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Artesian Builds Ceases Business After Screwing Over Small Streamer

  • Dink 

Custom pc building outfit Artesian Builds is shutting down days after receiving internet criticism over a marketing giveaway.


Last week, streamer Kiapiaa entered a tournament to win a no cost Pc provided by Artesian Builds, that had been sponsored by Intel.


Upon winning the giveaway, Artesian CEO Noah Katz said during a livestream that she did not qualify as an “ambassador” for the organization since she did not have sufficient people on Twitch.

2k Viewers Is Under Katz Threshold

In a clip from March one, Katz is heard saying “2k followers is under my threshold,” and later added “here’s the reason. This person has had three months of ambassadorship and not a single click,” before “purging” Kiapiaa from the giveaway.


Kiapiaa answered the activity via Twitter, and declared the guidelines said that the requirements to enter were just to be an Artesian Builds Ambassador and put that in your Twitch about page, which she promises to have done.


“You are making my community seem like they aren’t supportive and they’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me” she added.

Even Intel Released a Statement about Artesian Builds

Intel even released a statement concerning Artesian actions, and also stated, “We strive towards welcoming streamers of all sizes to our programs and do not agree with recent negative comments directed toward small streamers. We are reaching out to relevant parties to address the situation.”


Katz then gave an apology to Kiapiaa via the Artesian Twitter account, that has since been removed. Artesian additionally re offered the prize to her, which she declined.



Artesian Builds Freezes It's Business

March 9th Artesian declared it will be halting nearly all of its business practices indefinitely. It’s not clear regarding whether the shutdown is connected to the giveaway incident.


“We are sad to announce that, effective now, we are freezing/suspending all activities,” Artesian published in a statement. “Ongoing is analysis by outside counsel for reorganization to ensure fair treatment of clients, creditors, and employees. We expect more info by month’s end.”


Artesian Builds added it’s “open to assistance/investment.”


Below is a clip from our Gabbing While Gaming podcast discussing the Artesian Builds situation the day before they announced they are stopping business.

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