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Lost In Random Review: The Best Game I Didn’t Know Existed

  • Dink 

I normally keep a pretty good eye on what is going on in the gaming world.  That is why I was so surprised when I came across a trailer for Lost is Random.  

The trailer made the game look amazing, but was it?  Let’s get into the full review and find out!

lost in random 1

What is Lost in Random About?

Lost in Random is set in the Kingdom of Random, which is divided into 6 realms.    The fate of the inhabitants is decided by the rolls of a cursed black dice on their twelfth Birthday.  Whatever number gets rolled on the dice is the world that you will live in for the rest of your days.
You play as even and live in the first realm.  In the beginning of the game, your sister Odd turn and has to role that dreaded dice.  At first it shows a one, and everyone’s relieved, until it all the sudden turns to a 6.
Of course, Even is upset about losing her sister. She goes on a quest throughout the 6 Tim Burton looking realms to find her.  Soon she finds a lonely dice appropriately named “Dicey” to join her on her quest.
The game is told like a fairytale, and I don’t want to give too much away.  The story, like the graphics, very much reminds me of an animated movie.  
You know those Pixar films that manage to combine kid humor and adult humor?   Lost in Random manages the same feat which makes it appealing to everyone.
lost in random 2

The Graphics

The first think I noticed about Lost in Random is how great the graphics were.  The world looks very much like it came out of Nightmare Before Christmas or Coraline.  It’s almost as if you are playing a Pixar animated film.

The characters and their detail are impressive.  Even running on the lower graphics settings, the game looks magnificent.  It immediately draws you in.  

I’ve played a lot of games with exceptional graphics, but none that have drawn me in before even playing the game like Lost in Random has.  

lost in random 3

The Gameplay

II really didn’t know what to expect when I loaded this game for the first time.  As I got past the intro story and started playing, I was enjoying myself.  In the first world there is a lot of exploration, and not much combat.  

I thought to myself, “This seems like a decent game but I’m not sure how long I will play it for.”  Then I got to the second world, and I was absolutely amazed.

The second world has a lot more combat, which is one of the most unique parts of the game.  To start combat you take a sling shot and shoot crystals off of your enemies.   This doesn’t hurt the enemies, but as you collect crystals you start getting cards in your hand. 

lost in random 4
Once you get 5 cards you can throw Dicey up in the air.  He will give you the number of points you can spend.  Each card in your hand takes a certain amount of points to use.  
Your cards have many things to choose from. These include bombs, swords, bows, an 8-sided die that bounces off of things and hurts your enemies. Once you play your card you get that ability for a short time and use that to damage your enemies.
There is also a board game element that comes into the game at some parts that changes with each board game you play.  
I’ve never seen a game combine so many systems successfully.  The combat system takes small parts of many types of games. It puts them together in a way that just screams unique.
lost in random 5

Who is Lost In Random Good For?

Due to its unique system, Lost in Random is good for anyone between the ages of 8 and 58.  Pretty much anyone who enjoys games will probably enjoy Lost in Random.  It manages to cover so many game types, it’s unbelievable.

lost in random 6

Lost In Random - Final Thoughts

With its unique gameplay, appealing graphics, and fairytale like presentation Lost in Random can appeal to almost any age or game lover of any type.  It is currently on sale on Origin for $14.99 and easily worth double that price.

I would highly recommend picking up and playing Lost In Random.  I can almost guarantee, you have never played anything like it.

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