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6 Of The Best PC Game Deals Today You Don’t Want To Miss

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The holidays are over, but there are still some holiday sales going on.  There are also some post holiday sales with great pc game deals today.  

It’s also important to remember that Epic Games Store is still giving away the entire Tomb Raider Trilogy reboot for free.  If you haven’t already claim these games before Jan 6th, 2022 to receive all of these games plus DLC’s for free.

PC Game Deals Today

iratus lord of the dead
MC 78% / Steam Very Positive

PC Game Deals Today don’t get any better than Iratus: Lord Of The Dead.  Iratus is currently available on Gog for free until Jan 5th, 2022 at 8am.  

I myself just claimed Iratus for free, so have not had a chance to play it yet.  

The short description from Steam is as follows:

 “Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a turn-based tactical roguelike RPG set in a dark fantasy universe. Lead an army of undead to help an angry necromancer in his quest to reach the surface world and bring death to the mortal realms!”

The review are very positive but many of the user review also stated they wish there was a sideways option.  Basically that the game is good but kind of mediocre.  

Based on this I definitely recommend picking it up while it is free.  If you hate it, or it’s just ok, no harm no foul because you didn’t pay anything for it.  

I may do a personal review on this game later after I get some game time in.

unruly heroes
MC 81% / Steam Mostly Posiive

Unruly Heroes is a fun platformer that you can play either solo or in co-op play.  When playing you can switch between 4 character you would never expect to be heroes.  

Each character has different abilities to help you complete levels.  The game combines fighting, puzzles, and action quite well.  Solo is fun, but co-op is where the real action is in Unruly Heroes.

I’ve played this on Gamepass but have been waiting for the right deal to purchase.  Thanks to the great pc game deals today, I will now own Unruly Heroes.

This is not a game I would recommend at full price, but for $6 I recommend you pick it up today.  It will give you a good 8-9 hours of gameplay.  It also has Steam’s remote play together, so you can play with a friend even if they don’t own a copy.

wrc 8
MC 77% / Steam Mostly Positive

If you enjoy racing sims like Dirt Rally then you will most likely love WRC 8.  WRC 8 is the good starting play in the WRC series.  It’s graphics, gameplay, and career mode are greatly improved over prior WRC Games.

Compared to Dirt Rally 2 WRC has a better career mode but much less realistic physics.  Graphics wise they games are similar in quality.

WRC also includes Steams Remote Play Together so you can race with friends whether they own the game or not. 

I mostly play arcade styled racers (Need for Speed) but I have greatly enjoyed WRC.  The career mode is one of the better ones I have seen in a racing sim.  This is one of the PC Game Deals at a historic low, and I recommend picking it up at this low price.  Even at $18 it would be a great deal.


MC 70% / Steam Mostly Postive

Sparklite is a charming little indie action adventure roguelite.  It has top-down gameplay that includes battling with with a ton of different weapons, gadgets, and gear.

The procedurally generated lands keep the game interesting and help increase replayability.

If you care about high quality graphics, this is probably not your game.   Graphics consist of mostly pixel art.

The enemies in each biome are slightly changed, but feel mostly the same.  This can make it feel like you are fighting the same enemy all the time at times.

Sparklite is a short game (5-6 hours).  It is a game I would only recommend picking up while it is on a great deal.  Today it is at a historic low, make it one of the pc game deals today I’d pick up.



remothered tormented fathers
MC 77% / Steam Mostly Positive

Remothered: Tormented Fathered is what survival horror should be.  It is intelligent, challenging, spine chilling, and definitely hits the mark.

The game play is 3rd person survival horror and is based around the disappeared of Dr. Felton’s daughter, Celeste Felton.

You play as Rosemary Reed.  You approach the Felton and introduce yourself as a doctor from the Santa Margherita institute.  

Up until this point you will be thinking to yourself, does this game even have a point?  When Rosemary reveals her true intentions, the game really starts.

I don’t want to give too much away.  I can tell you the graphics as a+, the story is spooky, and nothing in the game as it seems.  

I greatly enjoyed Remothered: Tormented Fathers and if you like survival horror you probably will too.  The story runs about 5.5 to 6.5 hours.  For $4 you really can’t go wrong.



wasteland 3
MC 79% / Steam Very Positive

Wasteland 3 improves on Wasteland 2 in almost everyway.  

Wasteland 3 is an isometric RPG is which you command a squad of desert ranger in a post nuclear wasteland. 

Wasteland 3 features great turn-based tactical combat, overly brutal ethical decision, and twists that will keep you hooked.

Based on the choices you make the story can go drastically different directions.  This leads to wonderful replayability. 

Every decision you make leads to meaningful consequences both good and bad.  After only a few minutes in, you will know what to expect for the next 60-65 hours of gameplay.

Wasteland is a phenomenal RPG.  Of all of the pc game deals today this is 100% the one I would recommend the most.


We have gone over some great pc game deals today.  The new Humble Bundle Humble Choice bundle is released tomorrow, so tune in then to see the full overview.

We also have some great content coming up this week including the top 5 games we played in 2021, are key stores safe, and the December free games list.

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