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Humble Choice April 2022 – Is it Worth It?

  • Dink 
humble choice april 22

The March Humble Choice Bundle was one of the best we have seen in a long time.  Let’s see how the April Humble Choice compares.  

April Humble Choice Games

Ghost Runner

Metacritic 81% / Steam Very Positive

Ghost Runner is an interesting concept.  Setup like a first-person shooter it is actually an extremely fast paced melee parkour game.  Run on walls, go on slides, run, jump, and kill. 

I haven’t played Ghost Runner as much as I would like but what I have played I have really enjoyed.  It reminds me of Mirrors Edge but at a much faster pace.  I found Ghost Runner to be a difficult game even on easy.  That being said, fast paced games aren’t necessarily my forte.  

Ghost Runner is a nice start to the April Humble Choice.  

Destroy All Humans

destroy all humans
Metacritic 71% / Steam Very Positive

I originally played Destroy All Humans on Playstation 2.  As I enjoyed it, I was looking forward to playing the remake.

Destroy all Humans is what I consider an excellent time killing game.  The first scene in which the aliens land and think the cows are the smart lifeforms is hilarious.  

The game has different missions.  Some are combat orientated while others are completely stealth orientated.  You have a collection of alien abilities that you can use to help you complete your missions.

While Destroy All Humans is fun, I can only play it in short bursts.  After a while the comedy becomes more of an annoyance.  

It is a nice addition to the April Humble Choice.  I am sure some don’t will not get as tired of the comedy as fast as I do. 

Monster Sanctuary

monster sanctuary
Metacritic 80% / Steam Very Positive

Monster Sanctuary is in the classic JRPG format complete with turn-based combat.  In Monster Sanctuary you play the role of a monster keeper.  As you defeat other monsters you collect more monsters to follow you.  You must train and develop the monsters you collect.

As you battle more monsters you learn how to battle and exploit their elemental weaknesses.  Monster Sanctuary is very much like Pokémon in this sense.  

I am not a huge fan of turn based combat and did not enjoy this game.  That being said, there are  many that will.  Ratings for the game are very high.  


Kill Squad

Metacritic 73% / Steam Mostly Positive

Killsquad is a top down 4 player co-op combat game.  What kind of combat?  What kind do you want?  You can play as hack n slash, twin stick shooter, and more.  It all depends on the character you select.  Each character has unique weapons, as well as unique special abilities.

While Killsquad is a decent time as a solo outing, where it really shines is its co-op play.  In co-op it reminds me of numerous retro games, and even gives the feeling of couch co-op when using remote co-op.  

To complete a match, you have to accept a contract.  Each contract takes between 10-20 minutes to fulfill.  I enjoy the shorter games as if I only have a short time, I can play a few games and get off.

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos

rogue heroes
Metacritic 78% / Steam Mostly Positive

Rogue Heroes is a top-down roguelike that is “inspired by the Zelda franchise”.  You can play single player, or in up to 4 player co-op as you make your way through procedurally generated dungeons.  

While the first 5-6 hours are extremely fun, after that you do start to feel that the game is not complete.  Still, I would recommend this as a co-op experience.  It is a blast exploring dungeons with friends.  



Metacritic 81% / Steam Very Positive

Suzerain is an interesting game that has a hard time distinguishing itself between a game or a visual novel.  In Suzerain you play as President Rayne and make all of your decisions through conversations with your cabinet members.

There are a lot of things up in the air including war, rooted corruption, and economic disaster.  Just another day running the government right?

While the concept may not sound that interesting, I have found this game highly intriguing.  It is like a governmental choose your own adventure game.  It actually highly reminds me of Death and Taxes which is another game I found extremely intriguing.

This is a nice addition to the April Humble Choice and I am glad it will give more people exposure to this little gem.

Chicken Police: Paint It Red Review

chicken police
Metacritic 81% / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

Chicken Police is a noir style narrative detective game.  In a sense, it is similar to Blacksad, but much better.   

Chicken Police stars two rooster detectives trying to solve who is sending threats to a feline singer.  There is great story telling, and the noir atmosphere is really driven home.  The banter between you and your partner really helps with character development.

There are a lot of themes in this game including alcoholism, racism, and prostitution that I didn’t expect out of a game with two roosters as main characters.  

Chicken Police is a wonderful narrative that manages to stay interesting from beginning to end.  There are even a ton of pop culture references that help to keep the game engaging.

Chicken Police is a game that every gamer should play at least once, and I’m glad Humble included it this month.  a


shinobi striker
Metacritic 66% / Steam Very Positive

In Shinobi Striker you form a team of four fighters to battle against other teams online.  This game may be great, however, every time I have played it, I have had hackers enter my game.  After 5-6 times attempting to play and this happening, I gave up.

This could be a wonderful game if they can solve their hacking problem.

Summary of April Humble Choice

March had one of the strongest Humble Choice bundles I’ve seen in quite a while.  April, however, is more what we have seen in recent months.  One positive thing about April Humble Choice is all of the games are relatively highly rated.  That being said, it doesn’t have anything I would consider a Triple A headliner.

So, is it worth it?  At $11.99 the April Humble Choice is still a great value.  I would happily pay that for Chicken Police or Ghost Runner alone.  Humble always offers a lot of value into their Humble Choice Bundles.

When I am rating them, I am rating them relative to other Humble Choice Bundles.  That being said, $11.99 for 8 games is typically a good deal.

The April Humble Choice receives a 3.9/5.  

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