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5 New Holiday PC Game Deals and An Epic Update

  • Dink 
holiday pc game deals

Origin started their holiday sale today, which means even more new holiday PC Game Deals.  The holiday game deals definitely aren’t slowing down.  Today we will list 5 more new holiday pc game deals that you should buy.  All of the deals today are historically low prices.

Epic Holiday Sale and Giveaway Update

In case you missed it in our posts, all registered Epic Games accounts are receiving a $10 coupon that you can use in addition to the sales prices.


We Also learned yesterday, you can use this coupon multiple times!  We originally figured out if you add multiple games to a cart it will discount all of them.  We didn’t know until yesterday, you could do that multiple time.

Today’s Epic Giveaway game is Second Extinction. 


second extinction
Metacritic NA / Steam Mostly Positive

If you’ve ever wanted to play a Co-op FPS against dinosaurs, now is your chance.  Second Extinction has a similar play style as Left For Dead, but with dinos instead of zombies.  It is good fun for 5-6 hours.  Claim it on Epic Games before 10am CT 12-22-21.

Holiday Game Deals for Today

Unravel 2 - Origin - $1.99

unravel 2
Metacritic 82% / Steam Very Positive

Unravel two is a fun co-op puzzle platformer.  You are made of yarn, attached to another little person made of yarn.  

It’s a similar concept to little nightmares, but cuter and more cartoony (and not spooky).  

I’ve always greatly enjoyed Unravel and Unravel 2.  This is one of the holiday PC game deals you shouldn’t pass up.

Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe - Origin - $4.99

mass effect andromeda
Metacritic 71% / Steam Very Positive

Andromeda is considered by many Mass Effect fans the worst in the series.  While Mass Effect Andromeda has the largest world in the series, many of the worlds don’t have much to see.  

All that being said, Andromeda is still a good game.  It’s just the other Mass Effect games were amazing games.  The game is well worth $5.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Origin - $1.99

mirrors edge catalyst
Metacritic 74% / Steam Very Positive

The Mirror’s Edge series are amazing parkour games.  Catalyst is one of the few games that you will avoid fast travel on, because it’s so much fun travelling from place to place.

As far as holiday pc game deals go, it doesn’t get much better than this.  For $2 you get about 8 1/2 hours of overly fun amazing game time.  That’s a fifth of the price of a 2 hour movie.


Gears 5 GOTY - Microsoft - $14.99

gears 5
Metacritic 82% / Steam Mixed

Gears 5 GOTY addition includes the Gears 5 base game as well as the Hivebusters DLC.
Gears 5 is an excellent FPS with a half decent story. Single player mode is okay. Where the game really shines is it's co-op play. You can choose between PVE - PVP - or 3 player co-op campaign.
If you have Gamepass Ultimate you can try Gear 5 before you buy. If you like co-op FPS games you should love Gears 5.

Divinity Original Sin 2 - Gog - $17.99

divinity original sin 2
Metacritic 93% / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

Divinity Original Sin 2 uses more brain power than any game I’ve ever played.  An RPG by the same makers as Baldur’s Gate 3, Divinity Original Sin 2 defines what an RPG should be.

In the game you are put into so many situations that you have to think your way out of, it’s unbelievable.  I recommend reading a full review by IGN for this game here.  

Summary Todays Holiday PC Game Deals

I keep thinking the holiday pc game deals can’t get any better, and I keep being wrong.  Check in tomorrow for 5 more holiday pc game deals.


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