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Itch Raised Over 6 Million Dollars For Ukraine

  • Dink 
stand with ukraine

The Bundle for Ukraine surpassed one million dollars in less than a day. 

The latest in what is turning into an incredibly welcome trend of huge charity bundles on the indie storefront, Itch’s Bundle for Ukraine, wrapped up today after raising more than $ 6.3 million for charities supporting the people of Ukraine. 

The Bundle for Ukraine, put together by Necrosoft games designer Brandon Sheffield, gathered just shy of a thousand Games to aid of two organizations doing work in Ukraine during Russia’s ongoing invasion: the International Medical Corps and Voices of Children. 


Itch Blew Away Their Original Target

The bundle had a target of $ 100,000, which it smashed in under an hour, according to Sheffield. The bundle raised more US $6,370,602.22 as of this morning. That figure is due in part to the massive lineup of video games, including not only outstanding indie hits like Skatebird, Superhot, Minit, A Short Hike and Quadrilateral Cowboy, but also a huge selection of hidden gems. It will take a very long time to go through everything that was included in the Bundle For Ukraine due to the vast amount of games that were included.

It's Good To See The Gaming Community Help Ukraine

It is additionally reassuring to see Itch carry on and bring together the indie scene to achieve this tremendous feat. The Bundle for Ukraine uses a template developed by the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality that raised more than eight million dollars for legal defense funds supporting anti-racist, anti -police brutality protests in the United States and around the world in 2020.


I personally would like to see more of the gaming industry support Ukraine in the same way that Itch and multiple Twitch streamers have.


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