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Star Citizen Reworking It’s Roadmap Rant

  • Dink 
star citizen reworking roadmap

Before I even begin, I want to give an editorial rant warning.  Star Citizen has raised over 400 million dollars since it’s original crowd funding in 2012, with a prospective release date of 2014.

In 2020, Cloud Imperium Games, the creators of Star Citizen, changed their Roap Map to make the development process more transparent.  That makes a lot of sense being that some people have been waiting for this game to release for 8 years.

Cloud Imperium Games has now stated that they are no longer going to put tentative dates on upcoming features because too many people see them as definitive roll out dates.  They don’t want their followers to kick up a fuss whenever the plan changes.

Star Citizen is currently still in Alpha with a prospective release date to the single player campaign, Squadron 42, still doesn’t exist.  Ironically, Cloud Imperium Games is already throwing hints off at possible sequels.


Putting The Star Citizen Situation In Prospective

elite dangerous we won the race

Elite Dangerous has a similar concept to Star Citizen.  It started its crowd funding in 2012, the around the same time as Star Citizen.  

Elite Dangerous was released in 2014, close to it’s prospective release date, and has since released a DLC to expand the capabilities of the game.  

People Should Be Upset With Cloud Imperium Games

star citizen2

It is understandable that a game development studio may miss a target date once in a while.  Look at Dying Light 2.  It was delayed multiple times.  Star Citizen, however, is a special case.

Star Citizen has raised more money for development in the history of gaming.  In addition, it now is 8 years past it’s prospective release date, and not even made it to the Beta state yet.

That is unacceptable.  And to state that you aren’t going to give your backers prospective dates on development because they may be mad if they aren’t hit?  They should absolutely be mad.  

By the time the game is ready to release, they are going to decide they need to up the graphics again because they are outdated, and that will increase the release date again.  


star citizen 3

No release in sight!

Star Citizen has no release in sight.  My personal conclusion is will never release as long as Cloud Imperium keeps receiving more funding.  

As long as the funding keeps coming there developers have security.  Star Citizen could be in infinite development if they keep receiving more funding.  

Star Citizen Final Words

I think, by this point, Cloud Imperium should be giving definite commitments for new features in Star Citizen.  Backers should be kicking up a fuss, and demanding definite release dates when the game is 8 years past it’s predicted development cycle.

I hope to see Star Citizen actually be released one day.  The game looks beautiful and has a lot of potential.  However, after Cloud Imperium’s antics, I will probably never by the game.  I don’t want to support a studio that treats their backers the way they have.


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