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5 Dirt Cheap PC Games And Epic Giveaway Update

  • Dink 
dirt cheap pc games

The dirt cheap PC games are still rolling out left and right.  If there is a game your looking for, I highly recommend checking to see if it is on a good deal this holiday season.  The amount of unbelievably dirt cheap PC games this season is unreal.  

Today we will give an update on Epic’s free give away and go over 5 of the best dirt cheap PC games available today.  All of the Dirt Cheap PC Games we list today are over 85% off their original price.  Sales don’t get much better than that.

Epic Holiday Sale and Giveaway Update

In case you missed it in our post yesterday, all registered Epic Games accounts are receiving a $10 coupon that you can use in addition to the sales prices.


We also found out that if you add multiple purchases to a cart, the coupon will apply to each purchase.  While this is probably a bug, and may be corrected, take advantage while you can.


Epic’s Holiday Game Giveaway game for today is Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.


mutant road to eden
Metacritic 78% / Steam Very Positive

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a turn based tactical combat game with stealth elements.  The combat is similar to an Xcom game. It’s also a great adaption of old school pen and paper role playing combat.

The game has decent graphics, and a decent story.  It’s only downfalls are it is a bit short, and can get slightly repetitive towards the end of the game.  

Get it today while it’s free.  Claim before 12-23-21 at 10amCT to receive it free to keep forever.

Holiday Game Deals for Today

Silent Hill Homecoming - Game Billet - $4.48

silent hill homecoming
Metacritic 64% / Steam Mixed

The PC port of Silent Hill Homecoming is by far not the best reviewed game in the series.  It manages to retain many of the story characteristics and creepy feel of the early games.

The PC Ports controllers are a little bit clunky compared to console.  That being said, it’s a game environment that most gamers should experience.  No reason not to when the PC game is dirt cheap like it is now.

Dragons Age Inquisition GOTY - Origin - $2.99

dragons age inquisition
Metacritic 85% / Steam Mostly Positive

Dragon Age Inquisition is an epic action RPG, and it’s huge.  With an average of over 150 hours to complete the game, you won’t need another game for a while.

Inquisition has an amazing story.  Dragon’s Age games in general have wonderful story and lore.  You can also pick up Dragon’s Age Origins with 120 hours of game play for $1.99 here.

Inquisition has been nominated for and won multiple game awards.  The biggest criticism is that some people feel the combat could be improved a bit.  

Dirt Cheap PC Games sale prices like this don’t come along every day, so pick up both games today and enjoy 12 days of gameplay (if you don’t sleep).

Divinity II Developers Cut - Steam - $1.99

divinity ii developers cut
Metacritic 82% / Steam Very Positive

Divinity II Developer’s Cut is another epic sized RPG, but one that can run on a toaster.  The game is dated, so if you are a graphics snob, you will not enjoy this game.

Gameplay for the first few hours is difficult, feeling almost impossible.  After getting through the grueling beginning, everything becomes very fun and you easily get lost in Divinity II’s world.  

There is a major flaw with the game.  If you purchase it and you are getting screen flickering, you have to set a FPS limiter to 30.  This will fix the problem, and the game will run smoothly.

If you like heavily involved RPG’s with a good amount of freedom, Divinity II is for you.

Red Out Complete Bundle - Fanatical - $3.99

Metacritic 82% / Steam Very Positive

When we talk about dirt cheap pc games, this bundle is the cheapest of cheap.  The Redout bundle includes Redout Enhanced Edition plus 7 included DLC’s.

If your into fast future racing games like F-zero, Wipe-Out, or Star Wars Pod Racer you are going to love this.  To me, it absolutely feels like an upgraded version of Pod Racer.  

It’s a hell of a lot of fun, and even includes Steam Remote Play together so you can play with friends. 

tales of berseria
Metacritic 80% / Steam Very Good

Along with The Final Fantasy and Dragon’s Quest series, the tales series is one of the best known JRPG’s.  

Tales of Berseria is dark, beautiful, and emotionally draining.  It will break your heart over and over again.

This is probably my favorite of the Tales series due to the darker story line.  If you want a game that will pull you in so far that you just don’t want to leave it, this is your game.  

As far as dirt cheap PC Games goes, Tales from Berseria is a great bang for your buck.

Summary of Today's Dirt Cheap PC Games

There are some great deals available today.  I wouldn’t pass up these deals (**and for the ones I didn’t already own, I didn’t**).  

We still have a few more days until the holiday season and dirt cheap pc games stop.  Tune in tomorrow to see what great deals are available.


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