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The 5 Greatest Game Deals This Weekend

  • Dink 
5 greatest game deals this weekend

The Greatest Game Deals this weekend include Borderlands 3, Xcom 2, L.A. Noire, a free Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC, and more.  Let’s get into the games!

Greatest PC Game Deals This Weekend

borderlands 3 1
MC 81% / Steam Very Positive

The Borderlands series is on of my favorite game series of all times.  While Borderlands 3 didn’t take the crown from my favorite game Borderlands 2, it is still a great game.

Borderlands 3 manages to replicate the playstyle of Borderlands 2, while also ditching some unnecessary Mechanics from the Pre-sequel.  

While the gameplay is almost identical to Borderlands 2, Borderlands 3 didn’t manage to retain all of the charm and humor of it’s predecessor.  

If you’ve never played a Borderlands game before, just think about it as Diablo is a first person shooter format with quirky humor. 

For $12 you can’t go wrong with Borderlands 3.  

master of orion
MC 74% / Steam Mostly Positive

Master of Orion Conquer the Stars is a reboot of the original Master of Orion 4x strategy game series from 1993.  Master of Orion Conquer the stars gameplay is very similar to Master of Orion 2, which is great, because 3 was a disaster.

You begin by choosing one of 10 races.  Then you get a home planet and a small amount of resources to start off with.  After that, it’s time to make the game your own.

Conquer the Stars has great production value even including actors such as Mark Hamill, Alan Tudyk, and Robert Englund.  Why wouldn’t want a game with Freddy Kreuger in space?

Some 4x games get out of hand with how much there is to do and balance.  Master of Orion manages to make a good balance with a ton to do, but right before the line of too much.

While there isn’t a lot of original gameplay mechanics in Master Of Orion, it is a great 4x game with one of the best productions of any 4x games to date.

For the price of a happy meal, Master or Orion is a solid purchase.






la noire
MC 83% / Steam Very Positive

Released in 2011, L.A. Noire is one of my favorite Noire detective games of all time.  Not typically the kind of game Rockstar is known for, they did an amazing job on it.  While the graphics are a bit dated, they gameplay and story is phenomenal.

L.A. Noire shows a time where racism was rampant, drug use was increasing, and violence was everywhere.  While this may sound like a good premise, it all adds to the story, and depicts certain times in our own history.

I’m not going to give too much away about this since the mystery is the game.  I will say, the open world isn’t as open as it seems, and that may be a downfall for some.  The story is quite linear despite being presented in an open world.

L.A. Noire presents with a believable story you don’t want to take your eyes off of.  It’s very cinematic, and it’s almost like your playing the main character in a crime movie.  The motion scan technology that they used in creating the game really helps convey emotion and makes everything feel more real.

If you’ve never played L.A. Noire I highly recommend playing through it.  It’s your lose if you don’t.


xcom 2
MC 88% / Steam Very Positive

I love turn based strategy games, and yet, somehow have never played any of the Xcom games even though they have been on my list to play for years.

All I can say is that I’ve heard about how good Xcom 2 is for years.  If your a strategy player and haven’t played it, it’s well worth giving this iconic franchise a chance.