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Live In Night City Mod Makes Cyberpunk 2077 a Survival Game

  • Dink 
cyberpunk 2077

Live in Night City is a brand new Cyberpunk 2077 mod from FonWasH includes an entire lot of survival mechanics to CDPR’s RPG. Among the small oddities of Night City, though this happens in many games, is that there is food, as well as drink, all around though it does not really do the much: However you will see your character’s belly crumbling.

The mod enables you to handle your character ‘s hunger, fatigue and thirst, with penalties in case you are not paying attention.  The default state of the mod will not harm you outright for totally failing these functions, but will make V a little useless. , you eat as well as drink to regenerate V’s hunger and thirst, while fatigue is relieved with a nap in V’s room or on the couch.

The mod includes its very own UI components which tell you about your character ‘s different stats. The mod comes with support for English, German, and French. The mod’s creator states they are focusing on a brand new HUD, a far more complicated metabolic rate, and the ability for players to decide to if they will allow V to die from their nutrient deficiencies. It is all really a Cyberpunk feel when you think about it. Additionally, there are specific behaviors which do not presently relate in to the survival mechanics, such as sprinting.

Cyberpunk 2077’s rough start, but now the modders are turning it into their own game (at least on PC). 


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