense games, it works.  Crypto Against All Odds seems very easy at first, but the difficulty ramps up rather quickly.

In a way, Crypto Against All Odds seems like a reimaging of Plants Vs Zombies.  If you are familiar with Plants Vs Zombies, you will feel right at home playing Crypto Against All Odds.




Pesterquest is a comic visual novel that is part of the Homestruck series.  I haven’t had a chance to play this one, but it has received Very Positive reviews on Steam


Epic games store gives out free games weekly and 15 this last holiday season.  Games are released, and expire, every Thursday at 10am Central Time.

Let’s see what free paid pc games you can get in January from Epic.  Just like last month, we will release a mid-month update since not all of Epic’s free games have been announced.  

So far these are the free paid pc games you can get in January from Epic Games.

In Sound Mind (Available 3-17 / 3-24)

in sound mind

In Sound Mind is a very interesting game in the psychological horror genre.  While it is primarily a first-person shooter, there is a lot of emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving.

Unlike most of the games in this genre, In Sound Mind doesn’t take itself too seriously.  I even managed to get a few laughs out of it while playing it.  At the same time, it deals with serious subject matter.  

In Sound Mind is a highly under-rated and under marketed game.  If you enjoy shooters, or psychological horror, I highly recommend this one.  

demons tilt

Demon’s Tilt is a fantasy Pinball game.  I don’t know how to describe it better than that, and in all honesty, have a lot of trouble reviewing a pinball game. 

All I can say is that if you like digital pinball, it’s free, give it a try.


Indiegala almost always has some sort of indie gem they are giving away in their freebies section.  Let’s see what free paid pc games you can get in March from Indiegala.

Little Kite

Little Kite is an interesting story.  It starts off looking like it will be a completely heartwarming game and then shatters that image directly taking on themes such as alcohol and drug abuse.

Little Kite is only about 3-4 hours long, but it packs a lot of content into this heartbreaking story.  

The text in the English version of the game contains numerous misspellings and grammatical issues.

I still feel like Little Kite is worth 3-4 hours to experience the story.

Last Dream

last dream

Last Dream incorporates elements of and features of classic RPG’s and packs them into a 40+ hour long story.  The game feels very much like playing an original NES RPG.

You get to choose a team of 4 teammates from 8 different classes.  Your team choices do not only effect combat, but also non-combat scenarios as well.  Since the character selection has an effect on everything that you can do in the game, it adds an element of replay value.

There are so many aspects to this game you never run out of stuff to do.  These include mini-games, casino, fishing, crafting, puzzle rooms, bounty hunting, and more.  

Last Dream is a wonderful classic style RPG game.  


Trainpunk Run

Set in a Steampunk environment Trainpunk Run is a fly and shoot style of game.  Trainpunk Run also gives me that early classic PC game feel.

Trainpunk Run is a fun game as long as you take it for what it is.  It is a simply side scrolling shooter where you shoot things and collect coins.  There is nothing overly deep or complex in Trainpunk Run.  It is a nice game to turn on and play for a couple of minutes to relax and kill some time.

Die Young Prologue

die young prologue

Die Young Prologue is the prologue to the Die Young Game (Duh!).  It’s actually one of the better shooter style games I’ve played.  It takes a lot more thought and strategy than most shooters.  Playing the Die Young Prologue makes me excited to play the full game.  

Humble Trove

In addition to the monthly Humble Choice Bundle, Humble Bundle subscribers also get access to the Humble Trove.  

The Humble Trove has 70+ DRM free games that Humble Choice subscribers can download and play at any time.

Due to the sheer number of games, we will not be able to write information and reviews on each on.  

Without further delay, let’s see what free paid pc games are available in March in The Humble Trove.  


1. Drawkanoid

2. Arrog

3. Fistful Of Nothing

4. 20 Minute Metropolis

5. 2000:1:A Space Felony

6. Void Bastards

7.  A Short Hike

8.  A2be A Science Fiction Narrative

9.  alt254

10.  Balconing Simulator 2020

11.  Before I Forget

12.  After Hours

13.  Bomber Crew

14. Booth

15. Co-open

16. Copoka

17.  CreatorCrate

18.  Crescent Bay

19. Divinoids

20.  Dodgeball Academa 

21. Don’t Give Up

22. Elephant In The Room

23.  Etherborn

24. Ethereal

25.  Flynn: Son of Crimson

26. Forager

27. Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

28. Fate of Kai

29. Fortune-499

30.  Grotto

31.  Gunmetal Arcadia Zero

32.  Hey Parkboy

33. Hitchhiker

34. Jawns

35.  Keyboard Sports

36.  Kimmy

37.  Kind Words

38.  Knight Club

39.  Lyric Sonata

40.  Macdows 95

41.  Naiad

42.  Ollie and Bollie’s Outdoor Estate

43. Once Upon a Crime in the West

44.  Operator

45.  Quiet City

46.  Rainy Season

47.  Retired Men’s Nude Beach Volleyball

48.  Rogue Mansion

49. Roman Sands

50. Roomba: First Blood

51. Run Raiders Unknown Menace

52. Shady Knight

53. Sluggish Morss Pattern Circus

54.  Snake Pass

55.  Space Runtime

56.  Spoolside

57.  Stumblehill

58.  Subserial Network

59.  Summertime Madness

60.  Syzygy

61.  Tales From Off-Peak City Vol 1

62.  The Corridor

63.  The Groundz

64.  Thor.n

65.  Tiny Echo

66.  Torii

67.  Unparallel 

68.  Unsighted

69.  Uurnog

70.  Volantia: Kingdom In The Sky

71.  When Ski Lifts Go Wrong

72.  Wilmot’s Warehouse

73.  Wizard Of Legend

74.  Woten

75.  Yojimbrawl

76.  Zodiac XX

March Free Paid Games Summary

That is our list of 94 free paid summary.  There are some real winners this month such as Madden NFL 22, Cities Skylines, or Devil May Cry 5.  Know of any free paid games we missed?  Leave them in the comments below!


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