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Planet Zoo and 5 Other Great PC Games On Sale

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planet zoo and 5 other great games on sale

The Lunar New Year is still happening and there are still game deals left and right.  Today we are going to go over 6 of the best PC games on sale that we could find.

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PC Games On Sale Today!

Metal Gear Solid V is hands down the best Metal Gear Solid Game since Metal Gear Solid Solid Snake.  

The definitive experience includes Phantom Pain, Ground Zeroes, and every DLC released for Metal Gear Solid V.

Metal Gear Solid V is one of the best 

advanced technical espionage game I’ve ever played.  You get to choose how to complete each mission, with hundreds of solutions for each.  

You direct the action while also playing in the game.  

There is no shortage of action or plot in Metal Gear Solid V.   I have no hesitation in recommending this game and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.  


warhammer 40000 mechanicus
MC 81% / Steam Mostly Posiive

In this turn – based combat game, Warhammer 40K places you in command of the Mechanicum while you lead them to victory, one action at a time. Although the tech – obsessed group of the Imperium has a lot of knowledge concerning cybernetics and machinery, they have to make use of their weaponry and brute force to remove the Necron force before it is way too late. Inside the bounds of this savvy and advanced tactical combat game, you are going to find all kinds of lore, action and dialogue.


When they begin missions, Warhammer fans are going to discover a lot of Warhammer dialogue, be it from the tabletop games, the video games or even the novels. Each character has a personality which illustrates their role in the story, as well as their digital voices are a great, which improves the immersion.

Warhammer Mechanicus is a clever strategy game that will get you hooked whether you’ve ever participated in the Warhammer Universe or not.  

planet zoo
Metacritic 81% / Steam Very Positive

Planet Zoo is the follow-up to Zoo Tycoon which was released in 2001.

Planet Zoo is not only one of the best Zoo sim games, it is one of the best sim games period.

You can tell how much passion the developers when developing Planet Zoo, and how much they care about their players based on the feedback and updates that came out shortly after.

There is so much to do and control in Planet Zoo it can sometimes be a little overwhelming.  You have to manage the animals, the environment, the water properties for certain animals, the customer satisfaction, and more, while at the same time make sure your zoo makes a profit.

If you’ve played Jurassic World Evolution, it is very similar, which isn’t a surprise as it’s the same developer.  

When you are ready to start playing this game, make sure you have some time on your hands.  Planet Zoo is absolutely a time suck, but a highly enjoyable one.


Metacritic 83% / Steam Very Positive

Helldivers is a twin stick shooter that knows exactly what it wants to be and does so with authority.  It’s a wonderfully exciting game with an obvious Starship Troopers influence.  

In Helldivers you fight against three factions who want to control Super Earth, the illuminate, the cyborgs, and the bugs (and they are actually bugs).

You and your fellow heroes fight to retake the planet from the factions who are trying to take over.

With multiple weapons as you progress, different objectives, and a war that sometimes seems unwinnable, Helldivers has no shortage of action.

The missions are tense too.  I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat by the end of one of the missions.

Helldivers doesn’t necessarily have the most unique story, and it’s not the prettiest, but it is one of the best games at what it does and absolutely knows what it wants to be.  Highly Recommended.


Metacritic 84% / Steam Very Positive

Frostpunk is a unique city building survival game with RTS 4x elements.  Frostpunk was developed by the same people who made This War Of Mine, and has the same end of the world vibe.

I’ve played a lot of strategy, 4x, and city building games, but I have never played game that combines everything like Frostpunk does.  

It’s strange in a Genre like this to feel like your decisions absolutely matter and will make a huge difference, but in Frostpunk it feels like everything you do no matter how small matters.  You are also continuously bombarded with tough decisions that add to the feeling that everything is a little bleak and on edge.

If you enjoy city builders, or 4x games you should absolutely play Frostpunk.  If you have Game Pass you can try it for free before you buy it.  

I can say Frostpunk is easily one of the most interesting games I’ve played.  I’ve never seen a game combine genres quite as well as Frost Punk did, except maybe Lost In Random (different genres).

MC 79% / Steam Very Positive

Blackwake was released from Early Access about a year ago.  I often see it deemed the game to buy if you can’t afford Sea Of Thieves.  Other than the fact they are both pirate games exploring the sea, they don’t have much in common.

Sea of Thieves is an MMO style game, that isn’t quite an MMO.  Blackwake is a multiplayer strategy game.  I actually enjoy Blackwake much more than Sea of Thieves.

Blackwake focuses much more on PVP combat than on exploration.  In Blackwake teams of crewmates compete against other teams of crewmates to control the sea.  

Recently the population dropped, and that has had an effect on how much fun the gameplay is.  

It is still worth less than $1.00, and the more people who get it, the better the game play will get.


Summary Of Today's PC Games on Sale

There are great PC games on sale right now, and I hope I selected some games you will enjoy today.  Of the 6 games today, my favorite are Frostpunk, Helldivers, and Metal Gear Solid V.  

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