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Quantic Dream Games Ranked And Cheapest Place to Buy

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quantic dreams games ranked

Quantic Dream is one of my favorite studios for producing games that also qualify as a cinematic experience.  While not everyone is a fan of David Cage’s writing, the ones that do enjoy, really enjoy it.  

Today we are going to rank all of their releases from worst to best.

Omikron: The Nomad Soul, not to be confused with the virus that has been kept everyone confined for 2 years, was a very ambitious game.  

It included almost every type of game including rpg, fps, melee combat, and more.  Unfortunately, while all of these game types were included, it didn’t do any of them particularly well.  

The story was interesting and made up for some of the poor gameplay elements. 

Being 23 years old at the time of writing this, the character models have not aged well.  

While Omikron was an ambitious attempt for a new game studio, it fell a little flat.  It felt very jumbled and like the game studio hadn’t found it’s place in the world yet.

None of this is to discount the hard work that went into creating this game.  It is easy to tell the developers spent a good amount of time trying to make something special.  Unfortunately, they didn’t quite get there.

With Quantic Dream’s second release, Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy, it appeared Quantic Dream had found their calling.

Fahrenheit was released before it’s time with an extremely cinematic story, choices that changed the game, and a lot of quick time events.  

Fahrenheits formula was similar to tell tales.  Decisions changed the game.  A big difference was not only did the decisions change the game in Quantic Dream games, but they also changed the ending.  

Fahrenheit has an interesting story where you play as both investigators and as the one committing the murders.  The dynamic is interesting.  It makes you want to cause as much chaos as possible when playing the killer to make it more interesting for the investigators.

The game is amazing until about 3/4th of the way through when the supernatural plot becomes a little unbelievable.  Regardless, by this point you still feel compelled to complete the game.  

For less than $2, Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy is a real steal.  While the graphics are a little bit dated, they are not horrible, and the story will get you intrigued pretty quickly.  

I had a hard time deciding between Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls for the number three positive.  They both have positives and negatives.  I ultimately decided on Heavy Rain as number three because I was more immersed in the story in Beyond Two Souls.

Heavy Rain is a great, though highly depressing game.  It uses the same formula as Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy, as do the rest of the games on this list.

In Heavy Rain you play as four characters: Ethan whose son is taken by The Origami Killer, Norman who is  A FBI Profiler, Madison who is a report, and Gordi who is a rich playboy.  All of the characters in Heavy Rain have a relation to the Origami Killer in some way.  

Heavy rain added to the QTE events, and went a little overboard.  Things such as using the controller to dry yourself off, or to shake your orange juice take away from the plot of the game. 

Heavy Rain had great graphics for it’s time that still  hold up well to the games of today.  The voice acting in Heavy Rain feels a little off and certain lines of dialogue don’t come across as natural.   This is another aspect that pulls you away from the games narrative at times.

Despite these flaws Heavy Rain is an amazing game.  Having four characters adds a lot more possible endings and any of the characters can die based on your decisions.  If I counted correctly, there are 17 possible endings in Heavy Rain. 

Heavy Rain is well worth the $8 price tag, but it’s also worth waiting for a big sale where it can be found around the $6 mark.  

Beyond Two Souls is the first Quantic Dream game I played, and I was instantly interested in seeing what else they had to offer.  Beyond Two Souls won the number two spot for Elliot Pages excellent acting, a plot that kept me immersed all the way through, and an improvement in gameplay by reducing tedious controls.

In Beyond Two Souls you play as Jodie, who was born with a second supernatural entity attached to her named Aiden.  Aiden often helps here when she is in trouble.  The use of Aiden adds a wonderful puzzle solving mechanic to the game. 

At initial release Beyond Two Souls did not flow in chronological order.  You jump around throughout moments of Jodie’s life.  While I enjoyed playing this way and piecing it together in my mind, many did not.  The game now gives you the option whether you would like to play in the original order or in chronological order.  

The only criticism I have for Beyond Two Souls is it is more a cinematic experience than a game.  It is almost like a choose your own adventure movie.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you are expecting a game, you may be disappointed.  

I work 15 hours a day and have a short attention span so often don’t finish games.  I finished Beyond Two Souls in two days and sacrificed sleep because I had to see what happened next and how it ended.  

While it only had a few endings compared to Heavy Rain, it is still a wonderfully immersive cinematic experience that is well worth it’s price tag.  

With Detroit Become Human you can really tell Quantic Dream has learned from its past mistakes.  This game does an excellent job of balancing gameplay, cinematic experience, and QTE events.  The graphics are absolutely phenomenal, character models are fantastic, and voice acting is superb.

In Detroit become human you play as three different Androids:  Kara who serves Todd and his daughter Alice, Markus who is framed for the death of Carl Manfred, and Connor who works as a police detective.

Detroit become human deals with many issues including racism and child abuse.  

I am currently only 6 hours in to the game so far but have loved every minute.  With 85 endings, there are a lot of choices to make to try and keep all three of my androids alive.

Detroit Become Human is well worth its price tag and a game I would highly recommend as long as you have a system powerful enough to run it.  

Quantic Dream Games Ranked Summary

Every game released from Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy on are worth playing and experiencing their stories.  An interesting thing, the order the games are ranked are also the order they were released.  From what I’ve seen, Quantic Dream has learned from each release and made adjustments to make the next release better.  

While they already release great games, I would love to see Quantic Dream games continue to get stronger with each release. 


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