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Should You Use a NAS For Gaming?

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nas for gaming

A NAS for gaming can be great for some, and a huge waste of money for others.  Today we are going to go over the pros and cons of using a NAS for gaming.  When you are done reading this article, you should know if a NAS for gaming is right for you. 

What is a NAS?

WD 8TB Nas

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage.  It contains hard drives that you can access from other devices connected to your network.  This allows you to access the data from multiple systems.  It also allows you to free up hard drive space on your local systems.

What are the requirements to use a NAS for gaming?

The requirements to use a NAS for gaming will vary based on the type of NAS you have.  You may have a commercially purchased NAS, a home built NAS, or a USB hard drive connected directly to your router.

Regardless of the type of NAS you are using, there is one basic requirement that has to be met.  The proper network setup.

To run a gaming NAS you will require at least gigabyte networking equipment.  Every router, switch, and network card you will want to be gigabyte or higher.  In addition, the NAS itself, and any device connecting to it will have to be hard wired.

While you can theoretically run a NAS over Wi-fi, the results will be very poor.  If you want usable results you will want to run over a wired network that is wired with Cat 5e cable or above.  

Why would you want to use a NAS for gaming?

There are several reasons to use a NAS for gaming, but there are two main ones: 

I have four computers I game on.  With a NAS I can install the majority of my games onto the NAS and access them from all 4 computers.  This saves me a ton of hard drive space.

Games are also getting larger.  Halo Infinite is almost 3tb.  You may want more hard drive space than you can fit into your system.

What are the cons of using a NAS for gaming?

There are several cons to running a NAS for gaming.  These include:

How much does a NAS for gaming cost?

This depends on several factors including your current networking setup, how big of a NAS you want, and what type of NAS you are going to use.  

Pricing can run anywhere from $50 to thousands of dollars.  I run a homemade 14tb NAS.  Total cost to build was around $260.  If you have a router that supports USB network storage, you could setup a 4tb NAS for around $80.  

So, Should you use a NAS for gaming?

If you are someone who needs more space, or games on multiple PC’s a NAS for gaming may be a good idea for you.  

If you want the fastest load times, don’t run a wired network, or are just a casual gamer, you probably don’t have a need for a NAS.

If you want learn how to build your own NAS the follow our “How To Build A Gaming Nas” Guide.

If you are currently running a NAS for  gaming, leave a comment and let us know what you like and dislike about it.