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5 Of The Best PC Game Deals Plus an Epic Update

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best pc game deals

We are still seeing some of the best PC Game Deals of the year.  This presents a problem for me.  I have over 800 games I haven’t had time to play yet, and with the current prices, I just have to buy more.  


Today we will go over the next epic giveaway and discuss the 5 best pc game deals we could find today.

Epic Holiday Sale and Giveaway Update

In case you missed it in our post yesterday, all registered Epic Games accounts are receiving a $10 coupon that you can use in addition to the sales prices.

I know we keep saying this, but we don’t want anyone to miss it.  When the coupon was first released if you put multiple items in your cart, it discounted all of them.  It’s worth giving it a shot to see if this still works, because it can lead to HUGE savings.

Epic’s Holiday Game Giveaway game for today is Loop Hero.

loop hero
Metacritic 82%/ Steam Very Positive

I have not had a chance to play this one.  It doesn’t really feel like my type of game, but I will summorize off the reviews.

Loop Hero is a charming little indie game that functions as an RPG auto battler, a deck builder, and a base builder.  From my understanding the game is a bit complex, and has a bit of a learning curve.

It is reviewed from “one of the best games ever made” to “great made game, but boring”.  

Since we can get it at no cost til 10am CT on 12-21-21 we have nothing to lose but a little bit of time.  Might as well give it a shot.

Holiday Game Deals for Today

Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition - Fanatical - $9.99

kingdom come deliverance
Metacritic 76% / Steam Very Postive

Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition is one of the best PC Game Deals to get right now.  It includes not only the base game, but also every DLC that has been released for Kingdom Come Deliverance.  

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a great game.  You start as a peasant who is kind of a putz and work your way up from there.  

The first couple hours of the game can seem boring and a little impossible.  Once you get that past you have an amazing RPG with an amazing story and multiple paths you can take.

With over 70 hours of gameplay, Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition is one of the PC Game Deals you should pick up now.

Sea Of Thieves - Newegg - $9 w/ Coupon MBLABA33

sea of theives
Metacritic 67% / Steam Very Positive

There have been very few Pirate Simulation type games for PC.  Sea of Thieves is not only one of them, I would argue it may be the best.  This game is horrible under rated.

This is the keycode for the Xbox series X, XS, and PC.  That means if you own an Xbox Series X you can play Sea of Thieves on your Xbox and on your PC.

Sea of Thieves is actually a Pirate Sandbox.  You get to choose what type of Pirate you want to be.  You can play solo or with up to 4 players.  There are different sized ships that take different amounts of people to be able to control.

I would love to do a full review of this game.  I probably will after the holidays, but IGN did a perfect review which you can find here.

It is important to note that while Sea of Thieves is a shared world it is not a true MMO.  Every game starts out with a new ship, and a new crew.  Everything except your progression goals are reset at the beginning of every game.

The resetting of your character is where most negative reviews have come in.  You can also play Sea of Thieves if you have Gamepass if you want to test it out.


Kingdoms of Amalur - Re-reckoning - Epic Games - $5.99 w/ coupon

kingdoms of amular rereckoning
Metacritic 72% / Steam Mostly Positive

Before I start going over this one, I need to make something clear.  Normally I would recommend buying Kingdom’s of Amalur The Reckoning, not the ReReckoning.  The upgrades in graphics between the two are minimal at best.  I am recommending The Rereckoning because it’s on of the best PC Game Deals out there right now.

Kingdom’s of Amalur is a great RPG that made some financial mistakes and released at absolutely the wrong time.  Kingdom’s of Amalur was best described as, “A marriage between Elder Scrolls Obilivion, and God of War”.

The company that produced it put a lot of money into it including using people like Spawn’s Todd Macfarlane to do the art.  Kindom’s of Amalur was released at the same time as Skyrim.  They sold 1.2 copies at 90 days, but needed over 3 million copies to break even.

The production company filed bankruptcy and the IP was then owned by the State of Rhode Island until 2018 when THQ Nordic purchased it and released The Rereckoning.

In many ways, Kingdom’s of Amalur is superior to Skyrim but never got the same notoriety.  I recommend picking it up today.  Like the perfume commercials, if you like Skyrim you’ll love Kingdom’s of Amalur.

Far Cry Primal - Ubistore - $585 w/ Coupon hello22

far cry primal
Metacritic 74% / Steam Very Positive

Far Cry Primal is probably my favorite Far Cry game.  It uses the Far Cry engine to make one of the best survival adventure games based in the stone age I’ve ever played.  Who doesn’t want to spear an elephant?

This is a phenomenal game and one of the best pc game deals you can pick up for the holidays.

Quantum Break - Microsoft - $9.99

quantum break
Metacritic 66% / Steam Very Positive

It looks like we are going for the underdogs today.  Quantum Break is much better than the Metacritic review would have you believe.  It is a very cinematic action adventure, with a highly engaging story.

At release the PC version was riddled with bugs and led to low reviews.  Most of those have been corrected through patches at this point.

in Quantum break you go through a time machine to the future in an attempt to save your brother.  Gameplay is very similar to control with you gaining more powers as you progress through the game.

This was my favorite game of 2019 and one of the very best pc game deals today.  I would recommend picking it up.  Just make sure to check the system requirements.  It does not run well on systems that do not meet the requirements.

Summary of Today's Best PC Game Deals

The best pc game deals are still showing up daily.  We will continue to be posting the be pc game deals daily until 12-27-21.   We want to make sure nobody misses the chance to save.


Make sure to join our email list, or follow our Facebook page so you never miss a deal.  We will be doing a free giveaway of a random steam key to three of our Facebook followers on 1-1-22 if we have over 50 followers for the new year.