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Celebrate a Bloody Valentines Day with These Game Deals

  • Dink 
have a bloody valentine's day with these game deals!

This Valentine’s Day we have PC game deals including Resident Evil 3, Little Hope, Grim Dawn, and more!

Let’s take a look at these great game deals that you can purchase and play this Valentine’s Day!

Best PC Games for Valentines Day

resident evil 3
MC 77% / Steam Mostly Positive

While the Resident Evil 3 remake was not as good as the second one, it is still a fun-time.  

Due to a shortage of content, it was never really worth its asking price, but for $10, it is a no-brainer.

Resident Evil 3 is the perfect game to play with your significant other on Valentine’s Day and get a little scare.  

MC 73% / Steam Mostly Positive

Little Hope is not the scariest of the Dark Picture Anthology games, but does provide a little chill and thrill.

Perfect game to play co-op with your partner on Valentine’s Day and experience the story together. 

grim dawn
MC 83% / Steam Very Positive

Grim Dawn is the perfect balance of Diablo and Torchlight.  An action RPG with co-op up to 4 players.  

While it may not have the spook of the prior games on this list, Grim Dawn is a ton of fun and can give you hours upon hours of playtime with your Valentine.  

MC NA / Steam Very Positive

In a completely different realm we have Warpips which is just Bonkers Fun!  Warpips is a different style RTS game.

Instead of building and upgrading during the game, you choose an entire loadout before going into battle.  Gameplay consists of 10-20 minute fights where you have to destory your enemies command center while protecting your own.  

A different kind of RTS game, Warpips is a great game to play with your significant other on Valentine’s Day.  Just remember, there is no reason to show mercy.