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Humble Choice November Bundle Overview – Great Way For Cheap Games

  • Dink 

Today I’m going to give a full rundown of the Humble Bundle Humble Choice November 2021 Bundle. If you aren’t familiar with Humble Choice it’s a great way to get games at a low price. Each month’s bundle contains a mix of games from triple a titles to indie gems. Right now the price is $12 a month for your first year. For the $12 you receive 10 games that you get to keep permanently each month. While the bundles do range in quality, you are almost guaranteed to get a few good gems. You also may find a game you love and didn’t even know about.

If you’d like to see the information about humble choice on the humble bundle site, your can do so here. We are a humble partner so any purchases using our links will help the blog, as well as give a small donation to 4 Paws Rescue.

November’s Humble Choice selection consists mostly of indie titles. Titles included in the Humble Choice November are:

Project Wingman

Wingman Humble Choice November

Project Wingman is an aerial combat focused game similar to Ace Combat, but better in many ways. The game includes both the regular game, and the VR version of the game at no additional charge. The game’s plot is a futuristic where the United States and has been drastically changed by a natural disaster. You play as the the Cascadian’s fighting the Imperialistic Federation. In short, it is the United States, vs the United States. The aircrafts involved are all based on real world Air Crafts. It is more of an Arcade Style battle instead of a realistic flight sim. You don’t have to worry about things such as stalling when turning too long. There are 21 campaign missions that vary your objectives enough to keep the game interesting. Graphics are decent to good, and optimized well. The only cons I could find were some people desire better physics, and the game play can be a little bit repetitive. Project Wingman holds a 94% overall rating on steam as of posting this article

Time Lie

Timelie Humble Choice November

Here’s what you need to know about the story: there is a girl, with a cat. The rest of the story doesn’t make a lot of sense. Time Lie is a puzzle game where you control time to sneak past robots. The girl and the cat also cooperate and help each other to get past the robots. You control each character and use their unique abilities to help the other character. You can go forward in time to see the robots movement patterns, or reverse in time to change your actions for a different outcome. Time works like a DVD player with fast forward and reverse. The difficulty is well balanced between not being too easy, but also not being impossible. Time Lie has a 92% overall rating on steam as of this post.

House Flipper

house flipper Humble Choice November

Have you ever wanted to play flip or flop? House Flipper may be the game for you! In house flipper you are a one person renovation crew. You do everything from cleaning, painting, replacing flooring, etc. The more you practice your skills, the quicker you become at them. After your done renovating a house you put it on the market for sale. Buyers will place bids on your house based on their needs. Just like an Auction, the highest bidder will win. House flipper is a fun game, but there are a few downsides to it. The biggest one is that someone always buys your house. It takes away some of the challenge of the game. The other downside is you can only do so much customization on a your house. You can’t move exterior doors, or knock down and reposition exterior walls. House Flipper has an overall rating of 96% on Steam as of the time of this post.

Due Process

due process Humble Choice November

Due process is a very interesting shooter. I can best describe it as Counter Strike and Siege had a baby. Due process is a team based strategy FPS. You do your load out at the beginning of each round, but the equipment given to you does not get replenished. You have to use it strategically to last three rounds. At the beginning of the round there is a map you can draw on to make a strategical plan. You can see those drawings in real time during game play. As you can imagine, some have taken this opportunity to draw some obscene images. Several new maps are released weekly to keep gameplay fresh and strategic. The graphical style is retro based and will not appeal to everyone, however, I found it refreshing. The only negative seen in most reviews are that this game has a smaller player base then some. The game is still in early access with an active developer that updates the community regularly. I believe in time this game could sneak up to be a staple to the genre. As of the time of this post, Due Process has an over-all rating of 85% positive on Steam.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

turnip boy commits tax evasion Humble Choice November

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is a fun Zelda-Like indie 2d top down RPG. During the game Turnip Boy completes quests to pay off his tax debt to Mayor Onion. Beyond that, the tax evasion aspect is not brought up much more in the story or the quests. There’s lots of great puzzles that require multiple quest items to solve them. The game uses lots of puns and social media references which may or may not age well. Overall a fun game but two flaws. The first is that sword combat is not quite as intuitive or smooth as something like, Zelda. Also the game is short. It can be beat in about two hours or fully completed in about four. Turnip Boy Commits tax evasion holds a 94% overall rating on Steam as of this posting.

BPM – Bullets Per Minute

bpm bullets per minute Humble Choice November

Bullets per Minute is a game I was really looking forward to playing. Its a rogue-like shooter with a rhythmic aspect to it so thing Audioserf meets Doom. The dungeons you play in are randomly generated. This increases replay value, but some games maybe hard while others feel like a cake walk depending on the level generation. Graphics are very retro and doomlike, which may turn some people off. There is a very large range of weapons you can find or buy in the shop which keeps things interesting. The levels also contain random modifiers to keep things interesting and increase difficulty. I walked into one room only to find out it was zero gravity. There are progress rewards including new characters and different loadouts you can start with. The game when completed is short, sometimes only 30-45 minutes. It is a load of fun and this is a game I would recommend to friends. It has a 93% overall positive rating on Steam as of this posting.

Wrath Aeon of Ruin

wrath aeon of ruin Humble Choice November

Wrath Aeon of Ruin is a modern classic shooter. It is built on a modified version of the 35 year old Quake engine. The best description I’ve seen of it was from PC Gamer when they said its “the quake successor we never got”. Its still in early access. The developers are very active and constantly keeping the community informed. One positive and negative for this game is the save system. It uses a limited number of saves (like early Resident Evil titles). If not used wisely it can make you have to repeat large portions of levels if you die. Graphics are retro, but still have a modern feel to them. The levels are huge, sometimes taking up to an hour to complete one level. The guns and gunplay feel really well done. There is plenty of action to keep you occupied as well (to the point you’ll want a little less at times). Wrath Aeon of Ruin holds a 90% overall positive rating on Steam at the time of this posting.


wingspan Humble Choice November

Wingspan is a digital adaption of the Wingspan strategy card game. I haven’t had a chance to play this one yet, but I’ve heard if you like digital card games this is one of the best. One flaw that has come up involves the match making system. If you play with a couple of groups where people randomly drop out of the game, the system will start matching you with people who often drop out of games. This was brought up in a few reviews, but hopefully will be patched in a future update. Wingspan holds a 94% overall positive rating on Steam as of this posting.

Simple Rockets 2

simple rockets 2 Humble Choice November

If you’ve ever wanted to build a rocket ship, this is the game for you. Simple Rockets 2 is a similar game to Kerbal Space Program minus the little green guys. The game is in early access with regular development. I’d really consider this more of a Rocket sandbox than a game. Even so, it’s still a lot of fun! It has great graphics. There is a decent selection of engines, parts, and customization. There are also a lot of unique planets to view as you fly through the sky. The only downside is the controls are sometimes more complicated than they have to be. Simple Rockets too holds a 92% overall positive rating on steam as of this posting.

Mobius Front 83

mobius front 83 Humble Choice November

Of all the games in the Humble Choice November bundle, this is the hardest to describe or review. Mobius Front is a sci-fi hex based war game that puts the united states in a civil war. While at the start it seems pretty normal, the further you complete the game the more sci-fi elements that are brought into the story. There is no base building. Units are selected from a pool and deployed into the field similar to the Panzar series. There are a lot of aspects that keep this game interesting. There are mini games between mission objectives. Mission scenarios change enough to keep things from getting stagnant. The store is interesting enough to keep you engaged. Due to the style of play, and lack of base building, it may not appeal to all RTS players. Mobius Front 83 currently holds a 76% positive rating on Steam.

Humble Choice November Verdict

So what’s my final verdict on the Humble Choice November Bundle? While it doesn’t contain any AAA titles, it does contain several indie gems with almost all games having over a 90% over all positive rating. I’ve definitely seen some better bundles in the past, but over all this bundle is decent. It may give players a chance to try some great games they haven’t heard of. My overall rating for the Humble Choice November Bundle is a 7.7/10.

If you are interested in getting more information on or joining Humble Choice (currently $12 a month for the first year) please click here.