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Tips To Level Up Quickly In Lost Ark

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Leveling up in any MMO can be a very exhausting process. At the initial phases of the genre, leveling was comprised of the majority of a game. Here is an easy method to stay away from the majority of the grind and level up very quickly in Lost Ark.

These days, in nearly all MMOs, leveling is simply a “tutorial” preparing for the end game. Lost Ark is no different. Even though the grind isn’t too tiresome, it can still turn a lot of players off.
It’s understandable why players want to hurry and get to level 50 with the long queue times.

Which Quests Should You Focus On In Lost Ark?

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Nearly all end game systems start to be accessible to the players at level fifty. This makes leveling feels like and entry course into basic systems such as monster combat, world bosses, and dungeons.
Although majority of side quests in Lost Ark offer some good extra loot, silver, and often gold, they aren’t truly worth the energy. The exception to this is if you are a completionist.
The side quests aren’t that intriguing, or necessary to the overall plot. The majority of side quests are either fetch quests or even “kill x quantity of this” quests.
The true meat of the game, in both gameplay mechanics and story, is inside the primary quests. If a bunch of question marks on your map don’t bother you, you could avoid the side quests entirely.
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If you do prefer to do the side quests, you need to know how to sail first! Some of the most intriguing adventures are available on the islands of Arkesia. 
If you need some help with sailing, the ship upgrade guide on Respawn First may help you out.

Tips To Level Up Quickly in Lost Ark

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Despite the fact that the maximum level is 60, the end game really starts at level 50. All the essential end game systems will be available at fifty. Although leveling to sixty does reward with more ability points, it requires longer to get from 50 to 60 then 1 to 50. It’s best to focus on getting to level 50. After that you will finish leveling as you progress through the end game.

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Here’s a checklist of suggestions that you need to concentrate on while leveling:
In case you are starting from scratch, bypass the prologue.
Ignore all the side quests.
Don’t focus on items and item levels. You will be replacing most of them after level 50 anyway.
Ignore all the adventure quests except “Learning About Pets”. “Learning About Pets” is actually essential and will make it easier to level.
 Finish the dungeons on “Normal” mode. While dungeons function as an enjoyable introduction to the game’s raid systems, they take a decent amount of time for a new character. Performing them on “Normal” difficulty considerably brings down the time to complete them.
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Once you get one character to level 50 you won’t have to worry about it with your other characters. You can use one of the Power passes to instantly get to level 50.  


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