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Martha is Dead Review A Game Not Everyone Should Play

  • Dink 
martha is dead

Going into Martha is dead, I had no idea what to expect.  All I knew about the game was that Sony had censored certain parts of it.  What I found out was that Martha is Dead is a good game, but there are many people should not play it.

Why Would You Not Play Martha is Dead?

martha is dead facecutting

If you have heard about the face cutting scene and expect me to say the gore, you are wrong.  The face cutting scene is one of the least disturbing things about Martha is Dead.  

Martha is Dead consists of a multitude of disturbing content and themes.   If you are easily triggered, please stop reading now.  Martha is Dead includes multiple unsettling themes such as: human mutilation, child abuse, war, mental health issues, animal abuse, miscarriage, abortion, self-harm, suicide, and hanging.

The most disturbing thing in the entire game is at the very end.  The game (on all systems I believe) gives you an option to have a censored ending.  That is a good thing due to how disturbing the finale is.

What is Martha is Dead About?

martha is dead 5

Martha is dead is set in a war-torn Italy in 1944. The game actually does a pretty good job of depicting the horrors of war throughout the game.

In the opening scene your character, Giulia, discovers her sister Martha’s corpse in a lake.  Throughout the game, Giulia tries to figure out what happened to Martha and who is responsible for her death.    

Unfortunately, I can’t say any more than that without giving away key details that will spoil the story for you.

I will say, I would not classify Martha is Dead as a horror game.  While there are psychological thriller aspects to it, I would simply leave the game type description as psychologically disturbing.

The Gameplay Isn't Really Gameplay

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Martha is Dead could be described as a walking simulator, but it is more than that.  The gameplay itself is very cinematic, but it doesn’t really feel like you’re playing game.   Instead of being a game you play, it’s a game you feel.  This game will still be provoking unsettling thoughts in me for quite a while.

At the conclusion you are left less with a feeling of “Wow!”  and more with a feeling of “OMG!”?

Martha is Dead has a lot of sensitive material and depicts it in a very graphic and unsettling way.  While some people are going to very much enjoy this game and it’s thought-provoking premise, others will definitely shun it.  

I personally enjoyed the fact that I was left with these unsettling feelings when the credits rolled.  

There is also a camera element to the game with throwbacks to games such as Still Life.  Unfortunately, that element quickly feels repetitive.

Martha Is Dead Final Thoughts

martha is dead 4

While I enjoyed Martha is Dead, I cautiously recommend it.  While I don’t feel as though there is much replay value, I feel like I got my money’s worth for the experience.  If you are someone who is easily triggered, or have a mental health condition, I would avoid playing it.  


Some are going to see deep meaning in this game while others are going to see trash for shock value.  I fall into the first camp but can see why others would see it differently.  I rated it 4/5 stars, but this game is going to be much more subjective than most.

All I can say is play at your own risk!



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