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Monster Hunter World and 8 Other Game Deals Not To Miss

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monster hunter and 8 other deals

There were so many great game deals today instead of listing 5 or 6, we have 9.  Deals today include Monster Hunter World, Outlast 2, Superhot, and more!

I was shocked when I saw how many game deals went up today, especially with the quality of the games on sale.  This is the best deals I’ve seen since the holidays ended and many of these games you don’t want to miss.

Let’s get into it!

The Games

monster hunter world
Metacritic 88% / Steam Very Positive

If you haven’t had a chance to play Monster Hunter World, you are missing out.  

Monster Hunter world has phenomenal visuals.  Exploring the world itself is a real treat.  

Instead of relying on a traditional RPG system Monster Hunter works on a gear upgrade system.  I wasn’t sure about it at first, but after getting used to it, I enjoyed it.  

There are tons of weapons and armor to choose from, and each weapon offers a different and unique attack.  

I like seeing all the unique monsters you can fight.  Some smaller than you, and some of them are 10 times your size.  

Monster Hunter is not without it’s flaws.  The first is that how the multiplayer works is kind of odd, and not very intuitive.  The second is that throughout the 50 hours plus of gameplay time, it can start to feel a little repetitive.  

With wonderful graphics, exciting worlds to explore, hundreds of monsters to fight, and 50 hours of exciting gameplay, Monster Hunter World is a game deal not to miss!


we happy few
Metacritic 62% / Steam Mostly Positive

We Happy Few is one of the most under rated games I have played.  I also consider the price I am paying for a game before I consider the rating.  At its original price of $59.99 I wouldn’t recommend it. At less than $5 you should absolutely get this game.


I actually cherished this video game, and yes it surprises me that more and more people seem to dislike it. I thought the game was exciting and the main quests were actually entertaining. 

The characters and conversation have been very well created and I was invested in them.  I found the setting unique with the visuals created a clockwork orange kind of feel.  

The game has a great balance of combat and stealth.  After you beat the game, you get to play again with a new character and modified mechanics.  

We Happy Few may seem a little repetitive to some after a while, but I greatly enjoyed it.

At under $5, you shouldn’t pass this up!

devil may cry hd collection
Metacritic 71% / Steam Very Positive

The Devil May Cry HD Collection includes the first 3 Devil May Cry games remastered to HD.


Devil May Cry: Remarkable Gameplay. Still has some Resident Evil in it’s DNA. Fantastic Combat and wonderful music. In my view still it still hold up despite newer titles having better graphics.


Devil May Cry 2: Devil May Cry 2 experienced problems in development and lost the magic of what made the first great. Four to Five Months before release Capcom tried to do a course correction, nonetheless it wasn’t enough to keep the magic that made Devil May Cry great.


Devil May Cry 3:  Not quite as good as the 1st but almost as good of a game.  Playing as Virgil gives a whole new take on the series.


DMC HD Collection: Overall a great collection with an amazing story.  The graphics may seem a bit dated, but it more than makes up for it with the gameplay.

Metacritic 82% / Very Positive

When I first saw super hot, it wasn’t a game I expected to like.  I originally played it on Xbox Gamepass, and I was suprised how quick I was addicted to it.

Superhot is a different take on shooters.  Time only moves when you move.  If you stop, everything around you stops including other players, objects, and bullets.

Superhot’s unique style makes this shooter feel like a shooter combined with a puzzler.  Gameplay is as equally addictive as it is at times frustrating.  While Superhot is a short game (about 3 hours), it is three hours of absolute fun.

Another I like about Superhot is that levels are short.  If you only have 10 minutes to play a game, Superhot is a great game to play as you can finish a level or two quickly and then go about what you need to get done.

Superhot’s graphical style is simple, but for this type of game it works.  Due to the simplistic nature of it, Superhot will run on almost any system built in the last 12 years.  It is a phenomenal game that has no trouble running on older systems.


mad max
Metacritic 73% / Steam Very Positive

Mad Max is another game that surprised me.  I put off playing it for several years, and once I did, I regretted it.  

Mad Max holds relatively true to the source material.  It involves a lot of fighting, shooting, and vehicle battles.

Mad Max recreates the Mad Max post-apocalyptic universe perfectly.  Gameplay is a ton of fun and it is easy to get wrapped up in quickly.  

Four $4 this is a game deal not to pass up.

outlast 2
Metacritic 75% / Steam Very Positive

Disturbing. unsettling. and it kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Outlast 2 is as good, if not better than the original Outlast.  Where the initial Outlast took place in an asylum, this one is an open world environment.

All of the areas from the town to the school were immersive and horrifying and all unique in their own ways.  If you are a fan of Horror, the Outlast series is not one you should be missing. 

You do not have to play the first game to understand the second game.  
shadow warrior 2
Metacritic 78% / Shadow Warrior 2

I picked up this game today based on the positive reviews.  I have played the original Shadow Warrior and immensely enjoyed it.  

With as good as the first game was, I have high expectations for the second game.  Also, I couldn’t pass up 90% off!

Shadow Warrior 2 also had 4 player co-op which I can’t want to try!

risk of rain 2
Metacritic 85% / Overwhelmingly Positive

Risk of Rain 2 is really a roguelike much less focused on where you’re going compared to the loot you pick up along the way. During the last 12 months it spent in early access, there was no ending, just a continuous sequence of enemies thrown your direction until you eventually succumbed to the inevitable. The game didn’t really need an ending, and it was still a ton of fun. Now that it does have an ending, Risk Of Rain 2 is even better.


You start playing, and all the sudden two hours have gone by and you have no idea where the time went.  This game almost needs a timer like Anno 1800 so you can keep track of how long you’ve played.  I’ve easily lost a full day to Risk of Rain 2 and didn’t even know how much time was passing.


Risk of Rain 2 is one of the games I say I should have never played, not because it’s bad, but because it immerses you so much in the game that you never want to stop.

rebel galaxy outlaw
Metacritic 77% / Mixed

 Rebel Galaxy Outlaw takes place in a greasy, blue-collar world of outlaws, truckers, cops and thieves.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a open galaxy space combat game.  Many people who loved the first one, were not fans of the second.  

If you get Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, and have played the first game, I highly recommend you evaluate it as its own game and not a sequel.

I often see games with poor critic reviews but high user reviews.  Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is the opposite, but most of the negative reviews are from those who played the Rebel Galaxy, and didn’t like the changes in the second.  Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a prequel to Rebel Galaxy.  

Some find Rebel Galaxy Outlaw to have too big of a galaxy, but I find it makes it feel more realistic.  I will say if large amount of travel between objectives gets under your skin, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is probably not for you.  

The dogfights are amazing and bring back memories of playing Star Wars and even Wing Commander for those that are old enough to remember it. 

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw does a great job of making you feel like you’re actually a Outlaw rummaging through out space.  If you are a huge fan of space, and space combat, this is a game not to pass up.  Especially while it’s 80% off!



Summary of Game Deals Not to Miss

There are a ton of great games, and great game deals available right now.  It is exciting to see the PC game deals start to come back stronger after the holidays.  

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