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Video Game History Foundation Calls Nintendo’s Shutdown Of The Wii U & 3ds Store “Destructive”

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While I normally only report on PC Gaming, I found this to be important as it has an effect on video game history for everyone.


Nintendo’s choice to shut its Wii U and 3DS digital marketplaces was met with widespread condemnation, not for the shutdowns themselves – that’s normal for older hardware – but for how it’s again reminded the planet of just how awfully Nintendo handles access to its back catalogue. These are easily the most popular (and valuable) video games from the Nintendo Library.


Casual Players Vs Gaming History

Even though many casual players worry about things such as the reality it’ll quickly be not possible to purchase a digital copy of Wind Waker, there is additionally the issue of the store closings impacting plenty of video games that were only published just in digital format and just for these consoles.  These games will no longer exist.


The Video Game History Foundation, who carry out a variety of incredible work conserving classic video games and also hardware, are obviously unhappy, especially with the reality Nintendo “actively funds lobbying that prevents even libraries from being able to provide legal access to these games”.

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Nintendo Actively Lobbies Against Preserving Video Games

Although it’s regrettable that individuals will not have the ability to buy digital versions of 3DS or Wii U video games any longer, we can understand the factors that went into this choice. 

What we do not comprehend is what route Nintendo expects its followers to take if they want to enjoy these games later on. Being a paying member of the Entertainment Software Association, Nintendo actively invests in lobbying that restricts even libraries from having the ability to supply legal access to these video games. 

Not supplying commercial access may almost be acceptable but stopping institutions from sustaining these titles is definitely damaging to video game history. We urge ESA members such as Nintendo to reconsider their viewpoint on this particular matter and also to work with current institutions to look for a resolution.

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Nintendo VS Video Game History Foundation Summary

Like the Video Game History Foundation stated above, everybody is able to “understand the business reality which went into this decision”. Consoles come, change, and go, as well as their marketplaces. Most Video Game companies, however, are not trying actively trying to suppress video game history.  

While I would not encourage anyone to pirate software, there are sometimes you don’t have a choice because of companies making decisions such as the one Nintendo has just made.  

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