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4 Great PC Game Deals Available Today

  • Dink 
pc game deals

Here are 5 great PC game deals today:

  1. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak – Retail Price $49.99 – Sale Price – $4.99

Released in 2016, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is a Prequel to the other Homeworld games. While I have never played this game, if its anything like the other Homeworld games, I am sure it is fantastic. This deal is for a limited time on the Fanatical website. Click Here to get this deal now!

2. Kingdom Rush: Origins – Retail $14.99 – Sale Price – $4.99

Another prequel on our list today is Kingdom Rush Origins. This is a tower defense styled game. Once again, I haven’t played this one, but I have played the other Kingdom Rush games, and if its anywhere comparable, it will be great! It has an overly positive rating on Steam and is on sale for 24 hours only.

Click here to get this deal now!

3. Arkham Collection – Retail $59.99 – Sale Price – $11.31

If you haven’t played any Arkham games, or only played one or two, now is your chance to get all the main games for the price of one. I have played every one of these games and I can say they are both some of the best batman games, and some of the best action games ever created. This collection includes:

Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition

Arkham City Game of the Year Edition

Arkham Origins Game of the year Edition

Arkham Night

Arkham Knight Season Pass

This collection is on sale on G2A for a limited time.

Click here now to access this deal!

4. Contagion – Retail $9.99 – Sale Price $4.99

Contagion is an action game from 2013 that at the time was said by some people to redefine the zombie game genre. While it’s an older game it has great action and a great story and is worth playing. This deal is available on Green Man Gaming for the next 24 hours only!

Click here to check out this deal!

Also the Beastly Bundle is still available on Fanatical. I’ve purchased and been playing those games and only have positive things to say. Get information about that deal here:

Click here to get information about the Fanatical Beastly Bundle!

Don’t miss out on these 4 PC Game Deals today!