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97 Free Paid Games Available in May

  • Dink 

Every Month there are free paid games for PC.  For May there are 97 Free Paid games available.  Some of these come bundled with other services while others are flat out free.  This post will be updated on May 19, 2022 to stay current with the free game offerings. 

Here are the 97 free paid games available in May.

purple neon modern gaming channel youtube gaming video

Amazon Prime members get free paid games monthly.  Some of these are AAA games, while others are less known indie titles.  You can access these games in two ways.  There is an Amazon gaming app you can download for Windows, or you can go to to claim your games.  

I recommend using the website and the app together.  Occasionally there is a game that will show up on the website that does not show up on the app.  In addition, Prime members also get free loot for games such as Grand Theft Auto 5, Paladins, Lost Ark, and More.

Dead Space 2

dead space 2

Dead Space 2 is a good sequel to 2008’s Dead Space.

Dead Space 2 continues 3 years after the events in the original Dead Space.  The story manages to complement the first one and instill more of a sense of dread throughout the game.  

The story is very well written and thought out.  The weapons have a punch that add a reality to them, the audio and visuals are phenomenal, and the enemy even has a decent AI.

After you finish Dead Space 2 you will not want to wait to play 1 and 3 to get the whole story.


The Curse of Monkey Island

curse of monkey island

Last month Amazon gave out The Tale of Monkey Island 2 and this month is giving away the third part of The Monkey Island Story.

In Curse of Monkey Island you are almost pirate Guybrush Threepwood.  You are in an epic battle with the zombie Pirate Lechuck, as he absolutely refuses to die.

While the graphics are a bit dated, the entertaining story more than makes up for it.  The Curse of Monkey Island is a point and click much in the style of Sam and Max or Full Throttle games.

For those who enjoy the humorous Monkey Island stories, you’ll definitely enjoy The Curse of Monkey Island.


Shattered - Tale of The Forgotten King

tale of the forgotten king

Shattered Tale of a Forgotten King is an action-adventure RPG which you must rebuild the lost fabric of reality.  

The story in Shattered is pretty complex but is incredibly interesting as you piece it all together.  The visuals are good and the character design is absolutely amazing.  

Shattered feels almost like a combination of Dark Souls and Nier Replicant.  

With the story and lore presented in this game, it has given itself a good future for a budding ip.

Out of Line

out of line

Out of Line is a 2d Puzzler with a unique art style.  Like all puzzle platformers, the game starts with us sleeping comfortably in a corner when a yellow cube wakes us up.  The cube transforms into a spear which we can call back to us at any time to help us solve puzzles.

Out of Line is a relatively short game but the content inside of it is very good.  The story is told through clues that you see as you progress throughout the game.  

Out of Line is well worth playing through its approximate 3 hour playtime.

Cat Quest

cat quest

Cat Quest is an open world action RPG that has sometimes been referred to as Diablo with cats.  You have to battle through the world to save your “catnapped” sister.  

I haven’t played Cat Quest myself but it looks interesting and has an overwhelmingly positive all time rating on Steam.  

Mail Mole +Xpress Deliveries

mail mole

Mail Mole is a 3d platformer featuring Molty the mail mole.  I had never heard of this game prior to seeing it on Amazon Gaming so I took a look at a trailer.  I took a look at the trailer.  It looked like fun so I installed it and played for about an hour.

Unfortunately, mail mole was a little too simple for my liking even as a platformer.  I could see this game being good for kids around the age of 8-12 and may give them a nice challenge.  For me it was too simple and grew rather boring pretty quickly.  

That being said, I will never complain about getting a game for free.  If my friends ever bring their kids over it will be a great game for them to play.

Epic games store gives out free games weekly and 15 this last holiday season.  Games are released, and expire, every Thursday at 10am Central Time.

Let’s see what free paid pc games you can get in January from Epic.  Just like last month, we will release a mid-month update since not all of Epic’s free games have been announced.  

So far these are the free paid pc games you can get in January from Epic Games.

Terraforming Mars (5-5-22 / 5-12-22)

terraforming mars

Terraforming Mars is an adaptation of the board game to a digital platform.  Terraforming Mars is a great board game and they have done a relatively good job of converting it to a digital platform.

Only one problem.  Now that I don’t have to set up new games and clean up after it is much easier to keep playing.  


Juton is a hand drawn indie adventure based in Norse Mythology.  You play as Thora who died an inglorious death and now must prove yourself to the gods.

Juton is mainly an exploration game with some light combat elements.  While I greatly enjoyed Juton, it may be too slow for some.  While combat is few and far between when it does happen it is absolutely glorious.  


Prey (5-12-22 / 5-19-22)


I can best describe Prey as Dishonored in space.  In Prey you wake up in space station Talos 1 and are the subject of an experiment to alter humanity.  The space station has been over run with hostile aliens and now you must defend it.

I enjoyed Prey.  It reminds me of the System Shock games and could easily be System Shock 3 with just a few changes.  Prey is a great free offering from Epic Games.


Indiegala always has a small collection of free games they are giving away available.  To access these titles, go to, click on showcase, then click of freebies.  From here you can claim any of the freebies currently available.  The freebies will be updated when we do our April Free Paid Games Update as well to keep the post up to date.  

The Adventures of Tree

In The Adventures of Tree you go on an open ended adventure to save your species from invaders.  This was another game I had never heard of before, so I installed and played about an hour to get a feel for the game.

Despite looking like it may be on the childish side, I found The Adventures of Tree to be more challenging than the other game I installed Mail Mole.  While it looks simple on the surface, it contains all the elements of an RPG all the way down to the inventory system.

The biggest flaw I’ve seen in this game is movement is very slow.  This wouldn’t be that big of an issue, but you have to do a lot of backtracking.

With only an hour into this game I can see that it has good promise and plan to give it some more playtime when the time is available.



Beefense is what happens when your combine tower defense and bees.  While it may sound silly, it’s a surprisingly good title.

You play as a faction of bees loyal to, wait for it, Queen Bee.  A rival faction controlled by Queen Hornetta won’t stop sending fleas, moths, hornets, and zombees at you.

The game consists of 26 levels.  It’s a decent amount of content for what it is.  I’d highly recommend picking up Beefense while it’s free on Indiegala.  There is a good chance it will surprise you with how good it is.  

Lamp Head

lamp head

Lamp Head is a relatively simple game in which a man with a lamp tries to escape his dark circumstances.  Lamp Head plays more like a cell phone game then a PC game but still works as a nice time waster.

The game play essentially consists of one button push which allows you to dodge objects that are quickly coming your way as you run forward.  While the game is simple, it isn’t easy.  

As I said, it’s a good game to play if you have 5 minutes to waste and just want to chill out with a quick game.  

World's Dawn

worlds dawn

World’s Dawn is an adorable game in the style of Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon.  In World’s Dawn you harvest crops, find love, compete in festivals, fish, mine, and more!

While I am sure Stardew Valley lovers will find a lot of flaws with World’s Dawn, that doesn’t mean World’s Dawn isn’t a good addition to the genre.  World’s Dawn has a stronger social aspect to it that Stardew.  It’s great when you can spoil your friend with their favorite drink.

It is a great game to play when you just need a chill day to relax.

Age of Steel: Recharge

age of steel recharge

Age of Steel: Recharge is a 2d strategy game in which you defend your base against waves of attacks.  It kind of reminds me of Defend your Castle even though the play style is a little bit different (and not as funny).

Age of Steel: Recharge serves as a not too easy, yet not too hard, tower defense game.  

The game only consists of about 2 hours of gameplay.  Some will really enjoy it and to some the repetition will drive them nuts.  None the less, it is a free game so definitely worth trying.

Die Young: Prologue

die young prologue

Die Young Prologue is the prologue to the Die Young Game (Duh!).  It’s actually one of the better shooter style games I’ve played.  It takes a lot more thought and strategy than most shooters.  Playing the Die Young Prologue makes me excited to play the full game.  

Amazon Luna

Starting a few months ago Amazon released Luna and with it Prime Members have a curated selection of 4 games they can play each month.  These games will be available for prime members to play until 5-31-22.

The nice thing about Luna is you can play these games on almost any device including PC, mobile, firestick, and some smart TV’s.  It even allows you to use your phone as a controller on firestick and mobile if you don’t own a Bluetooth controller. 

My testing of Luna showed that it had decent latency and gameplay was relatively smooth with a slight decrease in the graphics quality.  Overall my testing showed Luna to be a decent service for game streaming.

Ride 4

ride 4

Ride 4 was has amazing graphics but unfortunately streaming it on Luna will result in some lower quality graphics than playing it locally.

Ride 4 is a motorcycle racer that looks great but is a very mixed bag when it comes to gameplay.  It is hard to obtain the almost an equal balance of positive and negatives that Ride 4 has managed to obtain.

Ride 4 is visually stunning.  It immediately draws you in looking at the tracks, the bikes, and the realistic weather.  The track conditions change and add a sense of realism to the game.

Then comes the AI and you think to yourself, what happened here?  The AI in Ride 4 is one of the worst AI’s I’ve experienced in any racing sim.

The handling of the bikes is another flaw.  It doesn’t feel as though you are handling a motorcycle.  You can’t accelerate around turns or even exiting turns.  The handling is just bad.

Ride 4 has excellent graphics and audio but poor handling and AI.  It can be fun at times but very frustrating at others.  Since it is free on Luna it is worth giving it a play or two to see what you think!


Ghost Runner


Ghost Runner is a game I really enjoy but often makes me throw me controller.

The graphics are in a unique Cyberpunk style.  The game is fast paced.  And while set similar to an FPS the game is straight Parkour and Melee combat.  

Now anyone who has watched me stream knows, I am not always the best at games.  Even on easy Ghost Runner takes me a bit to progress in many areas.  That doesn’t make it a bad game, just challenging.  

I love the uniqueness of it and the parkour system in Ghost Runner is phenomenal. If you haven’t tried Ghost Runner, I highly recommend it.

Monster Truck Championship

monster truck championship

Monster Truck Championship is almost the exact opposite of Ride 4.  The graphics are decent but can be relatively choppy at times.  The handling of the vehicles is good and the rear wheel drive steering adds a whole new dimension of the game.  

Monster Truck Championship is a pretty good Monster Truck sim considering it is an unlicensed game.  The only real negative is the content it pretty short.  Great game to play on Luna while it’s free.

Metal Slug 3

metal slug 3

It is nice to see Amazon bring back a classic game with Metal Slug 3.

SNK did an almost perfect port when bringing Metal Slug 3 over to PC.  Unfortunately, while the port looks and plays almost identical to the original game, it does experience lag spikes on some PC’s.  

I am not sure if streaming it on Luna will suffer the same lag spikes, but it is worth it to find out and play this classic run and gun title.

Humble Trove

In addition to the monthly Humble Choice Bundle, Humble Bundle subscribers also get access to the Humble Trove.  

The Humble Trove has 70+ DRM free games that Humble Choice subscribers can download and play at any time.

Due to the sheer number of games, we will not be able to write information and reviews on each on.  

Without further delay, let’s see what free paid pc games are available in March in The Humble Trove.  


1. Drawkanoid

2. Arrog

3. Fistful Of Nothing

4. 20 Minute Metropolis

5. 2000:1:A Space Felony

6. Void Bastards

7.  A Short Hike

8.  A2be A Science Fiction Narrative

9.  alt254

10.  Balconing Simulator 2020

11.  Before I Forget

12.  After Hours

13.  Bomber Crew

14. Booth

15. Co-open

16. Copoka

17.  CreatorCrate

18.  Crescent Bay

19. Divinoids

20.  Dodgeball Academa 

21. Don’t Give Up

22. Elephant In The Room

23.  Etherborn

24. Ethereal

25.  Flynn: Son of Crimson

26. Forager