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8 Unbelievable Holiday Game Deals Plus Epic Update

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holiday game deals

This Just In, Epic Giving Away a $10 Off Coupon

Right now, Epic Games is giving away a $10 off coupon automatically for all registered users with their Epic Holiday Sale!

While this may be a glitch, I’ve found if you add multiple items to your cart, it applies the coupon on each item.  This may be fixed in the future, so take advantage of it while you can!


That combined with the sales prices is creating historic lows on many games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Borderlands 3, The Forgotten City, Outriders, Disco Elysium, and more.  


As a result, many of the games we list today are part of the Epic Holiday Sale.

Epic Holiday Giveaway Update

The wait is over.  The second game from the Epic Holiday Giveaway is Neon Abyss available until tomorrow, December 18th at 10am CT.  

neon abyss
Metacritic 74% / Steam Very Positive

If you haven’t heard about the Epic Holiday Giveaway, you can get the details here.

Today's Holiday Game Deals

And finally, now for the unbelievable holiday game deals we keep talking about

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Epic - $19.99 w/ coupon

Metacritic 97% / Steam Very Positive

We keep seeing lower prices on Red Dead Redemption 2 this holiday season.  For $20 you get the Red Dead Redemption 2 base game, and access to Red Dead Online.  This holiday deal is absolutely unbelievable.  

Borderlands 3 - Epic Games - $4.99 w/coupon

borderlands 3
Metacritic 83% / Steam Very Positive

The Borderlands series is by far on of my favorite series of all time.  Borderlands 2 is the peak of the series for me, but Borderlands 3 comes in a close second.  This is one of the holiday game deals that no one should pass up.  You can actually get Borderlands 3 Base Game cheaper than Borderlands 1 or 2 currently.

Disco Elysium The Final Cut - Epic Games - $9.99 w/ Coupon

disco elysium
Metacritic 92% / Steam Very Positive

Disco Elysium has been touted by many as the perfect game.  With a mix of noir-detective fiction and traditional tabletop RPG mechanics, Disco Elysium is one of the best RPG’s ever made.

Metacritic 73% / Steam Mixed

Outriders has a lot of mixed reviews.  I just finished the game last night, and I found it to be a lot of fun.  I am writing a post next week titled “Why You Should Give Outriders a Chance?”.  Most of the bugs that it received poor reviews on have been fixed in the latest patch.  


The story isn’t overly captivating, but it is a fun looter shooter to play solo or with friends.  I played through the campaign solo and thought it was a blast.  It’s a great mix of Borderlands and Gears of War, with a much weaker story than either.


If you’re looking for a great story, pass on it.  If you’re looking for a looter shooter with great graphics that you can play with friends, get it now.


Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Epic Games - $4.99 w/ Coupon

assassins creed odyssey
Metacritic 83% / Steam Very Positive

I have only had a chance to play a small amount of this one.  Recently I have bought every Assassin’s Creed game on PC and with 467 hours combined to get through all of them, it will take me a bit.


Odyssey has great graphics and you get to be an Assassin in Ancient Greece.  This is one of the longest, most colorful, and most epic games in the Assassin’s Creed series.  Holiday Game Deals aren’t going to get better than this.

Road 96 - Epic Games - $5.96 w/ Coupon

road 96
Metacritic 79% / Steam Very Positive

Road 96 is an interesting game.  You are trying to get out of the country which is led by an oppressive regime.  Your decisions that you make along the away shape your adventure, what you see, and what you do. 


This is a more relaxing game than the other games on this list.  If you like games that have a relaxing, but compelling story with interesting characters, this is the game for you.  


I do recommend getting this one on a good sale, because replayability does become a factor relatively quickly.  

The Forgotten City - Epic Games - $8.74

the forgotten city
Metacritic 84% / Steam Overwhemingly Positive

If you’ve played the Skyrim Mod, you already know what this one is about.  The Forgotten City is an incredible narrative driven time loop adventure whose story telling will give you chills.

Grim Dawn - Gog - $4.99

grim dawn
Metacritic 84% / Steam Very Postive

The only game on our list today that is not from Epic’s Holiday Sale is Grim Dawn.  Grim Dawn is an action RPG where humanity is on the brink of extinction.  

Grim Dawn is very Diablo-esc to the point some consider it a whether successor to Diablo 3.  Like a perfume, if you are a fan of Diablo, you will love Grim Dawn.


Holiday Game Deals Summary

As we can see Epic Games, by Epic Games releasing there $10 holiday coupon, they are dominating the holiday game deals.  

We will be posting updates on Epic’s Free Holiday Giveaway daily, as well as daily game deals to get us through the holiday season.  

Do you have a game you are looking for a great deal on?  Make sure to leave it in the comments so we can keep an eye out for you!

Also don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list or like our Facebook page so you get notified of all the Game Deals first.  We search so you don’t have to.