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Is Outriders worth it? I Gave it a Chance, and You Should Too

  • Dink 
is outriders worth it

Is Outriders worth it?  In short, yes, but it depends on what type of player you are.  

Outriders marketing gave many people the impression that Outriders was a different game than it is.  It was initially compared to online live service games like Destiny or Wildlands.  Outriders is not like either.

Today I’ll go over what Outriders actually is, what a good price to pay for it would be, and who is going to enjoy it the most.

So, What is Outriders?

Outriders is a high action looter shooter with RPG elements.  The games focus is on action.  The RPG elements, and even the story is secondary.

After the Earth is destroyed due to ecological disaster, the remaining Earth’s governments and colonize Enoch, a distant Earth like planet.

The first people to explore Enoch are the Outriders.  In their initial exploration they find an Anomaly in a massive and deadly electrical storm.

The Outriders try to warn the remaining Earths governments (the ECA).  Instead of listening, the ECA sends forces to silence the Outriders and colonizes anyway.

One of the Outriders survives and is put into Cryostatis.  Thirty-one years later the Outrider is woken up to discover that colonization didn’t work.  They then have to find the source of the anomaly and destroy it.

What are the positives and negatives?

There are two large negatives with this game.  The first is the story is very weak.  After playing the game for 30 minutes or so I started skipping all of the dialogue because the story just wasn’t good.  

The second is the RPG elements don’t have that large of an effect on the game.  They of course have some effect, but much less than most similar games.  You can complete the entire game by only changing your gear with upgraded gear and not upgrading your character at all.

This makes it sound all bad but there are positive parts of this game.  Very positive.  

The game is actually loads of fun.  The action sequences are great.  You are often surrounded by a large multiple of enemies.  The boss fights are a ton of fun.  Using your powers to defeat enemies is fun.

I played as the Pyromancer.  I loved shooting walls of fire or turning an enemy into a bomb.   

As a shooter that has a character with abilities, this game is loads of fun.  Co-op play is also a ton of fun.  

While the story and RPG elements may not be good, the gameplay elements and mechanics are amazing.  If you go into this game thinking of it as just a looter shooter, you can have a load of fun with it.  The graphics are nothing to shub at either. 

The Gameplay is very much like a cross between Borderlands and Remnant From the Ashes.  It has the looter shooter style of Borderlands, but the enemy count and powers of Remnant.  


Is Outriders worth it?

So, is Outriders worth it? This question is highly going to depend on how much you pay for it.  I originally gave this a chance because it was on Gamepass and I could play for free.  I did end up purchasing it for $9.79 from Epic’s Holiday Sale.  I believe you can still get this price until Jan 6th, 2022.

I would not recommend buying Outriders at full price.  For the amount of gameplay you get, it will not be worth it.  If you can snag it for under $20 (or even better around $15) then it is well worth it.  

I beat the story campaign in about 12 hours without doing many of the side missions.  

If you have PC Gamepass or Gamepass Ultimate I recommend playing Outriders while it’s free.  That way you can try before you buy.  

If you like straight shooters and don’t mind a weak story, you will probably love Outriders, especially if you play with friends.

Hopefully I answered the question, “Is Outriders worth it?”.  If you have any questions about the game feel free to ask in the comments below.

I almost skipped Outriders because of the initial reviews.  I’m glad I gave it a chance, and you should too.  In my opinion, if you get it for the right price, Outriders is worth it!