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5 Daily Game Deals and One Epic Update

  • Dink 

The holidays are coming to an end, and so are our daily game deals posts.  Tomorrow will be our last daily game deals post and the end of the Epic Holiday Giveaway.  As such, today we are listing some of our favorite games that have great deals on them.

Epic Holiday Sale and Giveaway Update

The Epic Holiday Sale and Coupon is still live.  If you need more about how to maximize your savings you can get that from our post here.  As a bonus most of the great game sales in that post are still live!


As we suspected from the leaks we posted yesterday, todays Epic Holiday Giveaway is Going Under.  Make sure to claim this before 12-29-2021 at 10am central time to keep free forever.

If the leaks are to be believed that means the last holiday giveaway tomorrow will be Salt and Sanctuary.  Epic Goes back to weekly giveaways on 12-30-21 and if the leaks are correct the first will be Tomb Raider Rebooted Trilogy.  


going under
Metacritic 78% / Steam Very Postive

When I first heard about Going Under, I didn’t think the concept would work, but it somehow does.  

Going Under is basically a dungeon crawler in which you explore the cursed dungeons of failed tech startups.  It sounds silly, and it is, but it’s also a hell of a lot of fun.

Going Under has a vibrant appealing aesthetic, a large variety of weapons, good risk reward mechanisms, a nice soundtrack, and a good assist system you can use if you find the game too difficult.

The only negatives are the controls can be a little clunky, and the game is a bit short. 

The game is well worth its full price, but free is even better.  Make sure to claim this one.  You won’t regret it.


Daily Game Deals for Today

Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy - Gamers Gate - $11.74 w/ Coupon GG-DEALS-21

phoenix wright ace attorney trilogy
Metacritic 80% / Steam Overwhemingly Positive

If the crazy amount of memes haven’t inspired you to play this game, maybe this review will.  I’ve actually be waiting for this game to get low enough for me to buy.  Last night, I finally pulled the trigger.

I was able to play through about 4 cases before bed.  If you are looking for top of the line graphics, this game won’t do anything for you.  The cases are fun though.  You have to use your logic based on the evidence and the witness testimonies to prove your client is innocent.  

If you have ever wanted to play a Perry Mason simulator, now is your chance.  At first the game sems a bit cheesy, but as the cases progress they get harder and things get more serious.  

It is amazing writing that will keep you coming back.  I can’t wait to finish the game as I already know all the cases interconnect in some way.

Grab this!  It is one of the best daily game deals available right now!

wolfenstein the new order
Metacritic 79% / Steam Very Positive

Now, I’m old so I actually played the original Wolfenstein games in the 90’s.  I was overly excited when I heard there was going to be a reboot.  I was also massively afraid they were going to screw it up.  Good News!  They didn’t.

Wolfenstein is a good story based on an alternate supernatural version of WWII.  The story is highly engaging, gameplay is good with very few bugs, and the graphics surprisingly still hold up well to today’s standards.  

Don’t miss out on this great daily game deal!  For $4 you get 12 hours of highly engaging story and gameplay.  It’s not the length of the game.  It’s the quality of the story.


the evil within
Metacritic 68% / Steam Very Positive

The Evil Within falls into one of the top ten games I’ve played this year.  The critics reviews do not do this game justice.

It didn’t start out as one of the top ten games I have played this year.  I actually tried to play The Evil Within 2 first and hated it.  I had no idea what was going on.  The Evil Within has a very complex story.  I can’t even try to explain it to you and have it make sense (though it makes sense when playing the game).  I did play The Evil Within 2 and enjoyed it after playing the first game.  I still like the first game better.

The Evil Within is action survival horror at its best.  If you love survival horror, and haven’t played The Evil Within, you are missing a great game.  Just make sure to play the first game before the second.  Trust me, don’t make the same mistake I did.

Daily Game Deals don’t get much better than $3 for one of the best survival horror games of all time.

DMC Complete Pack - Steam - $9.99

Metacritic 85% / Steam Very Positive

Here’s another game that is on my top 10 for the year (along with Bayonetta).

Some fans of the original Devil May Cry series really hate the DMC reboot.  The DMC reboot has some points where it may be trying to give throw backs to the original games but come across as mocking.  It’s also possible, DMC is just mocking the original games.

At any rate, DMC does a good job of reproducing the gameplay of the original Devil May Cry games.  To be fair, some of the dialog is a little silly, but it doesn’t really take away from the game as a whole.

If you are a fan of fast paced action hack and slash games, you need to play DMC.  With the complete edition being only $9.99 I would recommend playing it today.  

Pummel Party - Steam - $8.99

Metacritic NA / Steam Very Postive

Pummel Party is essentially a PC version of Mario Party.  A lot of party games try to be as good as Mario Party, and Pummel Party is the first game I have actually seen succeed at this task.

I included the video on this one with live commentary to give you a better idea of how fun this game is.  It also has Steam remote play together.  It only takes one person to own the game and you can easily have an online pummel party with all your friends.

I first played this with a friend and have been waiting for a good deal so I could get my own copy.  I just picked it up today.  With the daily game deals happening right now I figured why not.

I highly recommend picking this up today and playing with a group of friends.  You won’t be sorry.


The holiday game deals will be coming to an end soon.  We are going into the home stretch of the best daily game deals of the year.  


Make sure to check in tomorrow for our last daily game deals post and an update on Epic’s Holiday Giveaway.  After tomorrow we will be resuming our 4 post a week model (two game deals posts, a free games post, and another post on a random topic).


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