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6 PC Game Deals You Don’t Want To Miss This Weekend

  • Dink 
pc game deals

While the pc game deals are not as plentiful as they were a few weeks ago, there are still some pc game deals you aren’t going to want to miss.  Today we don’t only have individual games, but also two great bundles.

Bundles are a great option for getting PC game deals at a low price.  Also don’t forget about all the free paid games that are available right now.

PC Game Deals Today

beyond two souls
MC 76% / Steam Very Positive

Beyond: Two Souls is a mesmerizing adventure.  Throughout the whole game I was excited to see what happened next.  

Beyond: Two Souls is more like participating in a movie than it is playing a video game.  Elliot Page does an excellent job of acting in this supernatural tale.

Playing Beyond: Two Souls actually got me to buy all of quantum dreams other games such as Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, and Detroit: Become Human.  Because of this it almost ended up on my best games I played in 2021 list.

If your looking for a great gameplay experience, you are not going to find it hear.  As I said, it is more playing a part in a movie than playing a game.  If you are looking for an amazing story that will captive you and not let go, play Beyond: Two Souls.

It is one of the PC game deals I have been waiting to show up so I could list it.

resident evil 2
MC 89% / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

I often will say the critics got it wrong on this one.  When it comes to the Resident Evil 2 remake, they absolutely got it right.

The Resident Evil 2 remake is one of the best remakes in modern video game history.  It is how a remake should be done.  The next game on the list we will be discussing how remakes shouldn’t be done.

In Resident Evil 2 the graphics are outstanding, it maintains and enhances the story from the original game, and the gameplay is fantastic.  

This is one of the PC game deals I would recommend getting today.  You don’t pass up the Resident Evil 2 remake.  

wrc 8
MC 91% / Steam NA

If you are going to get Crysis, I recommend the 2007 edition over the remake.  The remake was unoptimized, graphics that weren’t a huge step up, and the game was riddled with bugs.

In 2007 Crysis was way ahead of it’s time.  It had an open world at a time when open world didn’t really exist.  It had graphics that far exceeded its time and aren’t bad even by todays standards.  

The meme “Can your system run Crysis?” even developed because of the system requirements required to run the game smoothly.  

One of the first open world shooters, Crysis is definitely one of the PC Game Deals to get.  Just make sure to get the original version, and ignore the fact that the remastered version even exists.

MC 66% / Steam Very Positive

The Crew 2 is a great example of where the critic’s got it wrong.  That being said I wouldn’t recommend buying this game at full price, but I would recommend buying it for $10.

The Crew 2 is a nice, fun, simple racing game.  It was never intended to be a realistic racer.  It is much more arcade-style racing than games such as Forza or Project Cars.

You get about 10-12 hours of good play out of The Crew 2.  After that you grind a lot, and things start to become very repetitive.  That being said it’s easy to turn The Crew 2 on and just relax while your playing it.

The Crew 2 is a game you should get while it is on one of the PC game deals like this.  Buying it at full price, not really worth it.  Buying it on a great deal, absolutely worth it.

dead of winter bundle
Avg Steam Rating: 83%

Bundles are one of the best ways to get PC game deals and save a lot of money on your games.  The Dead of Winter Bundle looks like a great bundle for those who like a little Spook in their games.  

I have not played any games in this Bundle, but I will be picking it up today and may do a follow-up later.  As far as bundles go, this looks like one of the better bundles you can get for the quality of games you get and the price.  

The Games included in this bundle with Steam Ratings are:

Golden Light – 96%

Dead Estate – 96%

White Day A Labyrinth Named School – 77%

White Day VR: A Courage Test – 73%

The Paincreek Killings – 89%

Daymare: 1998 – 73% Positive

Friday the 13th – 79%

This a build your own bundle.  You can select 3 games for $9.99, 5 games for $14.99, or 7 games for $19.99.  

Fanatical’s bundles always seem to include some great games, and some not so great games.  In the Platinum Collection for January some of the better games are Baldur’s Gate 1, Balder’s Gate 2, Blacksad, Everwood, and The Falconeer.

You get to select from the following games (with steam ratings when available):

Everwood – Overwhelmingly Positive

Immortal Realms Vampire Wars – Mixed

The Falconeer / The Falconeer The Hunter Dual Pack

Iratus: Lord of the Dead: Very Positive

Some Distant Memory – Very Positive

Before Your Eyes – Overwhelmingly Positive

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition – Very Positive

Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition – Very Positive

Taxi Chaos

Syrian Warfare Deluxe Edition

Blacksad: Under the Skin – Very Positive

Creepy Tale 2 – Very Positive

Those Who Remain – Mostly Positive

Unrailed – Very Positive

Wargame Double Pack

Act Of Aggression Reboot Edition – Mixed

Mini Motor Racing X – Very Positive

Lethal League Blaze – Overwhelmingly Positive

The Suicide of Rachel Foster – Mostly Positive

Infectonator 3: Apocalypse – Very Positive



With games for every type of game player, Fanatical’s Platinum Collection for January is a great way to get multiple games at an extreme discount.  

I often don’t include bundles because I can’t review the individual games, but both the Humble Bundle Dead of Winter bundle, and the Fanatical Platinum Collection were too good of PC game deals to pass up.



There are some great PC game deals this weekend, especially with the bundles.  As we show with every post, PC gaming doesn’t have to be expensive.

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