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88 Free Paid PC Games You Can Get in January (Updated)

  • Dink 
free paid pc games you can get now

Every month there are a ton of free paid games available to download.  Some of them are free with no strings attached, while others come free with other services or subscriptions (for example Amazon Prime).  

Today we are going to list all of the free paid pc games you can get in January!


Free Paid Games January Sources

A lot of Prime members don’t know that Prime Gaming comes free with Prime.  Each Month Amazon gives out between 6-10 games as well as several game addon’s/loot. 

Let’s dive into Amazon Gaming and see what free paid PC games you can get in January.  All of these games can be claimed by downloading the Prime Gaming App or by going to

Amazon’s free games selection has gotten better in the last couple of months. The Free paid pc games you can get in January from Amazon are fantastic.  

Jedi Fallen Order

jedi fallen order
Metacritic 81% / Steam Very Positive

Jedi Fallen Order is a game nobody actually expected.  When EA bought the Star Wars IP things went downhill.  Then out of nowhere, Respawn, the maker of the Titanfall games, makes Jedi Fallen Order, and it is amazing.

If you’ve been waiting to play a Star Wars game that truly feels like a Star Wars game, Jedi Fallen Order is for you. 

Total War: Warhammer

total war war hammer
Metacritic 86% / Steam Mostly Positive

Prior to Total War, the War Hammer games combat was based on actual combat.  Total War does a great job of truly releasing the Warhammer fantasy element.

Total War was the true start to Warhammer’s RTS games.  If you’ve never played a Warhammer game before Total War is an excellent starting point.  If you love RTS but aren’t sure about trying Warhammer, here’s your chance to try it for free.

Word War Z Aftermath

world war z aftermath
Metacritic 81% / Steam Very Postive

World War Z Aftermath is a simple shooter, Man vs Zombie.  If you’ve played any of the Zombie Army games, World War Z is similar but with a better co-op experience.  This one is a real win and surprisingly one of the free paid pc games you can get in January. 

Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy Remastered

farenheit indigo prophecy
Metacritic 61% / Steam Very Positive

I feel like the critics got it wrong on this one.  To be fair I am a huge fan of most of Quantic Dream’s games, and David Cage’s writing, so maybe I’m biased.

Fahrenheit was originally released in 2005 to great reviews.  In 2005 it was ahead of its time in many ways.  It was renamed to Indigo Prophecy in North America to make sure it didn’t get confused with the Fahrenheit 9/11 movie.  It was remastered in 2015.

Like most of Quantic Dream’s games, Fahrenheit is heavily based on storytelling and consequences to decisions.  If you’ve enjoyed Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain, or Detroit Become Human, you will probably enjoy Fahrenheit.

I actually only own the 2005 version, so the way I see it this is one of the free paid pc games you can get in January.  Again, Biased.


wrc 7
Mostly Positive / Steam 70%

As far as Rally Racing goes, the WRC series are some of the best games you can get.  That being said, I don’t recommend ever paying for WRC 7.

The game itself is not bad.  It has decent graphics and decent gameplay.  The problem?  It was never optimized.  You often receive frame drops that can absolutely mess up your race.

I recommend starting the WRC series with either 4, or 8.  That being said, you can never complain about a free game.

Abandon Ship

abandon ship
Metacritic NA / Mostly Positive

Abandon ship is essential FTL with pirates.  If you’ve played and enjoy FTL you will enjoy this.

In Abandon ship you are put in a tiny naval vessel, and then must escape from a cult.  There is a lot of combat, and a lot of grind.

The battles are immense, and it’s often hard to keep track of everything going on.  

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to play this yet (just got it yesterday), but from what I have played, I would recommend this game.  

Paper Beast

paper beast
Metacritic NA / Steam Very Positive

Before even getting into this game, the art style absolutely just draws you in.  It’s not that it’s beautiful, it’s just appealing.

Paper Beast was originally released as a VR only experience.  This is the folded addition, made for those of us without such luxuries.  (I may have to get a VR headset so I can actually review VR games).

There are two modes in Paper Beast.  Story and Sandbox Mode.  

The story mode is a nice, laid back, relaxed story focusing heavily on Atmosphere and puzzling.  This game masters the art of non-verbal story telling.  If you love a relaxing experience with a great story you will enjoy Paper Beast.  It is most likely like nothing you’ve ever played before.

I haven’t had a chance to try Sandbox mode yet, so maybe I’ll report back later on this.

In Other Waters

in other waters
Metacritic 74% / Steam Very Positiv

In other waters is a game about humanities first experience with aliens, and it’s not what you would expect.

In the game you come to a planet to explore the life forms and locate your fellow scientist who came to explore the lifeforms months ago and has not been heard from.

I’ve only been able to play this game for about 10 minutes, and can already tell you, it is like no other game you’ve played before.  It is a real treat for it to be one of the free paid pc games you can get in January. 

Two Point Hospital

gods will fall
Metacritic 83% / Steam Very Positive

Two Point Hospital is one of the best hospital sim / hospital management games you can play.  It has wonderful gameplay, great humor, and more Freddy Mercuries in one hospital than you’ve ever seen.  

Epic Games Store

Epic games store gives out free games weekly and 15 this last holiday season.  Games are released, and expire, every Thursday at 10am Central Time.

Let’s see what free paid pc games you can get in January from Epic.  Just like last month, we will release a mid-month update since not all of Epic’s free games have been announced.  

So far these are the free paid pc games you can get in January from Epic Games.

Metacritic 74% / Steam Very Positive

Relicta is a physics puzzle game.  I just got it this morning, and have never heard of it, but the reviews are promising.  

I may write an updated review after I get some playtime in.

Daemon X Machina (Available 1/2722 to 2/3/22)

galactic civilizations 3
Metacritic 72% / Very Positive

Daemon X Machina is a post-apocalyptic mech action game.  Again, this is a game I have never played, but I look forward to it.  I will definitely be writing a review on Daemon X Machina after I receive it.  Looking forward to playing this one! Currently Epic does not have a link to it on their site, but we will update the post to include links when it becomes available.


Indiegala almost always has some sort of indie gem they are giving away in their freebies section.  Let’s see what free paid pc games you can get in January from Indiegala.

Nostradamus The Last Prophecy

nostradamus last prophecy
MC 70% / Steam Mixed

Nostradamus The Last Prophecy is a point and click game from 2014.  On initial load the game feels very dated, and I couldn’t get into it.

If you enjoy point and click adventures, you may love it.  You don’t have anything to lost since it’s free right now.

Holiday Bonus Gold

holiday bonus gold
MC NA / Steam Postitive

Holiday Bonus Gold is simply your match 3 puzzle game, similar to Candy Crush style play.  It is a nice relaxing time killer.  

Santa Rockstar HD

Santa Rockstar is a Christmas Guitar Hero style game.  Unfortunately playing on a keyboard or controller is not near as satisfying as playing on my PS2 guitar was.  None-the-less it is worth playing just to hear how they modify the Christmas music.

Garfield Cart

Garfield Cart is your standard cart racing game using the Garfield cast instead of Mario or Sonic.  It’s fun to kill some time.  

Die Young Prologue

die young prologue

Die Young Prologue is the prologue to the Die Young Game (Duh!).  It’s actually one of the better shooter style games I’ve played.  It takes a lot more thought and strategy than most shooters.  Playing the Die Young Prologue makes me excited to play the full game.  

Humble Trove