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5 Christmas Game Deals and One Epic Update

  • Dink 

Merry Christmas!  Today we have 5 phenomenal Christmas game deals.  The holiday specials aren’t going to last much longer, so get them while you can.  

Epic Holiday Sale and Giveaway Update

If you haven’t heard about Epic’s $10 coupon, or how to use it multiple times, you can read about that here.  As of this morning the multi-use is still working.


Epic’s Holiday Game Giveaway game for today is Prey.


Metacritic 82% / Steam Very Positive

The trailers don’t really demonstrate what Prey is very well.  The trailers make Prey look almost like a Dead Space game.  This is not the case.

Prey is what would happen if based a Dishonored game in outer space.  Game Play, Mechanics, and Progression are all very similar to the dishonored series.

If you like RPG’s, exploration, and choice-based progression, you will probably love Prey.  

Get it before 12-26-2021 at 10am CT to have it free to keep forever.

The Christmas Game Deals

Stellaris Galaxy Edition - wingamestore - $4.99

Metacritic 78% / Steam Very Positive

Stellaris is one of the best 4x space strategy game ever created.   There is so much to do in Stellaris, 5 years later I still occasionally learn something new about the game.

If you don’t like overly complicated games, Stellaris is probably not for you.  If you like all immersive 4x RTS games, Stellaris is exactly what you’re looking for.  At one $5, Stellaris is one of the Christmas game deals every strategy player should be picking up.

Metro Exodus Standard Edition - Epic Store - $4.99 w/ Coupon

metro exodus
Metacritic 82% / Steam Very Positive

Metro Exodus was a big improvement on the Metro series.  Metro 2033 and Last Light were good games but had a weak story.

Metro Exodus, while still a shooter at heart, has a much more detailed story.  The story is actually an emotional roller coaster.

The world is more open and you can explore it at your leisure.  

By far the best game in the Metro series, pick it up now while it is only $5.  This is what Christmas game deals are supposed to be!

Cities Skylines - Wingamestore - $2.39

cities skylines
Metacritic 85% / Steam Very Positive

Cities Skylines is like the natural evolution of City Builder games.  Back in 90’s and 2000’s we had SimCity.  Cities Skylines feels like a perfect sequel to one of the Sim City Games.

It’s incredibly easy to start a game of Cities Skylines in the morning, and then not know where the rest of the day went to.  The only other game I’ve found that sucks time away like Cities Skylines is Anno 1800.

At only $2.39 you can’t have a better time killer than Cities Skylines.  


Valley - Steam - $1.49

Metacritic 72% / Steam Very Positive

Valley is an interesting game.  It’s like they took 4 games and through them in a bucket to draw out what they wanted to be.  The games in the bucket are a walking simulator, a parkour style game, a shooter, and a puzzler.

When reach in and pull the game out, it turns out all four of them stuck together.  

It’s almost impossible to describe Valley without someone playing it.  At $1.49 you don’t have much to lose.  I recommend giving it a try.  

Black Mesa - Steam - $4.99

black mesa
Metacritic 84% / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

Black Mesa is a fan reimagining of the original Half Life.  Fitting that it’s on sale on Steam for $5.  Black Mesa actually went through 15 years of development, finally being fully released in March of 2020.

A huge improvement on the original Half Life game, Black Mesa is a real Gem.  Half Life was one of the most influential games in gaming history.  If you haven’t played the Original Half Life, we highly recommend you play Black Mesa.



The Christmas Game Deals are amazing.  With the holidays ending soon, game deals will be slowing down.  Make sure to pick up some of these games while they are at these amazing prices.  

Make sure to check in tomorrow for another post with great game deals and an update on Epic’s Holiday Giveaway.  


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