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Spartacus Is Playstations Biggest Mistake In Years (Rant)

  • Dink 
playstations biggest mistake

One advantage of age is I’ve seen video companies rise and fall throughout the decades.  I’ve witnessed the mistakes they’ve made and can use that to gauge the decisions video game companies make.  From knowledge of prior events, I feel I can safely safe, Spartacus is Playstation’s biggest mistake.  

Reason's Why This Is Playstations Biggest Mistake

No Longer Supporting There PC Base

While it has not been exclusively stated, it does not appear Playstation will be supporting there PS Now Base anymore.  I have reached out to Playstation, but have not received a response yet.

Alone I know at least 10 people who use the Playstation Now service, do not have Playstations, and only game on PC.  Currently, the pricing for this service is $10 a month, or $60 a year. 

By cutting this service they will lose subscribers.  If people are signing up to Playstation Now, but not buying Playstations, that means Sony is making subscription money without losing money on subsidized consoles.

In reality, the best thing for Sony would be to improve their PC app and try to get more PC subscribers.  This is a step Gamepass took and I think it is paying off for them.  

I know several people that utilize Gamepass Ultimate to stream games but do not own an Xbox.  Pc is the key to making these streaming services profitable.

No First Day Releases

One thing Xbox has done well is put Day One Releases from their studios on Gamepass.  This ultimately has made the service more attractive.  

When asked if this was a possibility for Playstation’s new plans, Jim Ryan stated,  “This is not a road that we’ve gone down in the past. And it’s not a road that we’re going to go down with this new service.”

The Reasoning given was, “We feel if we were to do that with the games that we make at PlayStation Studios, that virtuous cycle will be broken. The level of investment that we need to make in our studios would not be possible, and we think the knock-on effect on the quality of the games that we make would not be something that gamers want.”

The newest game that they listed as featured on their new service is over a year old.  Essentially this is just Playstation Plus and Playstation Now packaged together with a higher price tag.  

I would suggest focusing on getting the PC app in place so they can make money on subscriptions without losing money selling consoles (that people can’t find in stock anyway).  

They are Very Non-Committal Toward The Service

Jim Ryan has all but stated that nothing with the new service is set in stone: “All I’m talking to today is the approach we’re taking in the short term. The way our publishing model works right now, it doesn’t make any sense. But things can change very quickly in this industry, as we all know.”


Why would I sign for a service that the CEO of the company essentially says could change at any time?  When Microsoft released Gamepass they were extremely committed to it. 

 Even as people said it wouldn’t work, they still have pushed forward and made something great.  Playstation, however, seems stuck in the past.  They prefer to package the same bag of crap and sell it for more money.

Playstations Biggest Mistake Summary

Playstation is currently in a situation where they can follow the future of gaming or be stuck in the past.  The current roadmap that they have presented is going to leave them far behind competing services.  

This is not a console vs console debate.  This is a question on whether Sony is willing to keep up with the current trends in gaming or be left behind.  Hopefully they correct this ship before it is too late.

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