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How I Became a Twitch Affiliate in 2 Weeks

  • Dink 
how i became an affiliate in two weeks

From what I understand, My Twitch journey has been different than most.  I gained affiliate after my eighth stream.  When I became affiliate, I still didn’t even know how to stream properly.


What did you do to become a Twitch Affiliate in 2 Weeks?

I had an advantage that many don’t have.   I already had a large social media following I could use to leverage my streams.  After only a couple streams, I was already over 200 followers and had an average of 6 viewers.  

While I can’t promise that everyone will receive the same results that I did, I am going to share how I built my social media, used it to leverage my Twitch, and some tips to keep growing your Twitch.  Following this system, most people should be able become an affiliate in 30-60 days.  We are going to use my magic weapon:


twitter logo

Start By Growing a Social Media Account

Before I joined Twitch, I had already built a decent following on social media account.  While you can use any social media network, I’m going to explain how to grow Twitter since that is what I used.  I went from zero to over 1200 followers in less than 30 days.


Step 1

The first step is to find some gamers to follow.  To do this search in twitter for  This will bring up many streamers, a lot of which are gamers.  Specifically look for users with between 800-1200 followers.  Follow approx. 100 that meet this criteria.


Step 2

Make sure to tweet at least 3-5 times daily.  Since you want to attract gamers and other streamers I recommend posting specifically about gaming or related criteria.  Try to make these posts something that others may have a response to.  On each of these posts make sure to hashtag with #gaming #gamingcommunity and a hashtag with whatever system you are gaming on.  Example: #pcgaming #xbox #playstation #switch


You can schedule these posts for the entire day by using a free tool like buffer.  Space your tweets out at least 2 hours apart.

Step 3

Scan through your Twitch timeline.  Reply to and retweet at least 8-10 tweets.  This can all be done at the same time, or you can spread it throughout the day.  By being interactive you will start to receive followers.  

Complete steps 2 and 3 daily.  It should take approx. 30 minutes a day.  You will want to continue this for at least 30 days (longer if you want to continue growing).


Step 4

After 7 days, start running steam key giveaways.  This is going to massively accelerate your growth massively.  Format your giveaway tweets like this:

*** #Steam Key Giveaway *** (you can use emojis instead of *)

Game:  (Game Name)

To Enter :

Follow @(your twitter name)



Giveaway to take place on (two days from when tweet goes out).  One lucky person will receive Amnesia Rebirth.

#giveaway #pcgames #gaming

To draw the name for the giveaway you will want to use twitterpicker.  It is a free service to automatically pick a random name based on the qualification you put for giveaway entry.

After the giveaway is over and you’ve sent the winner their steam key, wait three days and then do another giveaway.  This will make 6 giveaways a month.

To acquire inexpensive keys for the giveaways, buy bundles from Fanatical or Humble Bundle.  You can easily do a full month of giveaways for under $10.  

If you want to accelerate your growth faster, you can use more popular games, but it will cost more.

Within 30 days or less you should have enough followers to leverage them towards your Twitch.

(Pro Tip) – Require people to tag someone else to enter the giveaway.  While twitterpicker won’t check this, it most people will tag others and it will accelerate your growth.


Things to Avoid

Do not use the follow / unfollow method.  While it is successful sometimes, it can damage your reputation.

How to Grow Your Twitch Follows and View Time


Step 1

Make sure to tweet every time you go live.  You can automate this process.  If you use OBS Live you can automate it with Stream Elements.  If you use Stream Labs OBS, it has a built in automatic tweet functionality.

Step 2

On a few of your Twitter giveaways, make following you on twitch a requirement for the giveaway.  Once again, twitterpicker will not check this, but you will start to get Twitch followers quickly.

Step 3

Create good content and engage your chat.  Even if no one is chatting make sure to add commentary, talk about situations in your day, your hobbies, or anything else that may be interesting.  

There are times you may want to avoid speaking such as during dramatic scenes or important story moments.

Twitch’s viewer count is always behind.  Make sure you are always talking and being engaging even if you think no one is watching, because they might be.

If you don’t create good entertaining content, everything else you do will be wasted.  This should be your number 1 focus when you are streaming.  

Step 4 

If you can get two or three friends or family to watch your streams.  If you can do this, and have them chat with you while you play, you will grow faster.  

If a first-time viewer engages also becomes a first-time chatter, you have a much higher chance they will follow and return to your channel.  

The quickest way to grow chatters and gain followers is to already have chatters.  That is why it is good if you can get some friends or family involved when you first start out. 

Step 5

Join a Twitch growth group to accelerate your growth.  If you find a good one, not only will some members watch your streams, but they will also offer moral support and encouragement.  

I personally am a member of Creators Inc. which is a great group that is very supportive of its streamers.  

Step 6

As your community grows, make sure you keep a safe and welcoming community.  Do not allow toxicity in your community.  Toxicity can kill your Twitch channel incredibly quick.

Step 7

As you start to get viewers, make sure to raid other small Streamers when your stream ends.  Often when doing thing the person you are raiding will ask you about your stream.  This gives you exposure to their viewers.  It also increases the chance that they may raid you as well.


Don’t randomly go into other streams and promote yourself.  It is only appropriate to talk about your stream if the host asks about your stream.  If a host asks if you stream, or about your streaming, then it is appropriate to discuss.

Step 8

It is a good idea to check out other small streamers.  This offers two main advantages.

1.  Smaller streamers are more likely to ask you if you stream, even if it is not a raid.

2.  You may find streamers that you can collaborate with.  Collaborations are a way to expose yourself to new viewers.  

3.  You may also make a friend or two.  Having streamer friends can help encourage you and keep your moral up.  They may also give you honest opinions on how to improve your stream.  

Summary of How to Become A Twitch Affiliate Quickly

Following these steps will allow you to grow your Twitch stream quickly.  For most people, they should be able to become an affiliate in 30-60 days, possibly quicker if you already have a large social media presence.  


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