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Is Computer Tycoon Worth Playing?

  • Dink 
is computer tycoon worth playing

I’ve been playing Computer Tycoon for the last 5 days.  Is Computer Tycoon the game for you?  Let’s get into it!

What's Computer Tycoon About?

In Computer Tycoon you live the life of a computer, going through your everyday tasks.  Wait!  No.. That’s not right!  

In Computer Tycoon you start a computer company during the beginning of computers evolution in the 1970’s.   You can run that company all the way up until 2034, if you can stay in business that long.

In The Beginning

I didn’t know what to expect when starting up this game.  I just saw it was on a good Steam sale, and thought I’d give it a try.  Upon loading and hitting New Game I was greeted with this:


Computer Tycoon Map Selector

I found the fact that they tried to replicate Historical data pretty interesting.  I’ve never seen that in a Tycoon game before. 

Since I was just starting out, I chose the simplified map, and then got a real throwback which I greatly appreciated.


Computer Tycoon Commodore 64

It even made the old C64 tape drive sound while it was “loading into memory!”.  This was a nice throw back on the Developer’s part.

After the Commador 64 got to 100% loading, I got my next set of gameplay options.

Computer Tycoon Gameplay Options

I’m not sure why my default character looked like Ashton Kutcher, but it gave me a chuckle.

It was kind of neat that I got the choose the ways in which I was able to win the game.  I left all three selected, but by selecting only one or two it can give addition challenge to the game.  

How is the Gameplay?

computer tycoon 3

The Quick answer?  Complex.


I played through the tutorial 3 times before I almost felt confident in how play the game.  Computer tycoon has so many things that you have to do and manage at the same time, it is more of a simulator than a Tycoon game.

That’s not a bad thing.  Normally when I see the word Tycoon in a game I have a preconceived idea of how much there will be to do, and how much micromanagement there will be.  Computer Tycoon caught me off guard.

My first 5 games, on beginner, I went bankrupt within a year, and I am not a beginner to Tycoon games.  One tip- Be very cautious in how quickly you try to grow.  Too quick and you will hemorrhage  money like there is no tommorow.  

There Is So Much Information To Analyze in Computer Tycoon

computer tycoon 4

There is a ton of information to view and manage in Computer Tycoon.  At first load, not all of the information was fitting on my screen and information was covering other information up.

After looking around in settings there is an easy fix to this.  You can adjust Menu Scale Multiplier and the Window Scale Multiplier in settings.   

This can make all of your information easily visible.  In one of my setups where I play from about 15 foot away from a TV, I was able to balance everything where the text was easily readable but nothing was cluttered.  

In reading Steam Reviews, I saw a few people who had a problem with this.  I am assuming they did not find the scale options in the settings.  After a few adjustments, everything is easy to read.

Would I recommend Computer Tycoon?


It completely depends on what type of player you are.  For some, this is going to be an amazing game, and for others, it will be too complex and have too much micromanagement.

My personal take on Computer Tycoon is that it is a good game that the developers have put a lot of care into trying to make the best Computer Company Sim they could.

Balancing marketing, logistics, research, and production while trying to keep your company profitable takes a lot of work, practice, and patience.  

I would recommend this to anyone who loves games that focus on Strategy, data analytics, and can think and plan ahead.

Computer Tycoon is not a simple Tycoon game, but it is a good one.  It is well worth investing into if you enjoy strategy.  In some ways it rivals many 4x games with the amount of strategy involved.  

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