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Don’t Starve and 4 Other Great Deals

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5 game deals 1-10-22

Today we are going to take about 5 game deals such as Don’t Starve.  There is so much difference between now, and last month in the amount of game deals, and historically low game deals.  We still sifted through all of the sites and found 5 game deals worth purchasing today.

PC Game Deals Today

don't starve
Metacritic 79% / Steam Overwhelmingly Posiitive

Don’t Starve is an indie wilderness survival game released in 2013.  I’ve actually been waiting for this to be on a great special.  I’ve owned and played Don’t Starve together for a while but have been waiting for a great deal on the original Don’t Starve.

The don’t starve games will drive you crazy to the core, but in a good way.  You will die multiple times, for multiple reasons, and be loaded with grind in between.  

After hours of securing your base, and getting everything just where you want it, you will get attacked by an almost unstoppable attack that will decimate everything you just spent hours accomplishing.

Don’t Starve sounds horrible, but it is actually quite addictive, very satisfying, and very rewarding.  You will love and hate the game at the same time.

Don’t Starve is almost like a dark version of Minecraft.  The uniqueness of the graphics and environment will draw you in right away.  

Make sure to pick up Don’t Starve today with this historically low price of $2.49.

MC 85% / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

It took me almost a year after originally seeing Supraland to buy it.  It looked like it was the Gumby Game.  It turned out, it was true, it does look like The Gumby Game.  What Supraland actually is?  The perfect mix of multiple games and genres.

Supraland features a huge open world with puzzles reminiscent of portal 2. Exploring the world is amazing and the cartoony graphics just draw you into the game.  

The world is filled with everyday objects, but nothing functions or is used for what you think it would be.  The game is mesmerizing.

The only weak part of Supraland is the combat.  It’s not horrible, it is just kind of there.  The combat is a 6/10 while the rest of the game is a 9.5/10.

Developed with a Tiny developer team, Supraland is well worth your hard-earned money.  This deal is one of Fanatical’s star deals and is only good for 48 hours.  I would definitely grab Supraland if you’ve never played it or like me misjudged it as something it is not.

If you want to try before you buy, you can play Supraland with Gamepass Ultimate.


it takes two
MC 88% / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

While It Takes Two is priced higher than many games that we list, with the high review and praise it has received it seems worth it.  

I haven’t had a chance to play It Takes Two yet so I can’t write a personal review.  I recently saw it featured in Gameranx most disturbing game scenes (there are spoilers the video) and it got me highly interested in playing it.  

I’m going to go ahead and purchase it today and from all the reviews and hype you probably should too.  If you want to try before you buy, I believe you can still play It Takes Two with Xbox Gamepass Ultimate.

I do plan on playing this during one of our Episodes of our podcast once we get it going, so look out for that.

Middle-Earth Shadow Of War is a game I got really excited about and purchased during Humble Bundles WB Sale. Unfortunately, Humble ran out of keys so I am still waiting for my key to arrive.  I may just purchase it from Green Man Gaming and use the other key in a giveaway.

Everything I’ve heard about Shadow of War has been positive.  I look forward to playing it.  If anyone has any experience with it, and could leave some review notes, please do so in the comments.

mirrors edge
Metacritic 81% / Steam Very Positive

Mirror’s Edge is one of my favorite Parkour games of all time.  It is only rivaled by the first Assassin’s Creed games and Dying Light.  

I don’t think any other game is history has focused on Parkour more than Mirror’s Edge.  While parkour is often a game component, in Mirror’s Edge it is the entire game focus.  

One nice thing about Mirror’s Edge is it is older, and will most likely happily run on older PC hardware, or a toaster, whichever you have available.

Even though it can run on a toaster, the graphics are still decent and appealing even in 2022.  It has its own art style which helps make the graphics stay relevant.  

The story is mediocre, but the gameplay is amazing.  Well worth a couple of dollars for a few good hours of fun.

wasteland 3
MC 79% / Steam Very Positive

Wasteland 3 improves on Wasteland 2 in almost everyway.  

Wasteland 3 is an isometric RPG is which you command a squad of desert ranger in a post nuclear wasteland. 

Wasteland 3 features great turn-based tactical combat, overly brutal ethical decision, and twists that will keep you hooked.

Based on the choices you make the story can go drastically different directions.  This leads to wonderful replayability. 

Every decision you make leads to meaningful consequences both good and bad.  After only a few minutes in, you will know what to expect for the next 60-65 hours of gameplay.

Wasteland is a phenomenal RPG.  Of all of the pc game deals today this is 100% the one I would recommend the most.


Today there are some great game deals.  All of our games including Don’t Starve, Supraland, and It Takes Two are highly rated.  I can say from experience at least 2 out of three are amazing (More Insights on It Takes Two Coming Soon).

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