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One Of The Best Game Deals In History

  • Dink 

While there are a ton of great deals this weekend, nothing come close to standing up to the Humble Bundle Stand With Ukraine bundle.  Not only do you get one of the best game deals in history, you support a good cause.

stamd with ukraine

Humble Bundle's Stand With Ukraine Bundle

In just two days, the Humble Bundle’s Stand With Ukraine Bundle has already generated over 5 million dollars to help the people suffering in Ukraine.  

The Bundle Contains 123 items.  While most of the items are games it also includes some books, software, and 3d printable models.  While we can not touch on everything in the Stand With Ukraine Bundle due to it’s size, we can list a few notable mentions.

Back 4 Blood

back 4 blood
Metacritic 77% / Steam Mixed

Back 4 Blood has received a lot of mixed user reviews.  I enjoyed Back 4 Blood myself, but it is almost a reskin of Left 4 Dead 2.  

While playing solo is not that enjoyable, I have found that playing with friends is where the game really comes to life.  

Back 4 Blood is a game that I would never recommend paying fun price for.  While the game is fun, there is not enough content to justify its $59.99 price tag.  The appropriate price would be around the $25 mark.

If you enjoy Zombie Shooters such as Zombie Army or Left For Dead 2, you will most likely enjoy Back 4 Blood.  

Metro Exodus

metro exodus
Metacritic 85% / Steam Very Positive

Metro Exodus has one of the best post-apocalyptic wastelands I have seen in video games.  It’s a very close toss-up between Fall Out and Metro Exodus on which post-apocalyptic wasteland is better.

Each level in Metro Exodus is themed, with each one feeling alive.  Metro Exodus is a very atmospheric game with good enough story to keep you wanting to see what’s next throughout its entirety.  

Metro Exodus allows you to play to your own playstyle.  Want to use stealth and avoid as much life lost as possible, no problem.  Want to mod your gun so it feels like it was made just for you, Metro Exodus has got you!

The Long Dark

the long dark
Metacritic 77% / Steam Very Positive

The Long Dark is an exploration=survival experience set in a winter wasteland.  Set in the aftermath of a geological disaster, you don’t have to worry about zombies.  Your biggest threat is mother nature itself.

The Long Dark is based around making the right decisions to stay alive, and it’s an incredible number of decisions.  The Long Dark is a lot closer to a true survival simulator than most survival games.  Find ways to keep yourself safe from the weather, hunt your food, and avoid becoming the prey of other predators.  

The Long Dark is a slow-paced game, but one that I can appreciate for the complexities of it.  

All 3 Of The Amnesia Games

amnesia rebirth

The Bundle For Ukraine includes all 3 games from the Amnesia series.  Known for their psychological horror elements, the Amnesia games are games every horror fan should play.

While some of the Amnesia games are better than others, they are all highly rated, highly appreciated games.  The games are ranked either very high or overwhelmingly positive on Steam depending on the which game.

The Amnesia collection by itself costs $55, which is $15 more than this entire bundle.

The Rest of The Stand With Ukraine Bundle

The games I’ve listed are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many gems in this bundle, it’s insane.  A few good examples are Broken Age, Super Hot, Going Under, Supraland, Starbound, Satisfactory, and The Kerbal Space Program.  

I am excited to see how much the gaming community is doing to help the people of Ukraine.  From game bundles like this one, or itches Bundle for Ukraine, to multiple Twitch streamers such as BBJess and Spoicybean running benefits to raise money for Ukraine. 

With the War In Ukraine there is a lot of suffering and every bit helps.  

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