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The 9 Best Dirt Cheap PC Games Today

  • Dink 
9 best dirt cheap games today 2722

I define dirt cheap PC games as games under $15 with a significant discount.  There are several ways to get games dirt cheap with the primary two being bundles and sales. Here are the 9 best Dirt Cheap PC Games today.

Dirt Cheap PC Games Today

a plague tale innocence
MC 81% / Steam Very Positive

A Plague Tale Innocence takes place during the Spanish Flu and the inquisition.  

It surprised me how quickly A Plague Tale Innocence sucked me into it’s story.  Within 15 minutes of starting the game, you already come upon a very sad moment.  This actually compelled me to continue playing to see what happened next.

With a mix of storytelling, stealth, and to a lesser extent, combat, A Plague Tale Innocence is an amazing game with phenomenal graphics and a wonderful story.  

Between dodging guards, figuring out how to get through thousands of rats, and the occasional combat A Plague Tale never gets dull during it’s 11-16 hour run.  

I often have trouble getting into games stories at first, but with a Plague Tale Innocence I was hooked from the beginning.  I often don’t complete games because I lose interest, but A Plague Tale kept drawing me back in.

I highly recommend this game.  A Plague Tale Innocence is a solid 4.6/5 and well worth playing for anyone who loves a good story.

far cry primal
MC 74% / Steam Very Posiive

While I’ve been a fan of Far Cry games since Far Cry 1 was originally released in 2004, Far Cry Primal is a whole different animal. 

Starting the game it felt familiar, while at the same time, felt like a completely new experience.  

Far Cry Primal contains many of the mechanics of Far Cry 4 while also adding new mechanics such as animal taming.

Once I started Primal, I couldn’t stop playing.  I literally started in the morning and before I knew it, it was dinner time.  

Far Cry Primal is often considered an Action Adventure game, however, I would classify it as a prehistoric survival game with a narrative.

If you haven’t tried Far Cry Primal I would recommend giving it a go, even if you haven’t played or didn’t like other Far Cry Games.

It is different enough where it feels like it’s own thing but similar enough that Far Cry Players will recognize some of the gameplay mechanics.

Far Cry Primal is a 3.9/5.


MC 71% / Steam Very Positive

When I was a kid, the original NES was the big thing.  With the NES came a ton of platformers.  Comparing Foregone to some of those platformers I played as a kid, it is a top notch hybrid platformer.

The best way to describe Foregone is to throw Dead Cells, Dark Souls, and Metroid into a blender and Foregone is what comes out.

While it has aspects of all three games, it combines them in a way that make Foregone feel like it’s own original experience.

While it is not the deepest game, and doesn’t have a ton of story, Foregone is one hell of a good time.  It’s a game I like to play when I only have short bursts of time to play.  It’s easy to come back to and fall right back into the groove.

While in this day and age there are thousands of platformers out there, Foregone is one that steps out on it’s own.

Foregone Easily earns a 4.1/5

command and conquer remastered collection
MC 82% / Steam Very Positive

I had to purchase this one just for the nostalgic factor.  I played Command and Conquer and Command and Conquer Red Alert regularly growing up.  

Command and Conquer played a big part in defining the RTS genre as we know it today.  With the updated graphics and the same gameplay as 1995, the title still holds up.

If your an RTS fan and haven’t tried the original Command and Conquer games, you need to try them and see where RTS started.

The Command and Conquer Remastered collection includes the original Command and Conquer and Command and Conquer Red Alert.

The Command and Conquer Remastered collection is a great throw back to the past, and easily earns a 4.3/5.

While it is true there are some better RTS games now, many of them would not exist today without Command and Conquers influence. 

don't starve
MC 79% / Steam Overwhelmingly Positive

Don’t Starve while playing this game is good advice.  Don’t Starve will suck you in where you don’t want to eat, you don’t want to sleep, you just want to play.

Don’t Starve is a dark and twisted survival game.  Almost everything in the game is trying to kill you.  If you run into something new, just assume it’s dangerous.

It took me a while to get into Don’t Starve.  Not because it is not a great game, but because it has a steep learning curve in the beginning.  

While the game is called Don’t Starve, and hunger will kill you, so will almost everything else in the game.  

If you’ve haven’t played Don’t Starve, maybe your smart, because it will suck your life away.  It is still worth playing.  

One really nice thing about this game is it will run on almost anything without any hesitation so even if you have an aging system, this game will run fine.

The critics got it wrong on this one and rated it way to low.  Don’t Starve is a 4.7 / 5.


MC 81% / Steam Very Positive

Antihero is an online board game.

Most online board games were originally physical board games first, and then converted to have an online version.  Antihero is the opposite.  It was made specifically to be a digital board game.

You can do things in Antihero that would be very hard to replicate on a physical board game.  

There is a short single player campaign but the real charm of this game is in the Multiplayer.  Antihero actually makes you think and make strategic decisions, almost like a game of chess with a different premise.

While this isn’t a game I would recommend at full price, at the dirt cheap price of $3.49 I absolutely recommend this game. 

Antihero earns a 3.7/5

Metacritic 69% / Steam Very Positive

Metamorphosis is based on a novella by Frank Kafka.  In Metamorphosis you wake up, only to find out you’ve been turned into a bug.

Before I made a decision on whether to put this game on this list, I wanted to play it.  I bought it this morning, quickly installed, and got to playing.

Metamorphosis is a puzzle platformer.  You are turned into a bug in the very beginning of the game. You actually start out big and can see the things enlarging around you as your moving.

Metamorphosis, similar to other games such as It Takes Two, gives you a whole different prospective of the world when you are a much smaller size.  It’s fun just to see the things around you and how they look and you can interact with them when you are the size of the bug.

While some of the character acting in Metamorphosis could be more believable, it still tells a good story, but a short story.  The game total is about 3 hours from start to finish.

This is a great game to get while it is on a dirt cheap deal like it is today.  I wouldn’t recommend paying more than $8 for this game due to the short content. 

Even though the content is short, it is quality, and easily worth what I paid for it.  

Metamorphosis receives a 3.8 / 5 with a few points taken off for the shorter content.  

space hulk deathwing
Metacritic 58% / Steam Mostly Positive

Warhammer 40,000 has brought us many RTS games, an MMO, it’s own version of chess, and with Space Hulk Deathwing, an FPS.

Space Hulk Deathwing has some positives and some negatives to it.  

When I started playing it, I was really enjoying myself.  As wave after wave after wave of enemies attacked, I started to find myself exhausted and wanting a break.

While the amount of weapons in the beginning of the game seems good, they start to become kind of boring after a while.  

The first few hours of Space Hulk Deathwing feel amazing.  After that you start to feel the repetition.

You don’t really have to know anything about Warhammer to play this game.  You will enjoy as much as Warhammer Fans for the first 3-4 hours.

You will probably also find it as repetitive as Warhammer fans do after the first 3-4 hours.

Space Hulk Deathwing is a great game to get on a sale, and will give you a few solid hours of playtime before the repetition starts to grind into your soul.

I would never recommend this at full price, but for the dirt cheap price of $5.99 it’s worth it for the few good gameplay hours you get out of it.


Space Hulk Deathwing earns a 3.5/5 (a 4/5 for the first 3 hours, and a 3/5 there after).

vigil the longest night
Metacritic 75% / Steam Very Positive

Vigil The Longest Night is a metrovania style 2d platformer heavily influenced by Castlevania and Salt and Sanctuary.  Playing this game, it is easy to see both influences in the game.

Vigil The Longest Night is a beautiful Metrovania title with an outstanding soundtrack that really compliments the game to boot.

While not the hardest Metrovania style game, it is by far not the easiest either.  

I took it slow for my entire play through, which had one great advantage.  I really got to soak in the atmosphere of different areas and get a real sense of the environment Vigil The Longest Night was set in.

All of the enemies are very well drawn and animated.  Vigil the Longest Night is one of the more detailed Metrovania Platformers I have played.

Vigil The Longest night is a game I would recommend without hesitation at full price.  At it’s 40% off price point of $13.19 I’d say, get it before the price goes back up.  You won’t be sorry.

Vigil The Longest Night earns a 4.7/5.  As far as platformers go, it is one of the best I’ve played in a long time.

Dirt Cheap PC Games Summary

There are some wonderful titles available for dirt cheap today, many of which are lesser known to the mainstream gamer.  I would recommend getting any of these games today while they are at dirt cheap prices.


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