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It Takes Two, Four Other Great Deals, And One Bonus Deal

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it takes two and 4 other great game deals (1)

The Lunar New Years Sales have ended but there are still some great PC game deals this weekend.  We have 5 PC game deals and one bonus deal this weekend you shouldn’t pass up.

PC Game Deals This Weekend

MC 71% / Steam Positive

Scarf is a Puzzle Platformer with about a 5 hour total time to completion.  The colorful and cheery aesthetic is very appealing and draws you into the game.

While the platforming is pretty simple, it is still quite fun.  The controls are tight and responsive.

The puzzle aspect of the game is not the most complex.  It typically consists of multiple little puzzles to achieve a bigger goal.

While Scarf is not the deepest game, it does leave you wanting more by the time the credits end.

At full price Scarf is a maybe, but for $3 Scarf is a definitely.  At this price, Scarf is a pc game deal you shouldn’t pass up.

maid of sker
MC 69% / Steam Very Posiive

I had not heard of Maid of Sker prior to writing this post, but the trailer looks …. creepy as hell!

Maid of Sker is a survival horror game based on British folklore.  

Going both critic and user reviews, my suspicions have been confirmed.    Users and Critics agree, Maid of Sker is horrifying.

The game has received positive praise for atmosphere, the way the story and horror is presented and graphics.

The negatives are primarily based around not enough save points and sometimes a bit of unbalanced difficulty in some parts.

I purchased this today and look forward to having the hell scared out of me.  It looks like a great game and I highly look forward to playing it.  

I may do a review of Maid of Sker after completion, especially if it hits my expectation.  

If you’re a horror game fan, you probably shouldn’t pass this one up either.

mortal kombat 11
MC 82% / Steam Very Positive

While not the first fighting game, when Mortal Kombat was released, it changed the direction of fighting games permanently.  

Mortal Kombat when originally released stirred a lot of controversy based on the amount of violence in the game.  After seeing the success many games tried to replicate Mortal Kombat’s formula, but none have done it as well.

Since the first game the graphics have become outstanding, the fatalities have improved, the amount of characters has increased, and storylines were added.

Mortal Kombat is no let down to the Mortal Kombat franchise.  Mortal Kombat 11 has added offense and defense meters as well as more content than any of the prior games.

While Mortal Kombat has continued to evolve, I can still kick some butt with Baraka and have a blast doing it.

At less than $10 now is the time to get Mortal Kombat 11.

it takes two
MC 88% / Steam Overwhelmingly Postive

A great sale on It Takes Two before Valentines Day is absolutely perfect.

In it takes two, a young girls parents are going to get divorced.  She makes a wish and all of the sudden the parents get shrunk to the size of toy figurines.  

It takes two can only be played in co-op mode.  There is not a single player option.  With it takes two you do have a friend pass where your friend can download a copy and play with someone who owns the game.

It takes two is an absolute blast and it has moments that range from hilarious to downright disturbing.  At first, I thought it may have been created by the same writers as Unravel 2 (it wasn’t).  While the game play is different the puzzles and type of co-op action remind me greatly of Unravel 2.

It’s even fun just seeing and interacting with the world when you are tiny and everything else is huge.  It is the perfect game to play with your partner on Valentine’s Day.  I couldn’t recommend more and you definitely should not pass this PC game deal up.  Well, unless you know absolutely no one you can play with.

Ace Combat 7 is a wonderful arcade style dogfight based flight sim.  Unlike some flight sims where you feel like you need to learn a whole flight manual, Ace Combat 7 puts most of it’s focus on combat.

Even though the game is simplified compared to some flight sims, it is still quite complex.  First off, your reflexes will be pushed to the max when your in a dog fight.  Second, there is no tutorial at all, so if you’ve never played an Ace Combat game, there will be a steep learning curve.

Even if you have played an Ace Combat game, being that the last game was released over 5 years ago, there is a good chance you don’t remember all of the controls.

That aside, once you get into your groove, Ace Combat 7 really gets your adrenaline pumping.  The dogfights are the best of any flight sim I’ve played.  It is challenging, but not to the point where is lessens the fun.

Ace Combat also has a high focus on weather and what effect it will have on your flying.  For instance high winds can easily set you off course.  Lightning can strike you and act just like an EMP so you can’t use your weapons and your electrical systems don’t work properly.  This all makes the game feel a little bit more real.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ace Combat 7 to anyone who likes the dog fighty kind of flight sims or for someone who has never played that type of flight sim.

For less than $10 it is a pc game deal you shouldn’t pass up.  


This is a great way to save money and get some great games cheap.  All proceeds of this bundle are donated to cancer research.  For $10 you get 13 games, some of which are triple AAA titles.  This bundle includes:

World War Z Aftermath

Dead By Daylight

Payday 2


Dungeon of The Endless

The Hunter: Call of the Wild

Homeworld Remastered Collection

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak

Little Nightmares

Brothers a Tale of Two Sons

Peppy Adventure

Red Faction Armageddon

Hamilton’s Great Adventure


This is one of the absolute best bundles I have seen from Humble Bundle for a while.  You pay roughly $0.77 a game and the bundle includes some top notch titles such as World War Z Aftermath, Little Nightmares, and Dead by Daylight.

There is a game for every type of gamer in this bundle and it supports a good cause.  I wouldn’t let this one get away from you

Conclusion of This Weekends Game Deals

Some of this weekends game deals are out of this world.  The F*ck cancer bundle is especially impressive.  

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